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Red Team Part I

Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2023 @ 1:54pm by Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Brigadier General Francis 'Judge' Sobel
Edited on on Mon Jul 17th, 2023 @ 7:35pm

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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: VOQ Suite 14, Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD008 2000 hrs

Neil and Jayna wove their way through Poseidon Station, heading for the Flag ranked VOQ (visiting officer quarters), his HUD winding down a timer until his meeting with the Brigadier. He’d wore the linked contact for so long, he wasn’t sure what he would do anymore without it. It was just made multi-tasking and interfacing with various systems that much quicker and matched his mental acuity. He’d also recently taken to wearing a microdot ear bud that implanted itself into the flesh of his ear.

He wasn’t sure about that yet. But it was handy. And at this point in his career, that was what mattered.

Neil carefully rubbed at his left eye. When he had replaced the contact that morning, things had seemed fine but now he was getting an occasional stabbing sensation. But he’d have to fix that later on.

It was that kind of day.

Jayna had seen Neil rub his eye often enough to recognize when he was activating something and when it was irritating him. She slipped her hand through his and squeezed it as a sign of sympathy. Part of her felt empathy for his discomfort, but at the same time, his gadgets were incredible and she was a bit envious--even though she had no need for them if she wasn't on assignment somewhere.

Neil was somewhat surprised when Jayna took his hand but didn't feel the need to remark on it, just squeezed back in gratitude.

They arrived at the proscribed quarters at nearly the proscribed time and stopped to check his surroundings. The hallway was clear and there were only a dozen or so quarters on this stretch of deck. His HUD had picked up numerous electronic surveillance units and, since he was plugged into Poseidon’s net, he was aware of the last security sweeps done by station security. And the ones done by the Kingsman. Trust but verify was one of many mantras the Corp lived by.

When he was within three meters of the door, his HUD tripped the suites annunciator and the doors whispered open and he stepped through without breaking stride. The general’s suite was comprised of four or five rooms depending on configuration and was tastefully laid out.

“Come in,” Tempest said waiving at the Major from where she was examining a bar. “Francis will be with us in a moment. Some crisis or another as usual.”

Jayna made a quick and thorough visual survey of the room before focusing on Tempest. She'd chosen to wear a sleeveless dress with a fitted bodice that laced up the front. She'd never really appreciated how wearing something that she thought looked good boosted her confidence before now.

Neil, dressed in black and tans, pulled the visored hat from his head and said, “Good evening.”

“If you ma’am me Neil,” Tempest warned, cutting him off with some humor in her voice, “I’m going to be cross. I’ve told you more than enough times to call me Tempest.”

“Yes, ma’am, Tempest ma’am,” Neil grinned. “You’re looking lovely. I hope you don’t mind me saying.”

And she was, dressed in a simple flowered summer dress, low heels and simple pearl jewelry. Tempest had her greying blond long hair bundled back with a Celtic engraved and jewel encrusted hair pin Francis had given her for her last birthday.

“Not only do I not mind, young major,” Tempest said with a radiant smile. “I highly encourage young men to pay me all of the compliments that they can. Don’t you agree dear,” she asked Jayna with a smile.”

"I do indeed." Jayna liked her immediately. And then, with a cheeky grin, she added, "Ma'am."

Tempest eyed Jayna and said, "Ahh. I see cut from close to the same cloth. Well, that's not a bad thing either. I'm glad you could join us this evening, dear." She said as she ushered them into the suite's lounge area and she cut aside to a bar that had been situated near the entry. "Can I offer you two something to drink. I believe you both are partial to bourbon?"

Neil smiled at Tempest and nodded, "That would be fine. I'll take mine on the rocks, please."

"I'll have the same." Jayna liked a variety of drinks, but since she started spending time with Neil, she'd grown quite fond of the vanilla and caramel notes in bourbon.

Frank walked out of the suite's master bedroom and quickly waived Neil off as the major went to salute. "As you were, Neil. We'll dispense with most of the formalities tonight." Then the general moved to take a drink from Tempest, "Lieutenant, nice to see you. Be aware my wife makes strong drinks."

"A pleasure to meet you, sir," Jayna replied, wondering which formalities he preferred to maintain. Then she couldn't help adding, "And thanks for the warning." As an intel officer, she never drank too much--even though, as a Vulcan, she had a very high tolerance for alcohol. That comment also made her more curious about Tempest.

Tempest came around from behind the bar and patted her husband on his behind. "That's because a strong drink and a coy smile will get you much further with a pilot than just a coy smile. I'll see to supper while you entertain dear."

Watching his wife sashay off, Frank idly wondered what had gotten into her tonight. She was in a good mood and she always like to try and embarrass him a little when she was in one of her better moods.

And after all these years she could still embarrass him.

Turning back, he saw Neil trying to hide a snicker in his bourbon and glanced toward Jayna, commenting dryly. "You'll have to excuse my wife. She's feeling her oats apparently." Then he pointed toward Neil accusingly, "And to think I was a little disappointed when you turned down that offer to be my aide. Now I think maybe you belong with the Fleet."

Neil's smirk turned into a grin after he took a sip of the bourbon and he said innocently, "And here I thought it was after I asked you what it was like being assigned to a DSFSI, brigadier."

Giving a playful scowl, Francis said to Jayna "And he thinks he's funny. I hope he's at least a little funny when he's with you."

She grinned impishly at Neil before responding to the general. "Oh, he's definitely a little funny--and that's not even accounting for his looks."

"It's kind of a relief to hear you say that, Jayna," Neil remarked good-naturedly. "It reconfirms you want me for my mind."

She laughed, appreciating his rejoinder. Jayna definitely liked him for his mind first. "Without your mind the rest of you wouldn't be much fun," she shot back mischievously.

Glancing back to the brigadier, he asked I'm guessing your current aide didn't put an anti-grav unit in your chair and desk so you could fly it around a little like I was thinking of, sir."

Sobel gave Neil a long suffering look and shook his head. "Screw you Major. Damned jumped up Gunnery Sergeants."

"Thank you, sir," Neil said with a smile and bow. "I'll stop now before I get sent to Captain's Mast."

"Or," Tempest said, walking back into the room. "Deal with the General's wife after you've made him grumpy. Don't make my general grumpy, Neil. I have plans for him later."

Frank threw his hands up in the air and looked at Jayna. "God. It's almost like they've known each other longer than three years. If he had taken the job as my aid, I've have really been hen pecked. Now. To change the subject. Have you enjoyed your time on Poseidon, lieutenant?"

"Please, call me Jayna." She was still getting used to the rank. "I've quite enjoyed what I've seen so far." She hoped they might come back at some point to see more. "How often do you and your wife come here?"

"Every so often they expect a flag officer to show up and wave it," Frank said casually. "This is Tempest's first trip though. She seems to be having a good time giving me hell, at least."
To Be Continued...

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