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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Mending the Broken

Posted on Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 10:32pm by Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD
Edited on on Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 10:33pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD001 0400 hrs
1452 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Richard looked around his crowded sickbay. Wounded were strewn everywhere on gurneys and antigrav stretchers. He had just finished the last surgery and the nurses were moving her to a recovery center he had set up down the hall.

The holodeck was empty once again. The makeshift overflow had come in handy once again but for now, Richard could grab a moment of peace. He strolled towards the office and as he entered ordering a glass of water, room temperature from the replicator and took a seat closing his eyes in the hopes of regaining a little of his dwindling energy.

Just then the doors burst open with 2 corpsman pushing a antigravity stretcher. Blood was dripping off the head, leaving a trail that led back out the door, "we need help over here!" one of the corpsman called, "facial avulsion injury, heart rate is at eighty eight and dropping, blood pressure at seventy over fifty and he's going into hypovolemic shock," the corpsman reported as a nurse hurried over.

Richard heard the familiar hiss of the entrance door and was on his feet and left his drink on his desk. He came out in a rush moving quickly towards the stretcher, "get him to biobed 2."

Ballston moved right along side taking out his tricorder as they went, "we'll need to start an intravenous bloodline and set up a sterile field." The physician laid a hand on the injured man's shoulder, "you're going to be fine, just hang in there."

The doctor looked at the Corpsman, "have you given him anything for the pain yet?"

Before the corpsman could answer Andrews hand shot up and grabbed Ballston by the tunic and pulled him down, "Mas...ters....rog...ue....warrior..." he said in a strained voice before his hand dropped and he went unconscious.

"Negative, blood pressure and heart rate were to low for pain meds," the corpsman replied as he shook off seeing Moore grab the Doctor and moved around the boiled to help slide the Senior Chief over.

Richard had a shocked look on his face as he was pulled down to hear them wounded man's words. He looked over at the other officers and nodded but was quickly on to barking orders.

"I need six units of whole blood, O-, with a blood infusion unit .. I'm setting up a sterile field and will begin getting the bleeds under control."

He reached to his utility belt and began using a vascular regenerator in one hand followed close behind by a second tool in his other hand that closed off the dermal above it.

"Need a hand, Boss?" Hermia asked Richard, having finished treating her last patient.

"I certainly do," Richard replied with a faint grin as he saw a nurse bring the infusion unit and the blood he requested, "I've got his temperature to normal, slowed his heart rate and started working on the arterial bleeds. could you attach the machine and start the infusion doctor?"

"Of course." Hermia said and got to work. Soon the machine was pumping blood into Moore's body. "I'll monitor his vitals." She said.

"Thank you," Richard managed as the two instruments continued to bind together the mangled flesh, "once we get the bleeding stop he'll need four CCs of Triptacederine, if we still have some."

"Understood." Hermia said and sent a nurse off to retrieve some.

The medic stepped back and out of the two doctors way and slapped his commbadge, “Petty Officer Patelo to Warrant Masters, the COB is in sickbay with life threatening injuries, his last request was to tell you Rogue Warrior......not sure what that was about, he lost consciousness before explaining.”

"His blood pressure is rising," Richard said as he listened to the faint beeps he had programmed into the beds to let him know without reading exactly what was going on. Behind the biobed the ran on the large console screen ran Moore's stats and an image of where the bleeds that remained were. "Think we have the worst of the bleeders, still a few to take care of."

Jenn was in her office when she got the call. She tapped her badge. "Petty Officer, Rogue Warrior is a code word for the intelligence department. This is the COB Moore you say? Give me a moment."

Jenn called up the personnel files of Moore. She then looked up the redacted files, she put in her access code. She tapped her badge again. "Petty Officer Patelo, this is Masters, did you say he is in sickbay?"

“Aye, ma’am,” the corpsman replied simply.

"I am on my way," Jenn said as she put the information on a PaDD. "Tell the doctor to keep him stable till I get there!" She ran out of her office to sickbay.

“Doctor, Warrant Masters is on her way, she said keep him stable until she gets here.”

Jenn ran into sickbay. "Doctor Ballston, I know you are in the middle of an operation, but this is important, it is about your patient, COB Moore." She then handed him the PaDD.

Richard looked towards Masters with a concerned look on his face He took the PaDD and looked back at the patient, "how urgent is this Masters? Moor is still bleeding."

He looked over at Hermia, "work on the bleeds doctor, I'm going to take a look at this."

Hermia nodded and got to work.

For a moment he looked at Masers a little frustrated and then moved quickly to his office, "come with me Masters."

Jenn followed the doctor in to his office. She stood near his desk and waited for him to say something.

Richard sat down at his dest and placed the PaDD in front of him. Placing his tricorder on top of the PaDD he looked up at the woman, "this better be important."

Within a few seconds, his COM station lit up with a series of dots, Braille dots and Richard began letting his fingers read the imprinted words, "I haven't had to break surgery to do this before Staff Warrant but I can't read letters as you do."

"Oh yes, sorry," Jenn said. "You see, Petty Officers Patelo called me, telling the COB was brought in. He said the name of a covert operation that he was apart of. Not sure why till I found a redacted file in his personnel files." Jenn walked to the desk and pointed to the file.

"It says here that the COB underwent facial reconstruction surgery. This is not how the COB looks like. Or at least this is not how Andrew Moore looks like. This is the face of Thomas Oliver. I have his file here. It was redacted."

The brow of the CMO furrowed, "so should his face be restored to the COB's original face?" "Do we have that on file?"

"Well," Said in thought. "The COB is brought in and before he falls unconscious calls out my name and mentions the name of a covert operation he is no longer a part of, I'd say yes. And yes we have." She scrolled through the files. "That is it."

Richard took in a deep breath and added the information to his tricorder as is made a series beeps, "thank you, Masters, got to get back out there."

He stood quickly and rushed out the door clicking his tricorder on his belt as he stepped up to the biobed he had just abandoned. His eyes glanced up at the display behind it studying the readings, "how is it going Doctor O'Rourke?"

"I'm just finishing up, I located the final bleed, it was behind the liver." Hermia said. "Repairing it now." She said. "Done." Then to the Nurse she said "dermal regenerator, let's seal him back up." The nurse handed her the requested instrument and began to close the incision. "When I'm done here, I want you to put Moore on a D5NS solution (dextrosaline) and monitor his vitals for the next hour."

Richard had a faint smile, "when you have a chance doctor, we need to discuss the restoration surgery." "There's been a little surprise."

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