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Crimson tide: Possessing the possessed

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2023 @ 4:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen & Major Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Wed Apr 5th, 2023 @ 11:35pm

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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Rowena's Mind
Timeline: MD007 0700 hrs

Merrick looked back at Rowena, "Are you still with me? Commander McGowan?" hoping that he'd not lost her.

Rowena could barely hear Merrick's voice coming in as they had entered Engineering. Somehow she could tell something was entering her mind. Or tried to, but something was wrong. She felt two forces collide and she fell to the ground after her mind went black. She could hear water dripping. She looked around. She only saw darkness.

She opened her eyes as she found herself in what she could only describe as dark nothingness. Standing in water up to her ankles. She looked around as she could feel a dark shiver go over her.

Then she heard a soft whisper, rapidly getting louder, "Commander....Commander....Commander....COMMANDER!"

She turned around as thought the voice came from behind her. But as she did, she felt like someone grabbed her arm. She jumped back a little but saw no one. She grabbed her uniform sleeve and pulled it up. The hand print on her arm was really looking read now and it burned heavily on her skin.

Then she heard something coming near and grabbing her shoulder pulling her around, but there was no one. But she could feel the skin on her shoulder burn, she quickly grabbed her shoulder.

Then she heard multiple voices around her, calling her. Both whispering and screaming.






She spun around with each call. She had trouble controlling her breathing and her heart beat.

Then the voices silenced to one voice. "Who are you?" Rowena could hear the voice, and then she realized she was the one speaking, even though it wasn't her voice, but it came from her mouth. It was dark, and detached. And she was standing in the water, but she could also see herself standing in the water and speaking again, "Who are you? Why are you here? You do not belong here." And again, "Who are you?"

Amusing himself, window shopping through this Federation Officer's mind. This Rowena Kavicus was surprised and delighted at being challenged.

"Why, hello there," he murmured as his mind worked to take this new experience in. The drug cocktail helped in that regard.

It made his mind more...flexible.

"Why I am me, my dear," Kavicus replied as he studied this Rowena. "Dr. Kavicus Thline at your disposal." His mind probed at the entity as he tried to categorize them.

"Are you animal, vegetable or mineral," he asked, more to distract her than anything.

Rowena was frozen, she had no control over the situation. but for the moment she figured, maybe that was a good thing. Meanwhile, the the entity using her as a speaker continued.

"We...we...are...are...Lieutenant..Lieutenant...Commander...Commander..." Somehow the entity was trying to build up suspense. But she couldn't tell what it was up to.

....Rowena....Rowena....McGowen....McGowen. You do not belong here, You are limited. You are limited by that form you have taken. You are limited by the power you think you posses. You are of no consequence. This vessel belongs to us. We are Rowena, we are the Malificus, we will become the Pioneer. We are the past, we are the future, we see the now. This vessel belongs to us, leave or you will regret it."

Rowena didn't understand what it meant when it said, they were the Malificus and they would become the Pioneer. Somehow she understood what ever this was, it doesn't like to be challenged or disturbed. But it had plans of it's own. But she did however agree that the creature called Kavicus did come over entitled showing his powers. Getting such powers didn't however stop him form being a scientist. Which is a dangerous combinations. And she was sure how strong the entity inside her was. But for some reason it wasn't concerned about Kavicus.

Kavicus peered clinically at the. Well. Rowena as he tried to categorize...her?

"Simply delightful," he murmured, ignoring whatever entity had formed the parasitic bond with the woman as he took a good look around her mind. He could feel the petulance and anger from the entity and the bewilderment of the host.

It WAS an elegant way to travel, though it seemed to be a one trick pony when it came to the vessel it claimed.

"So territorial," Kavicus mused as he formed another question. "Don't worry. I tend to think if I were to dissect this one, that not a lot could be garnered. Much more interesting to study the live subject and the prolonged effect of your parasitic relationship. How long do you think before you melt her brain, so to speak?"

Rowena could feel the entity getting annoyed by the minute, the longer Kavicus kept prying in her mind. He was a nuisance and needed to be pushed out. It was really weird to her to see herself from a distance as well as actually being herself doing and saying all those things. Then Rowena lifted up her had and pointed towards where the voice coming from. "Leave!" The dark hallow voice from her mouth ordered. "I will not let you stay any longer. If you don't leave, I will use your telepathic connection to invade you. I have invaded larger objects and creatures than you. I can use your vessel to self destruct it." The entity's voice sounded fearless as it uttered its threat.

"Petulant and territorial," Kavicus murmured aloud, knowing it would goad the entity further.

So much the better to see what it could do.

"If you'd like to come visit dear, that's fine. I have a few associates that you could entertain you..." Briefly he allowed his chorus to emerge. A phantasm of smokey bodies (former test subjects, colleagues, general lab workers and that middle-school field trip group) to individualize around him. The moans, howls and cries floated in the air and he rather artfully caused those cries to visualize as musical notes.

For a moment, his mind wandered and he amused himself by pretending to be a conductor and putting rhythm and tempo. Then he blinked at Rowena and her entity and the chorus faded and the baton he'd conjured disappeared.

"Perhaps a collaboration? You do appear much more practiced in your experiment," Kavicus tried, still judging the other entities reactions.

The entity suddenly felt humored, as Rowena felt herself and saw herself laughing. A dark, yet humored laugh. It then suddenly cut off. "Hmm, if you wish to join in to my consciousness are you willing to give up all that you are?Let go of your physical form, relinquish control?"

Kavicus was amused at the suggestion. "Ahh. No. I don't think so thank you very little. A collaboration is one thing. I believe what you're talking about is more in align with what the business types refer to a hostile take over. And I am not of a mind to become a minion or plaything." After contemplating things for a few more minutes, Kavicus said, "But. We will watch. Have fun with your little dark drama."

The entity grinned. Or was it Rowena. "Very well, I would like to ask you to leave now. Or I will show you what a hostile take over really feels like."

Kavicus gathered last impressions to review for later. This entity may be an interesting subject to follow. At the beings threats Kavicus let some of his control slip. Rowena was currently...physically... in his domain. Ooze surrounded her form and began leeching the moisture from her body as he withdrew.

"I'll go, but remember your little plaything can be removed," Kavicus taunted. "And then where would you be..."

"I lived for hundreds of years, playthings come and go. I have been banished out of one place, but returned many times in others. Just remember there is more than just this plane." Rowena narrowed her eyes as she felt the dark presence of Kvicus disappear.

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen
Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer, USS Pioneer

(Also as Dark entity, name reveal in the mission: the Evil that lies beneath)

Major Cornelius Tremble
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer
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