USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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Posted on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 @ 11:52am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Elloma Essu & Chloe de la Vega
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:33pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Various
Timeline: MD005 2330 hrs
Tags: SD 71381.2330
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Tyler's wife Kat had a saying about him, You are fond of epic moments and cliches she would say. The thought of that made Tyler smile because he was having one of those moments. Here it was late at night on the eve before a large battle that could destroy his entire ship and he was stolling the ship. This was something he did on his first night aboard the Pioneer. Usually in these moments he would chat with his mom, but for some reason he wanted living contact.

Tyler smiled and stopped to give the odd clasp on the back to various members of his crew as he strolled the lower decks. He was on Deck 14 when he stepped into the turbolift and found his Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. "Evening Ensign..." He said with a broad smile as he stepped in.

"Captain." She simply said, wondering why he was on deck 14 this late in the evening. Then it dawned on, the last walk before the battle? She was a little nervous, not about the captain going for a walk, but the walk could represent. She hoped her imagination was getting the best of her.

"At ease Elloma..." he said. He then ordered the turbolift to Deck 11. "So where are we off to this late in the evening? I am just out for a stroll myself." Tyler added.

"Heading to After 11, been a long day, just wanted a stiff drink before bed, how about Captain?" She asked. She had noticed the captain being a little friendly with Chloe. Not that she could blame him. Chloe had a way of bringing out the best in people and making them feel special.

He smirked because he knew that he had been caught. "Looks like great minds think alike. I am heading there as well, a good stiff drink could always do the trick. Are you adjusting to life on the ship okay? I have read that sometimes ship life could be tough on a Kriosian." Tyler fished, he fished for any information that he could get on the status of the crew.

"Big culture shock from life at the academy, however that bartender the lovely Miss Chloe has really helped me and the crew mold. She is trouble but she is also a great friend. She has really helped me adapt to life on the Pioneer. " She said with a big grin on her face.

"Well that is certainly good to hear..." The turbolift doors opened and Tyler motioned for her to get off first. As he stepped off the lift he snapped his fingers. "I knew I forgot something. Computer execute a site to site transport from these coordinates to my location." He typed in the coordinates on a nearby computer access panel. A few short moments later two cowboy hats materialized at his feet. He picked them up and placed one on his head. "There that is better. So if you don't mind me asking, why Starfleet? There aren't many of your kind in the fleet. Well at least not yet."

"Nice hat, Captain." She said, wondering why he was bring a hat to the lounge. She continued on without waiting for him to respond. "I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself, my parents wanted me to be a senator for the federation council, but I feel my heart is calling me to serve the greater good, Starfleet was more appealing to me." She said, hoping the captain would not think she was crazy for giving up a chance to serve in the Federation senate.

She had no desire to be an attache, or an envoy and work her way up to senator or even worse, an ambassador. She wanted to help her people and help others, and she knew Startfleet could help her reach that goal.

Tyler smiled as he stroked the brim of his hat and walked down the corridor toward the aft of the vessel. "Well seems like you came to the right ship. You are a pioneer after-all. We all need to pursue our own paths in this life. First round is on me." He smile broadened.

"Thanks, Captain." She said with a grin on her face. Finally a gentleman buying her a drink. To bad he was married, and her commanding officer.

"I am grateful for this opportunity to serve under you, and to become apart of your family on the Pioneer." She was deeply gratefully to be given a position on the Pioneer. Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical, was a step in the right direction, she thought.

"A CO is only as good as those who serve under them. So it is I who is greatful." Tyler walked into After 11 and strode up to the bar. "Evenin Chloe whiskey for me and whatever Elloma wants she gets." He smiled as he placed the other hat on the bar "...And this is for you darlin as promised."

"Lemon Drop," she called out. She was not sure why she called out the drink. Chloe know her poison of choice. She was a little surprised by the fact that the hat was for Chloe. "It looked good on Captain, but curious how it looks on you." She said with a grin. She wondered if there was something between them? She was not sure, and it was really non of her business. But she was curious nonetheless.

"Oh mi capitán!" she exclaimed grabbing that hat from him, "I didn't think you'd actually get me one!"

She was thrilled, if her grin didn't give it away her excited nature must have! "Hiya Spots!" she said with a wink and a hat nod for effect, "How do I look?"

"Like trouble but sexy as always." She grinned in response. She was happy to see Chloe, but she wondered if she was being a third wheel, and needed to leave the area, and let the two of them talk.

She had been consuming a little bit more alcohol than usual on shift tonight so was super buzzed when she heard Elloma speak. Chloe leapt on to the bar and threw her legs around her and gave her a big teasing kiss, "Trouble? Not yet honey... not yet." She added flicking her hat up higher before winking at Tyler and grinning. She was super happy with her Stetson.

"There is one rule about Stetsons where I come from. You go home wearing someone's Stetson, well they are expected to go with you." Tyler saw the show of affection and was a little curious, well taken aback would be more accurate. What people do on their off time is no business of the CO. Besides Chloe does not fall under my command, he thought. That is what ran through his head, but his face did not show any of that. He laughed rather boisterously. "Now, now Chloe don't make me regret the bar." He smirked and winked at her.

She noticed the Captains reaction to her rather spontaneous kiss of Ellie. "Feel left out Capitán?" she said teasingly. Did he want to come back to her quarters? It was a mess if that was the case, she'd definitely have something to say about that but she was happy he'd remembered to get her a hat. "You'll never regret this bar unless it's that you stopped drinking in it!" she added with a grin.

"Too right, darlin too right..." Tyler measured his next comments very carefully. He had an image to maintain and a wife back at the station. Perhaps it was the danger the ship was in, perhaps it was the booze, but he was feeling loose. "Perhaps, I am..." he said with a wink.

"So Elloma you like many of my crew are fresh from the Academy." There was a moment of worry in the back of Tyler's head as he remembered that these young officers were his to protect. "You pay attention to Larim and you will go far." He smiled as he sipped his drink.

"I'll keep that mind Captain, but Chloe has been a good influence as well. And she does look good in your hat. Don't you agree?" Asked Elloma as she winked at Chloe.

"Don't blame me for influencing you!" She joked, "My influences are alcohol based and should never be used in a court of law!" she replied not actually sure if she'd made any sense.

Tyler took another sip of his drink and took in his surroundings. He recalled that he had his doubts when he agreed to allow a civilian to open a bar on his ship. But it seemed he was wrong. Not only was Chloe a great addition to his crew but the crew seemed to enjoy her hospitality.

He set his glass down on the bar. "You know Chloe, back when Starfleet asked me if I wanted a civilian bar on my ship, I had my misgivings." He got up and went to a replicator and tapped in a few commands. "But know I see that I was wrong, I am not too stubborn of a man to admit when I am wrong. So I want you to have this." He handed Chloe a comm badge "You have any issues down here you use this. Part of the ship, part of the crew. And it seems that Elloma here would be more than happy to come running should you need." He said with a smile.

Elloma saw the symbolic gesture. She thought it was sweet. She walked over to Chloe and hugged her from behind and gave a small kiss on her kneck, while at the same time taking the cowboy hat off of Chloe for a moment. "What do you both think?" She asked trying to look cute and adorable with his hat.

She decided to put the hat back on Chloe, she did not want to give the captain the wrong idea about her. She was playful by nature. And she wanted the captain to respect her.

Chloe was a bit shocked to be given the coveted communications badge, an almost direct line to anyone anywhere and the push of a dodgy triangle. She accepted it graciously smiling at the Captain, even getting a little electric shock from him as he handed it to her.

"I think you are too pretty to hide behind a hat Spots!" Chloe replied, pinning the badge to her breast. "Wouldn't hide you for the world!"

With a nervous smile, and a grin. Elloma smiled towards Chloe. She was feeling a little blush. That was very sweet of Chloe to say. She wondered what was going through the mind of the Captain and Chloe. She started to feel less like a third wheel. She gave Chloe another big hug, again from behind, to avoid another kiss. She did not want to excite the captain to much or herself for that matter.

Tyler watched the two women flirt and play and he came to the realization that pretty women just looked better when wearing a cowboy hat. There was some sort of weird mysticism hat happened there. "Chloe why don't you set another round, and a round of car bombs." He said as he smiled. Tyler Malbrooke was in a mind to let his hair down. Especially now that he had no worries about flirting with these two, they seemed to be into each other.

Chloe smiled and 'rounded up' another two sets of rounds for her company. She noticed his reaction to Elloma and her interaction with each other and was going to milk this for all it was worth. First round was her favourite memory blocker, tequila. Approaching Elloma she smiled devilishly and gave her the shot but instead of placing the salt on the bar, or something else she placed it on her finger for pure seductive badness.

Elloma grabbed the shot glass of tequila, she could see what Chloe was doing, she gave a big grin, and winked at the captain. She slowly and seductively licked the salt of the finger of Chloe, making sure to put the entire finger in her mouth. And applying gentle pleasure and in full view of the captain. Being a little naughty was fun. She then slammed down the tequila looking for the lime.

It was a good thing Chloe was partial to both genders, she was enjoying a good bit of fun. Turning away from Elloma she picked up the lime with her mouth and winked her way as an invite to come and get it.

Elloma reached in and tilted her head. The ladies locked lips not for lust, but for teasing the captain. This was a dangerous game for Elloma to play. But so far the captain had been a good sport about the teasing going on between Chloe and herself. They locked lips for the captain to see, slowly and passionately till the lime was in the mouth of Elloma, after letting go of her lips she purposely but made it look like an accident, fell into the Captain's lap. Sitting on him. "Thanks Captain." She said, as she sat down for a second.

Tyler cocked his eyebrow. If his dad were alive he would say that the look on Tyler's face said that he didn't know if he was coming or going. He grabbed the tequilla and shot it back. "Girl's got gumption..." he said as he helped Elloma back to her feet.

She noticed that the she had missed the captain taking his shot, she was distracted by Chloe. So she got another shot from Chloe, she motioned with her arm for another tequila shot. She was to caught up in the live action scene they were preforming for him. She grabbed the shot, and placed it in his hand. "Your turn Captain." She said, waiting to see or hear, what he was going to do.

Tyler smiled at his ACSTO and took the shot in his hand. He slung it back without missing a beat. "Now the car bombs Chloe if you please." He slammed the second now empty shot glass on the table. If the alcohol was affecting him, he showed no sign of it.

Moving back round the bar she staggered and slipped, hitting the floor with a thud. As soon as her backside hit the floor she got straight back up, "No-one saw that." she said pointing at both Tyler and Elloma.

A car bomb was made by preparing a shot of whiskey with Irish cream on top and sitting it next to a pint of stout. The idea to drop said shot into the pint, "I'm not too sure about this one..." she finished with a little hiccup.

"Naw it'll be great..." Tyler's Oklahoma was showing as his accent crawled it's way back into his speech patterns. "Right ladies Captain's orders on the count of three drop the shot in the pint and chug. 1... 2... 3..." Tyler did just that dropped his shot and then took the pint down in a few mighty gulps. The empty pint glass now with the empty shot glass inside banged down onto the bar.

Chloe closed her eyes and dropped the shot, then drank her heart out. Literally I swear her heart almost came out her chest. Coughing and spluttering she scrunched her eyes up, "Oh God I hate pints! Yuck yyuckkkk!"

Elloma was not sure about this, but the Captain was a good sport with their drinks. She dropped the shot in the pint and started to drink it down. She started to chug the drink, at first the whiskey burned her throat, but that feeling passed. Then came the gag reflex, but she was able to contain the drink til the pint was gone.

Wow she thought, she chugged it all down. An instant rush hit her, suddenly the room got brighter, and the captain who was already a good looking man, was even hotter, and Elloma looked over to Chloe, ready to rip her clothes off. She had a big smile on her face. As she placed her hand on the bar to hold up her head that she tilted to the side to see the Captain and Chloe. "That was not half bad," she said.

"You know *hic* I heard that you farm boys are good at holding your liquor? I wonder what else you are good at holding..." she said the last part as if it was a thought escaping her mind.

He harrumphed as the booze was getting him good and buzzed. The little voice in the back of his head was still there and telling him restraint was needed. He looked down at his hands and flexed his fingers. "You know we farm boys as you put it have big hands, capable of holding enough. The question is what is being handled."

She lift her head off her hand, and gave the captain a side hug, and with a big smile she said. "Careful Captain, we may take you up on that." She said with a teasing wink. She placed her hand on his chest for a moment to hold her balance, then she saw another drink on the table. It was another lemon drop. She slammed it down. It was a little smoother.

Tyler tapped her hand on her chest and let it linger a moment, perhaps longer than he should have. "Careful, I may make it an order." He laughed at the horrible joke that he just made. He remembered himself and pulled his hand away. When the hand landed on the bar a sifter of scotch was placed in it.

"Yes sir," she said seductively, with a salute and a giggle in her voice. It was clear that this was going to be an interesting night, and her better morals took the night off. "Chloe, can we get another sweetie?" She asked with a big grin.

Elloma was having a hard time keeping her hands off the captain and with Chloe. The night was going well, or so she thought at the moment. She was not thinking about repercussions tomorrow. Tonight she was having and being free willed.

Chloe smiled, it was nice to see people feel free to act in more affectionately and it was one of the more positive effects of alcohol consumption... the freeing of inhibitions. Propping up more drinks for her patrons she decided she had reached her limit... her hiccups were often a sign that she was about one shot away from mounting someone and some might argue that was bad hosting, others may not but it wasn't a brothel.

Smiling she watched the interaction between the Captain and Spots, knowing that fun was being had.

Elloma was not sure what to do, she sat down in her own bar stool and noticed the fun had stopped. It was time to sober up. She looked to Chloe and to the Captain. "It's getting late, I think its time for me to be going." She said, as she wanted to walk off some of the alcohol she had been consuming.

Remembering himself and what was to come for him, this ship and this crew Tyler smiled and nodded. "Quite right Ensign, Quite right. I should be finishing my walk as well."

"Squawk?! Why would you be squawking?!" she yelled at the Captain mishearing him. She turned on some dance music a bit too loud and deafened herself. "Is there a bird in here??!"

Elloma started to leave the bar, she was starting to head towards the exist when she noticed the captain heading her direction. She decided to turn back to the bar, she needed to let the captain leave first, before she made the biggest mistake of her life.

"I need the strongest coffee you got." Said Elloma, trying to sober up. She was filling the alcohol in her system. She hoped Chloe would be receptive to helping her sober up, since she helped to get her drunk.

Chloe slid Spots a vial with some pace, "Drink that, don't ask what's in it." she said with a smile. "Just trust me that you'll definitely feel sobered up after that and there's a 90% hangover in there. My own recipe."

She took a sly wee shot hoping no-one would notice, tequila warmed her soul.

Elloma looked at the drink she had put in front of her, and was not sure if this was a good idea. She did not recognize the mixed drink. It had a mildly pleasant order to it. She slammed the drink down. It was very smooth, but as soon as it hit her blood stream, it almost felt like someone kicked her hard, wow she thought. She coughed after the fact. Gasping for a breath she softly spoke. "What is in that?" Asked Elloma.

Tyler took one last look over his shoulder and saw the two ladies chatting. What he couldn't decide was were they talking about him or something different. Probably the alcohol talking he thought. He smiled and winked at the two ladies and then took his leave. He should head to his quarters to sober up. There was also a strategy to plan.

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