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The Saloon Part III

Posted on Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 @ 4:19am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa & Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Junior Grade Mignon Mejia & Chloe de la Vega & Camille Petrovich
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: After 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 1800 hrs

Last Time On The Saloon Part II

Abigail looked back to Jen again as well and chuckled, "I will have Daddy let you know if my computer won't do something I want it to do."

Jenn grinned and said, "That is fine Abigail. Have you also been to the SCIF?" She asked.

"No," the girl admitted, "I live on Empok-Nor with my mommies so I haven't seen much of the ship." She smiled at the woman as her eyes sparkled, "do they have a big computer?"

Richard chuckled at the girl's question, "we can go see it if we can get clearance."

And Now The Conclusion...

Jen smiled to the both them and then looked to Abigail again. "We have a lot of computer screens, but we do have a large core to store a lot of information on. Tell you what, we could slip out now and go check out the lobby. And I could show you pictures of it on the lobby computer." She gave a wink and then looked at her father.

"Really?" The girl was so excited she unconsciously jumped a little into the air as her eyes sparkled, just like her father's.

She turned to face Richard with pleading eyes the father couldn't resist, "Daddy, may we go, please, please, please?"

The physician chuckled and tilted his head as he glanced down at the dark-eyed girl, "Certainly Abigail."

Looking to Masters he nodded, "would you lead the way Staff Warrant?"

"Let's go!" Jenn made her way to the exit. "This way."

"Yes Daddy," Abigail said as she began to pull her father along.

"Alright, alright," Richard chuckled as he tried to keep up with his excited daughter.

Mignon turned so her back was to the bar and sipped her drink while she watched people meander through the room, or stop and talk. She liked watching people and the atmosphere of the party was nice.

On the other side of the room, Jayna saw someone playing a piano and stopped to watch. Someone had gone to a great deal of effort to set the atmosphere for this party and she was impressed.

She'd observed a good number of those in the room, noting who was in a relationship with whom, or who was having trouble with whom. She knew she missed a lot, especially on first observation. She made a mental note of the more obvious relationships, hoping to remember enough to not put a foot wrong as she began to integrate with the crew.

At the bar, Mignon decided it was too crowded for her taste, and she hadn't been on the ship long enough to feel like she belonged. It would happen in time, at least she hoped so. But for tonight, she decided it was time to go back to her quarters and read a book. She slid off the stool, nodded to the bartender, and walked out.

[Location: Outside After 11]

Azure had taken the party as an excuse to wear as little as possible. She wore a tight, short sleeved checkered blouse, that was tied up at the bottom as to show of her well defined abs. A short skirt, cowboy boots and a scarf around her head. A cowboy hat wouldn't fit over her antennae, so she went without.

Nearing her destination, she sees an attractive woman, walking back and forth, seemingly trying to wear a hole in the deck.

"Hi." Azure said. "Isn't the party going on inside After 11?" She asked.

Tallida had talked herself into attending the party, but she had yet actually gone inside. The idea of so many people to make a fool of herself in front of made her heart race. The last time she had been at a party she had attended with Vox and he had held her hand the entire time. Kept her calm. She couldn't do this. Just as she had decided that she was going to go back to her quarters a women approached her. "Oh, uh, yes. It is." She stammered.

"Then shouldn't we go in? Or are you waiting for someone? Azure asked.

"Oh, uh." Tallida started. "You should go in. I don't think..." she stammered. "What the hell, lets go." She let out a sigh. What was the worst that could happen.

Azure smiled. "I'm Azure, by the way." She said. "If you feel nervous, just stick with me."

"I might take you up on that." The Angosian smiled in relief as she followed the much better dressed woman into the party. As the doors parted she couldn't help the panic that washed over her, but she resisted and continued to follow.

"I love your hair." Azure said as she led Tallida into the room.

Tallida flushed slightly as she reached up and touched the cotton candy colored locks. "Thanks," She beamed. "I know it isn't the most usual, but it feels more like me than simply blonde." she laughed. "So, does the ship throw lots of parties like this?" she asked as she looked around the room full of people.

Azure smiled. "They throw a few. I believe this one is to celebrate our save return." She said. All of a sudden she asked. "Are you an augment?"

Tallida wasn't surprised by the answer. "No," she replied with a smile and a shake of her head. The lie came from her lips with practiced ease. "Just a boring Angosian here." she grinned. "Although super strength would be cool." she looked around the room. She was only planning on staying at the party long enough to Merriam to allow her back in her quarters so she could go to bed.

"Okay, just wondered, I'm not an augment either." Azure said. "I am an artificial being though, I'm an Andorian/human hybrid, I was created in a lab." She explained.

Neil’s feet led him automatically to the bar where he promptly ordered a double bourbon with just a hint of water and two ice cubes. The alcohol helped shock his brain into moving again and he wondered how in blazes Cami had wound up on the Pioneer. Especially since there hadn’t been any messages or fore-warnings.

He drank the bourbon down and made a ‘Do that again’ gesture to the bartender, barely giving them a look as his thoughts raced. It wasn’t a bad thing, necessarily but a surprise. Neil looked back, then turned his back to the bar and sipped at the bourbon, enjoying the caramel and spice notes as the liquor slowly warmed on his tongue.

At least he tasted that. He squared his shoulders, then walked across After-11. Cami caught site of him about 8 meters away, finished the music she was playing and played a riff from ‘Great Balls of Fire’. Neil could only grin at that and stepped over to the piano, leaning on it.

“Of all the gin joints, in all the galaxy, I find you here,” he said, smiling at her. She considered him for a moment, then stood, clearing the bench, and nearly flew into his arms. He hugged her and he could feel her nervousness.

Stepping back, she crossed her arms in front of her and looked at him. You don’t look much like the rest here tonight. Neil had done some minimal research, found a look that was western, if not old time western and went with it. Currently, he was wearing a black Stetson, button fly blue jeans, black brushed leather boots with walking heels and a black T-shirt with a horse blowing lightning from it’s nose. In large print was the word STUD.

Chuckling, he shrugged. “Nothing like being different. You’re a bit out of costume too, maybe?”

She glanced at the silks she was wearing and met his eyes, “I do not do well with hats and I went for comfort over look, thank you.”

“I’m not complaining, you do look good,” he told her.

She hesitated, then blurted out “You’re not mad?” she asked, stepping back slightly.

“No. Surprised is more the word for the day, I think,” he said dryly.

She blushed a bit, “I know I should have told you I was coming, but…I wanted it to be a surprise. Then I heard you were injured and I…” she trailed off and Neil thought he saw tears in her eyes. He just didn’t know if they were of joy, sadness, or due to his after-shave.

“So how did you end up here?” he asked. She was wearing the same perfume as before and it was a bit distracting.

Looking around, she said “I signed up to do cultural exchange and they gave me a choice. I chose the Pioneer.”

“So you’re going to be traveling with us for a while,” he asked, surprise evident. He caught the…was it..dismay in her eyes at his response and she looked down.

“I’m sorry if that will be awkward. I just..well…I…I should get back to playing. We can talk later,” she asked, looking a bit miserable.

“Of course, I’ll be around” he said, touching the tip of his hat to her and wandering back to the bar.

That had not went well.

Jayna had circled the room twice and had a drink. It was enough for her. She wasn't much of a social person, especially when she didn't know anyone. It reminded her too much of previous assignments, but this time, she had no agenda.

She put her empty glass on the end of the bar and headed for her quarters.

Ameri looked at Quinn while he was talking to Tyler and she could have kicked herself. He looked tired. She wondered what had happened on that last mission to leave him looking like he hadn’t rested. Most wouldn’t notice but she knew her husband. She wouldn’t press him on this but he needed to relax and being at this party wasn’t helping. She leaned in and whispered in his ear. “How about we take off and have a party for two?”

Quinn smiled, and whispered over to her. "It is getting late." He suggested with a big grin, then looked over to Tyler and his lovely wife Kat. "Were going to call it a night."

Tyler smiled, "Of course Number One you get that family of yours to bed. I will see you in the morning." Tyler watched as the group walked away. His thoughts lingered on what it will be like for him. Having to leave early to get his family to bed. Tyler rather liked the thought of that, and his gaze fell upon his wife next to him.

"Thank you Tyler." Quinn said with a big grin on his face, he left the holodeck with Ameri.

Kat smiled back, quizzically. "Penny for your thoughts," she said quietly.

"Just thinking about the future and what makes a ship a home." Tyler said rather enigmatically.

She studied her husband's face for another moment. She'd been thinking something similar, but wasn't sure how to broach the subject. "Do you want to talk about it later?"

"Yes my sweet one. For now is the time reflect on the crew and camaraderie." Tyler responded as his personality shifted into it's western graciousness.

Neil leaned against the bar as people moved about him and music from the piano swirled in the air. Each ebb of it pushing at the back of his neck, reminding him that Cami was back there. After a while, he turned and regarded her. He’d had about four doubles by then and was actually debating digging out the alcohol neutralizer he’d brought along but decided to wait.

There was no use chasing away the liquid courage just yet.

Finally he made his way over to the piano and sat down facing away from the keys next to her. She scooched over slightly and they touched shoulders briefly.

“I am sorry, Neil” she said almost too quietly. “I should have gave you a heads up. I was worried you might try and talk me out of it…”

Neil didn’t say anything for a moment, then “That’s a fair point. Especially right now.”

He saw tears starting to well in her eyes and he felt like a heel. “Honestly Cami, we shouldn’t talk about this here. You’re busy…”

She stopped playing then, looked at him and burst into tears and fled After 11.

Neil stared after her, debating whether he should go after her. Muttering “Sweet suffering sh…” he leaned back, thumping into the keys causing a mangled mash of notes and drawing most of the eyes in the place.

Gritting his teeth, he turned and began playing an old earth bluesy country western tune called ’Tennessee Whiskey.’ Singing mostly to himself, he tried to drown out his conflicted thoughts.

The night wore on and from Tyler's view the crew was letting their hair down and enjoying themselves. It was something to see. This crew worked hard and played harder, and when the dust settled all that was left in the pub was the Captain, his wife, and Chloe. The Malbrookes exchanged a smile and like two parents cleaning up after teenagers began to clean the mess that After 11 had become.

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