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Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Intruder Alert

Posted on Fri Apr 20th, 2018 @ 11:49am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Staff Sergeant Flarn & Makeba Brown & Lieutenant Elloma Essu
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:26pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Various
Timeline: MD006 1000 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.1000
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The klaxons started to go off, at first this startled her. She was knew the tactical station. Her training instantly kicked in. She started to read the data from the terminal.

"Intruders on several decks, deploying security teams to engage them Captain, I recommending locking down the bridge once I leave. I'm going to lead a party, to retake several areas. These intruders knew where to hit us." Said Elloma, a little nervous about going on the offensive, however she was trained for this.

"Do it Ensign, and take the remaining members of the Marine division to augment your teams." Tyler's orders came fast and furious. He ordered the remaining members of the bridge staff to arm themselves and sat back down. The only thought running through his head was today could not get any worse.

Heidy still in brig area, had her attention captured by the klaxon tone that signified intruders. Swiftly attending to her station and began to prepare for the follow up, keying the console to set this cell up for occupation, repeating the procedure with the two remaining cells while the order to muster up came though. finishing her task Heidy exited the brig area no made her way along to join the ever increasing assembly of security personnel a few paces down from the armory. She gave a few a smile and a nod "Talk about eggs in one basket, must be a major breach." She commented to one of her colleagues, a PO1 over heard and interrupted. "Dilucca dragged yourself for the comfy brig watch post I see, 'boutique me you did something. But probably the Maquis sneeked over while we boarded them, it's a tactic that fits them."

Turbolift doors opened to a number of marines, a mishevieous smile crept over Dilucca face as she playfully stated loudly enough. "Wow, marines back up must be bad, figured yous were all about kicking the door in and nothing else."

Standing right behind the marines was Elloma and First Sergeant Flarn, she walked over to the armory and started to prep a rifle. She could tell everyone was looking to her for guidance. She felt a lot of pressure at first, she took a deep breath before saying. "Objective is simple sweep each deck, and eliminate your target, we will stun the enemy, were not killers." She suggested, knowing the kill order may have to be given.

If she was going to give that order, it would be after she attempted to disable them first. Elloma started to point to a few marines. "You three take point, Petty Officer Dilucca and I will back you." She started to off to say as she waited for acknowledgement from Dilucca.

"No where I'd rather be, Ensign." Heidy affirmed with a smirk and a shrug, pew-pew time it would seem.

"You 6 will cover all port and starboard cross ways when the team passes a zone. Automatic force fields are down, not sure how that happened but we will manually set them, closing off all possible ways to leave this deck." Said Elloma as she grabbed a pad, and synced it to the main display terminal.

"Objective simple, we will sweep them away from these areas first and force them this direction, then force fields, then we will double back to these coordinates and secure the turbolifts and doors . We want to isolate their forces. Questions?" She asked looking to Dilucca and the Marines.

"I can handle the forcefield deployment as we go, Job training, if you'll cover me Ma'am." She offered after thinking over the plan of action they were about to undertake, and then offering her particular expertise.

"I got your back," said Elloma. She liked the confidence Petty Officer Dilucca. She was not second guessing herself. Elloma needed a little bit of her confidence, she sounded confident, but deep inside she was questioning herself. But the moment to second guess was now past.

"First Sergeant, your five man squad will cover our six." Elloma said, feeling safer having an experienced marine watching her six. The first sergeant was probably use to leading the team not supporting a team. Elloma hoped he would be okay with a straight out of academy green Ensign giving out tactical orders.

Flarn nodded "Yes Ma'am..." He used hand signals to begin to deploy the squad at cross ways to cover the rear of the advancing team. As for himself he shouldered his phaser rifle and took a stance to backpedal when the team advanced.

"We are going to be fighting in close quarters, so watch your line of fire." Elloma said, with a small concerned look on her face. "Let's get these intruders off our home." She said in a confident tone.

The team started to make their approach, something felt a bit off. She noticed a four way cross. She was a little hesitant to to cross into it. It felt to convenient. And where was the enemy hiding, she wondered. She expected them to engage her position immediately.

She motioned for a marine to scout forward, as soon as he did an antsy enemy soldier with a lousily aim took a shot at him. It was an ambush, but he fired to soon, this forced the four man team to charge their position which was a tactical mistake.

Taking a step into the corridor bulkhead and dropping into a crouch, defensive but able to strike out, Heidy had hoped to get this done with forcefields but it was not to be that easy she sighed. Having watched where they repositioned she moved a pace forward and slightly up getting a better angle, giving two busts from her phaser, missing but not by much, and then dropping back to avoid the return.

The panel for the forcefield was a pace or two away, "Cover." she said and moved forward again giving another two bursts, this time she carried her momentum ducking round the legs of a marine and crouching on the corner, a quick dance of her fingers on the panel and the forcefield deployed around two of the Maquis taking them out of the fight and hopefully distracting the remaining making them easier to hit.

Flarn shouldered his rifle and started laying down cover fire as Dilucca made for the wall panel. He had the rest of his team lock down the corridor. The wall of Marines took cover positions at the corners of each of the four way intersection. "No one gets past your point or I will have your hide." Flarn shouted to his men.

This particular Maquis team was tasked with taking the bridge. It seemed that Ayala's plan was flawed, he did not think that a Marine team would remain with the ship. That said the dark skinned woman, who seemed to be in charge of this group simply smiled as the fire broke out. She had her four team members charge with their phasers blaring. They were cannon fodder, she didn't need them. As for her she tapped a button on her wrist and a transporter effect began.

Her position now very forward, a little to forward for her liking. Heidy was in a prime position when the frankly reckless charge forward occurred, she fired again, two shots, one miss, one hit, the opposites of her momentum and the sudden phaser beam sent her on her back. Fireing one more time, and missing again Heidy saw the transporter effect and yelled. "Transport in Progress!"

Makeba Brown dissolved in the transporter, and re-materialized on the other side of the forcefield. However, she miss calculated the location. Damn blind site to sites she thought as she stood in the heart of Essu's team.

A young security crewman in his first real fight had just stepped out to take a shot at the group charging. The transporter effect on his left shoulder caught him by supprise, to close to swing his rifle around, he jabbed the butt hard in the direction of the now fully materialised female Maquis, the blow caught her of the shoulder forcing her backwards and catching her off balance. His teammate far enough away to bring his rifle to aim fired once cathing her square in the chest. Stunned she dropped to the deck.

Dilucca fired twice more at the charge, managing to bring down another, with nothing in front of her she swept her aim across the corridor to her left, rising from her crouch and moving fully around the corner, sweeping across it once more before calling over her shoulder to her team leader Ensign Essu. "Left Clear!"

Elloma looked over to her right, "Right?" She called out. She heard a faint call back of clear. She turned to face the unconscious prisoner. "First Sergeant, lets bound her and gag her, she may come in handy to distract the enemy."

"Yes ma'am..." grunted the Marine and he assigned his men to the task. Little Miss Brown as her friends called her found herself bound, gagged and being forced down the corridor with the muzzle of a phaser rifle in her back. The wheels began to spin as to how to escape and what this crew would do with her.

Watching the marines gag and bound her up, Elloma grabbed the prisoner by the arm, and dragged her to her feet. This forcible motion revived Makeba, who struggled a little, but there was not much she can do.

"Dilucca, lets press forward." Ordered Elloma, as she pushed for Makeba to in front of her. Elloma had a rifle pointed at her as they started to proceed forward.

This action troubled Heidy. Hoping that it was just the rush of chemicals around a body that followed the skirmish, that quite word would calm things, she stepped up to Elloma her weapon lowered by her side close enough to be able to speak only to her, Heidy simply said. "Ma'am, Think! Very carefully about the course your about to take."

"Once we secure this deck, we will beam her to the brig, can not spare the man power, to have placed in the brig. She is our prisoner, and while she is with us, the intruders, are less likely fire upon us, tactically it makes sense for the moment to take her with us." Suggested Elloma, she understood the concern that Heidy was having.

"Ensign, she's out of the fight. She needs to be contained yes, kept out of the fight at the back of the pack." Heidy stated bluntly.

"First Sergeant Flarn, assign a marine to watch the prisoner, she will be next to me, its safest place for her, as soon as we secure this deck and the brig, we will transport her there. We are being invaded, we need every security officer and marine at their post, fighting off the invaders." Said Elloma as she looked to Heidy and Flarn.

Flarn nodded his agreement to Elloma. "Jenkins, she so much as blinks make her space dust." He growled at his men "The rest of you perimeter around the team. We move on the Ensign's command." Flarn himself took point as he shouldered his weapon.

"Fair enough." Heidy added still with a little concern, but she understood the priority had to be making sure there were no more Maquis on the ship. She retook her position and pressed forward with the rest of the marines and security, trying to stay just in front of the captive as they moved.

Elloma and the security force continued to press forward, they could hear enemy chatter coming up on the port side. Elloma motioned with her hand for the team to stop. Heidy and Flan came up to her. With a very soft whisper she said, "ready?" Was all she asked, the team knew the drill at this point.This was the final area, once they secured this area, they would have the Maquis on this deck cornered with no were to go.

Flarn nodded as he pulled a flash grenade from his vest and smiled. He whispered "By your command Ensign..." He held the grenade at the ready.

"Ready." Heidy affirmed, once she was in a position with a good firing arc.

"Gorram it... Can't they get the targeting right we were supposed to beam into the computer core. The lockouts need to be in place or we will never get the ship." A male voice spoke in hushed tones. A female voice responded "He said that we would beam where he could place us. Now we need to get moving before Malbrooke's security dogs..." Her voice trailed off as the man shushed her.

From her vantage point, Heidy could see at least two sometimes three, if the guy continued pacing, she waited for the flash grenade to go in, turning her head, closed eyes, to avoid the stun effect.

Elloma was following the lead of Heidy, she was very impressed with her skills as a security non commissioned officer. Heidy was a natural rifleman, and Elloma was impressed. If they survived this, she was going to put her up for an award.

Then she went into action, thanks to the flash her position was good enough to take a number of shots before having to move. She scored two hits with a male and female dropping on the deck. She moved up to the next cover point in the corridor. Expecting retuning fire she kept low. The were now beginning to run into Cardassians, which puzzled Heidy for a moment, the Maquis of old was a human concern against the Cardassian meddling in the DMZ, but those thoughts would have to wait. One more move would bring her to another panel. She moved while staying at the fire button of her phaser giving a number of short bursts. Now at the panel, phaser in one hand, she used the other free hand to input the correct sequence of code and selected the right sections to deploy forcefields on. Now the only way of the deck was though the marines and security.

Elloma, watched as Heidy easily took down to maquis, luckily they were only stunned. After being stunned they were tagged so once the deck and the brig was secured, they would be beamed to the brig.

Slowly the deck was secured, and emergency forcefields were back on for the deck. One deck down, and several more to go she thought.

With the deck secured Flarn and his men escorted the prisoner to the Brig. When he walked by Ensign Essu no words were exchanged but written on the Tellarite's face was a respect not often given to members of the fleet.

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