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Red Team Part II

Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2023 @ 1:55pm by Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Brigadier General Francis 'Judge' Sobel
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: VOQ Suite 14, Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD008 2000 hrs

Last time on Red Team Part I

Frank threw his hands up in the air and looked at Jayna. "God. It's almost like they've known each other longer than three years. If he had taken the job as my aid, I've have really been hen pecked. Now. To change the subject. Have you enjoyed your time on Poseidon, lieutenant?"

"Please, call me Jayna." She was still getting used to the rank. "I've quite enjoyed what I've seen so far." She hoped they might come back at some point to see more. "How often do you and your wife come here?"

"Every so often they expect a flag officer to show up and wave it," Frank said casually. "This is Tempest's first trip though. She seems to be having a good time giving me hell, at least."

And Now The Continuation...

"Oh, I am," Tempest teasingly gushed, she checked the timer she'd set and then found a seat on the divan and elegantly crossed her legs and said. "It's beautiful here. Federation diplomatic corps isn't overly busy though so this isn't a working trip."

Neil grinned at that. "Right," he remarked into his glass. "Same for the General and the Pioneer."

Tempest fixed Neil with a look and then ghosted him a wink before she looked at Jayna. "I do believe he's implying that Diplomats never take time off. Or that we never work. I'm not sure how to apply what he just said."

"From personal experience, I would say both," Jayna responded blandly, although there was a definite twinkle in her eye. "Even when you're not on duty, you're up to something." She raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Unless I've worked with the wrong diplomats?"

Tempest sipped at her drink and said, "Undoubtably you have, Jayna. There are three kinds of diplomats, really. The dedicated ones who believe diplomacy is a sacred act and think everyone thinks as they do. Then there are those who are in it for the power and seek to build their own fiefdoms. And finally, the diplomats that want to get things done."

She considered her words for a moment then said with a smile, "I might be parts of all three, actually. Oh dear, that does sound complicated now that I've said it out loud."

Snorting, Frank said, "A woman surprised that she's complicated. Imagine that, right Neil?"

Neil let his eyes go wide and theatrically glanced around as if looking for an escape route then he grinned at the General and said, "If you say so, General sir. Aye aye, sir."

Tempest narrowed her eyes playfully at Frank and spared a glance toward Neil. "Marines. We only seem complicated because you can't come at us with a weapon or a crayon in hand. You have to actually work at it and don't realize how deep you've dug yourselves until you're over your head."

Frank held his hands up in surrender and said, "Yes dear. I should know better than trade barbs."

"I think I'll just stay out of this one," Jayna said, shaking her head. "Although I will admit that I've learned to appreciate...simple pleasures."

Neil cast his glance toward Tempest and asked innocently, "I think maybe she just called me simple. But I got distracted by the crayon remark..."

Tempest snickered at Neil then and then stood, gesturing the others toward the dining area. "And on that note, food should be about ready. No business until the meal is over is all I ask."

"No. Food should be more pleasure than business," Jayna remarked. She liked Tempest, even though she still felt a little out-of-place with this group. "If they start talking business, can we throw a roll at them?"


After dinner and drinks were refreshed, the party returned to the sitting area, Frank took a sip from his glance and said, "Alright major, are you ready for a warning order?"

Neil clicked on at that point. He'd been waiting for something like this as General's usually didn't dine-in junior officers in ones and twos.

It would take forever to get through your entire command if you did that. Neil set his glass down. Edged forward in his seat and said, “Yes sir. The Cure is always ready."

Tempest eyed the two marines and looked at Jayna. "I love them...but the intensity. My mother warned me about men like that. And I'm now constantly surrounded by them."

Jayna watched Neil for a moment before turning to Tempest. "I don't know about that. Sometimes intense can be sexy--as long as they know when to have fun. I like Neil's sense of humor." It was one of the first things that attracted her.

Tempest winked at Jayna and regarded Neil. "A sense of humor? Where did you get that, Neil? I know you weren't issued that by the Corp," she teased. Then she caught Frank looking her way and held up her hands. "Right. You're in the middle of General things. I apologize for being flip."

Frank sighed. Laughed then said to Neil, "Calm down, major. We're adding something else to the Cure's tasking. You are to begin training your detachment to function as a Red Team. And are authorized, with Commodore Malbrooke's permission, to shanghai any of Pioneer's fleet assets as needed."

Neil pursed his lips and let that sink in. Then he looked at the General and said. "Aye aye, sir."

Turning his gaze to Jayna, Frank said, "You're attached to the Cure so you get to be in on this brief as well. A Red Team, if you aren't aware is trained group used to test Federation assets and facilities, using un-friendly tactics as a means of assessing readiness."

She nodded. She hadn't known what it was, so appreciated the explanation.

Rubbing the back of his neck," Neil said. "General. No offense but don't we have enough to do?"

"Sorry Neil. But I need someone that's as mean, nasty and sneaky as you," Frank said with a smile.

"Does that mean he gets to mobilize his DSFSI infantry?" Jayna asked. She looked serious, except for the twinkle in her eye. She knew that, even though this would mean a lot more work, Neil was going to enjoy parts of this additional assignment. "Seriously, though, since I've been allowed in this meeting, will intelligence play any role in this?"

Frank eyed her then spared a glance toward Tempest who blew him a kiss. "Probing a commands defenses and weaknesses takes more than covert surveillance and, or a semi-mock assault. The Cure will need to probe the facilities to actually see how secure their nets are and see if they're taking adequate measures."

Frank picked up his glass and took a drink of his bourbon before continuing. "The admiralty agrees that having an intel unit studying and putting methods to practice in the field has value. And as good as they are, Marines don't do covert sneaking that well until they've had more training than the bulk of the Cure have. By that I mean being in public places and not look like marines."

He swirled his drink, listening to the ice tinkle in the glass and said, "And Neil doesn't have any DSFSI infantry, yet. He's barely passable in polite company right now. Those oak leaves help cover up a little."

"Gee. Thank you, general sir," Neil said ruefully, his mind already starting to churn over the new tasking.

"Yes. I can spot a Marine a klick away," Jayna said. "They're good, but not very subtle." She smiled apologetically at Neil before turning back to the general. "I'm experienced in probing and covert sleuthing and will be happy to assist." More than that, she was excited to see what she could do to help with this program.

"I can be subtle," Neil jokingly pouted. "Well. Ok. No. I like explosives way too much for that. And high yield artillery."

Tempest rolled her eyes then busied herself with refilling everyone's drinks, playing the hostess as she considered things and then eyed her husband. "You failed to mention which bad actors you intend for them to mimic, Frank. Is that why I'm in on this as well?"

Frank nodded and said simply, "Yes. We're not only going to be testing Fleet and Corp facilities. But also, member worlds defense systems and capabilities. When they do that, I'm guessing a few noses are going to get bent out of joint. The Defense Council is getting nervous..."
To Be Continued...

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