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The Butchered Bolian

Posted on Tue May 8th, 2018 @ 9:11am by Lieutenant Amelia Zano Psy.D.
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:23pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD006 1100 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.1100
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Doors swung open on centre more admitting one more injured. This time a Bolian with crewman tab on the collar of the grey under shirt, the outer gold topped black shirt was filed and twisted and pressed against the wound on his right side just above his waist. He limped through the door and across the deck of the medical bay, grimacing as he put weight through his right side, making for the closest biobed to at least rest against and take the pressure off.

Wounded, more wounded. It seemed they had waited until Dr. Ballston had left the ship to all flood in. She was a psychiatric doctor and had been left in charge of the medical 'wing' of the ship, all that blood made her shake her head at the very thought. She had been doing her best with the assistance of other doctors there and the nurses were of great help.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a tinge of limping blue stagger in to the nearest bed. Moving across, fixing her hair, she approached the him. Crewman, what happened?" she asked, even though she could clearly see the packed wound. She assisted him up on to the bed and helped him to lay back.

Gold to be of his feet finally the crewman lay back with a grimace and sacking in air though his teeth. "Lucky shot from a maquis, figured I'd given enough lead to get round the corner, guess I was wrong." He shifted to give the young doc room to patch him up. "Didn't realise I was hit until I twisted for the next maintenance access, you wanna look?"

"Not at the maintenance hatch, your side will do fine." she joked a little trying put him at ease. He seemed in fairly good spirits so she didn't see the need to use her El-Aurian skill, emotion projection, on him. "Let's take a look."

Se began to move the mans hands away and then his makeshift dressing. "Looks like a pretty nice job that the Maquis did on you Crewman. Cut looks deep..." she began to scan him, "there is also a little debris in the wound. Should be able to remove that, see what needs to be sutured when I'm close in there. That sound alright to you Crewman? A little local anaesthetic?"

Gritting his teeth as the packing was pulled away, the Bolian crewman waited while the doctor made her assessment, how ever quick they were this part always seemed to take an age from his perspective as he tried to keep calm and still until she uttered that word anaesthetic. "More than alright by all means." He waited for the familiar pressure and his of a hypo injection. "Sounds like I'll be walking and out of you hair in short order as well, do you think?" He asked tentatively.

Amelia smiled, "That's always what I hope for, albeit I hope no-one ever has to come in here." she replied thinking about how she'd rather he was a raving maniac than a man with a lacerated wound.

Moving in closer she administered the anaesthetic, "Try not to move." she said softly.

"Keeping still Doc." The Bolian said as he lay on the bed, thankfully the stain piano in his side began to recede as numbness crept though his side.

It was done, he was all numbed up and she was ready to have a closer look at his injuries. She began by removing some of the exterior debris surrounding the wound and used a little dermal regenerator to close the gaps they had created. The larger wound proved more 'unique' skill.

As she looked into the wound, opening it up with her fingers ever so slightly, she took a sharp inhalation at what she saw. She was surprised he'd managed to walk here without bleeding out all over the place. "Crewman..." she began in her soft soothing tones, "I have removed the exterior pieces around the major part of the wound and your skin looks like it's healed nicely. However, it appears you have a rather large piece of metal that has went up through the wound and is sitting on your large intestine." she paused for a moment to let this information sink in.

"Well thats crap!" He exclaimed with a disgruntled squeak, a sense of worry plaster all over his face. "So can you get it out? Do you need put me under and open me up?" His questions honest and to the point came thick and fast.

"I'll get it." she stated with confidence and assurance, albeit in side she was crapping latinum. It was a difficult situation but she was up to the task. "Given the angle it is at I don't see the need to put you under, in fact I would rather have you conscious during the procedure to make sure you don't have any other symptoms yet to surface." she added.

"Whatever you think is best.." He responded although he could feel nothing, he was not going to think about the fact he had metal inside him. "I've haven't seen you around much doc are you new on board?" Making conversation was always a good distraction.

She understood his need for a conversation, Gods if it was her she would too. To be honest it was helping her too, not that she wanted distracting but as she was a Counsellor talking always made her feel more at ease with patients.

"Joined just before the start of our mission here." She replied. "I don't tend to 'go out' much, being a counsellor people tend to come to me rather than the other way." By now she had put a divider up so hide the wound from his view and had began to open it up a little more for easier access to the metal shard so patiently waiting. "How about yourself? Been on here long?

"Yeah I guess there's still a thing about counsellors, only go when requested, not my crew leader though says the one on 84 got him though a tough time." He rambled on hearing her usual occupation, nerves getting the better of him a little, before answering the question next posed. "Me about six months, I was part of the crew that got her ready for Mal of the Brook....... sorry Commander Malbrooke. I guess someone liked my work, or attitude or something, next thing I knew transfer orders and I'm sticking around."

"It's good they recognised your talent." she answered with a smile. As the wound opened she saw that it was sitting there, as if smiling and saying 'Come and get me!'. Amelia would. "You do seem a happy sort, injury not withstanding."

Opening the wound she went through the sterile field with a pair of pincers to grab the debris.

"Positive attitudes make things better even the more dire or extreme." He repeated a mantra his father had instilled in him when he was a boy. "Makes people believe, I hope to make Bosun one day and that how I'd like to lead, start as you mean to go on right." He added feeling oddly at ease opening up, perhaps because of the operation he was under going.

"Oh I have no doubt crewman. I can see courage and greatness in you that is yet to be tested. If you have faith in your own abilities and keep honest to yourself then you are always bound to go far in my opinion." she answered before adding, "I can sense that means a lot to you that little saying, from someone special? she asked.

She'd got it! Slowly she began to remove the shard, moving along the curves of the body so as to not catch anything on its exit from this poor man.

"My father Ma'am. He's a farmer back on Bolaris. Yeah I know we've got replicators and all but he grows the tomatoes that make one of the best variety of Bolian tomato soup you'll ever taste. Even with weather mods growing and harvesting are changeable you never know what your going to get. So you take the good years as you would the bad." He explained as the memories if home, family and childhood flooded back to him, the young man caught himself tearing up a little as he lapsed into silence, dwelling on the happy times gone by.

"He sounds like a very wise man, and he has every right to be a proud father with a son like yourself." she replied as the large thunk of metal hit off a dish a nurse held beside them. "He knows the worth of things, hence his desire to grow real, non-sequenced food. I admire those that put the work in and I can see you take after him in that respect." she continued whilst checking the area to see if all was well. It was, she then began to close him up.

The sound of metal dropping against other metal was a huge relief to the Bolian, he let out a relived sigh, "That's the best sound I've heard all day and thank you for the kind words Ma'am i think i need those then. You really are good at this, my thanks." He replied honestly smiling now even if Zano couldn't see it. "I guess I'm not walking out of here though."

Amelia smiled as her head rose from his now closed wound, "Not yet. I'm giving you an hour or two or much needed rest Crewman, doctors orders." She had always wanted to say that, she always felt it was more of a medical than mental thing to say. "Plus that way you can keep throwing compliments at me!" She mused.

"Firm but fair, I can deal with that." He said with a smile relieved the patch up had gone nicely, adding. "How can i not when you show such skill and care in one neat package?"

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