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Docked at Starbase Sirius
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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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El was here (How do we get her back there ?)

Posted on Mon Sep 17th, 2018 @ 12:28pm by Lieutenant Elen Diari
Edited on on Tue Sep 18th, 2018 @ 8:42am

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: conference room, USS Feynman
Timeline: MD002 1300 hrs
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Last Time On El was here (And now over there)

"As long as you do not involve the younger Diari. I do not think she could cope with it, another reason This person is sedated, to suppress the telepathic response, which could damage the psyche of Ensign Diari" Ph'San said, showing what could be thought of as concern if he could express emotion.

Jamie looked quizzically at the Doctor "humm, didn't think of that."

And Now The Continuation

May 29 2394 1300 hrs (relative time)

The conference room was full, every chair, bar one (their El's which still had her cardigan on the back of it, and her coffee mug slowly developing intelligence on the table in front of it), with people leaning against the walls, Keddie the Roylan sitting on the cabinet in the corner, feeling a lot better after being released from sickbay.

Everyone of the Feynman's staff were there. It was suggested that Dave the Yaphit be a door stop so that air could circulate, and a small but intense argument broke out over that which was resolved when the door was detached from the frame and thrown outside.

Before everything devolved in a rabble, Jamie, the executive officer brought things to order.

"OK, shut it, guys. Mikey... that means you, dude. Right, as some of you know, El's been in sickbay the last couple of days, No, she's not pregnant again. What's happened is that she's been ... replaced"

After the gasps, he continued "Carla, as acting security this is not your fault, I've checked the logs- none of the security systems either here or up in orbit went off- the sensor logs don't have a blip at all. So, we're not blaming you , OK?" Jamie tried to comfort the young officer.

"Anyway, I want to know where this new El has come from, and where our El is, and how we get them back to the right places- any ideas ?"

The room erupted in murmurs with people discussing ideas and theories with others, asking questions and coming out with theories.

Jamie lent back against the wall, knowing his crew could and probably will think of something, and at least three different ways to solve the situation. He smirked thinking of some of the ideas in the past, which usually meant something went bang.

His former marine instincts kicked in, something was wrong on the periphery of his vision. Turning, he saw Keef, the photoform who was their stellar cartographer had changed colour from his usually blue to a sort of yellow.

"Keef, you Ok, buddy ?" he asked, others looking up and breaking off conversations.

Keef touched a panel to active his voice synthesizer program.

"I... AM... UNDERGOING... A... COMPL...." he began in his computerised voice when a thin beam emanated from him scanning a figure.

A hologram-like picture of El appeared in the centre of the table, working at a console.

"Hello... anybody there... This is lieutenant Elen Diari of the Federation Perseus Expedition ship Feynman.... trying to contact my crew. " she asked, the voice synthesizer modulating to her sound.

"El. It's Jamie. We're here." Jamie waved to the hologram, then to Keef who was emitting the beam.

"Jamie. How's Christie? Is she OK ?" she asked, concerned for her daughter.

"Mom. I'm here, I'm fine" Christie pushed through a couple of people to reach the table,trying to touch the hologram of her mother.

The hologram starting crying "It's been six months. I'm using this universe's Keef, whose can quantum entangle with his other universe selves to make contact. Hopefully this is the right one."

Jamie started up "Sounds like it. You disappeared three days ago, replaced with an alternate you, who's in our sickbay- If you're our El, three questions- Husband's name, First Ship, And who's numbnuts ?"

El grinned "Denzil, USS Jersey, Johnny Grant, who's sitting over there, looking as gormless as ever."

"Correct. So, how do we get you back ?" Jamie bent towards the hologram, patting Jon on the head.

She read off her console, "Well Keef's resonating at 10.803 gigahertz horziontally, twenty three thousand baud Amplitude, so if you can build a wormhole with those settings, should be able to come through"

Jamie eyes bugged "Build a Wormhole ?! El, how? We're short a celestial engineer reality warper. I know you're a theoretical physicist, but we not theoretical."

"You'll think of something. Guys the signals degrading. Think I'm hurting the Keefs. I'll try and contact you guys later"El signed off, and the hologram faded.

"WELL THAT WAS UNCOMFORTABLE. HOW DO YOU IDIOTS COPE WITH A STABLE FORM" Keef started complaining, turning back to his usual bluish colour.

Jamie looked at him annoyed "Keef. Shut up before I refract you." He looked around the room "We have a mission, guys. Build a wormhole. No biggie, eh ?"

Jon looked at Christie "We'll get your Mum back. I promise.", thinking on how they were going to do it.
To Be Continued

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elen Diari
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer


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