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Hard Time Part II

Posted on Wed Oct 12th, 2022 @ 2:50am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Ensign Rachel Sinclair
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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Igion Prison Complex
Timeline: MD004 1700 hrs

Last Time On Hard Time Part I

"If you could show me, I would very much like to learn all about this work of fiction. It is quite possible that somehow your story has contaminated my people." Tivau replied with tinge of disdain in her voice. If the human story did contaminate her people the question would be when and how.

Rachel nodded, “that can be arranged, the story is easily accessible in the Federation’s historical archives. Though I’m not sure how it would’ve caused such an effect on your people, though perhaps we should focus on one mystery at a time?”

The feeling of unease was still with him, but he was able to brush it off and refocused once Rachel and Tivau began speaking again. "H.P. Lovecraft? I've never heard of him. Horror isn't exactly what I enjoy reading. Have the computer compare the two and see if they corelate, If they do then how and why? It may be a clue or raise another question in this tangled web we seek to answer. "

And Now The Continuation...

Tivau just finished looking over the information on this work of fiction. She had to admit that the similarities between the book and what had been going on were immense. "It does seem like these inmates are worshipping the deity in this story. However, the question would remain how this story came to Igion."

“As I said, The Federation doesn’t restrict access to its historical or literature database, so anyone could have gained access to these stories and misunderstood them or chose to use them for their own ends” Rachel explained, while trying to think of how a story from old earth Literature could’ve made it into Romulan Space.

"I understand that Lieutenant. I guess I was hinting at the larger question. Who would want to access your database and give the story to these inmates. Am I correct that these inmates believe if their summoning is done correctly they will resurrect some ancient god to assist them?" Tivau had to get a handle on the situation. To her the addition of this story made things go from bad to worse.

“To be honest I’m not sure” Rachel replied, looking at the potential cultists on the display, “I haven’t read the book in years and only barely remember the plot points. But anything is possible, with the obvious exception of resurrecting an ancient god”

Tivau deadpanned toward Rachel. "Anything is possible, this is not your world. Things work differently here." She then turned back to Ja'sol. "I think the first step here is to see if there is anything about the severing of feet or other limbs in this story of yours."

After a moment of thought, Rachel looked to Ja’sol, “sir, permission to contact the ship to retrieve a copy of H.P.Lovecraft’s work?”

Ja'sol turned to Tivau. " I agree with your assessment of the situation General Tivau. " He looked to Rachel. " Permission granted to contact the ship to retrieve a copy of the works of H.P Lovecraft. Tell them it's on my authorization and a mission priority. "

"If there proves to be a connection between the severing of feet and this author then we will be on to something indeed. However, we should continue to investigate other avenues. While Ensign Sinclair retrieves the data we can continue with our inspection. Perhaps we will come across where the contact with the outside world was made. Thoughts?" Tivau spoke without turning from the screen. She was unwavering, unflinching in her observation of this ritual. Almost as if she was entranced.

" It shouldn't take them long to download the book onto a PaDD and beam it down to us at our location. " Ja'sol watched the screen as the ceremony unfolded before them. " I have never in my life ever seen anything like this before. And we came here in hopes of learning why and how this is happening to your people and ours. There are to many unanswered questions here. Why are the cultist doing this? How did they learn of this? Was there outside contamination? If so, where did it come from? Far to many unanswered questions for my liking. "

After a few moments, a PADD materialized on the deck in front of Rachel. Bending down to pick it up, she quickly turned around and started to read through the stories contained for any reference to severed body parts or rituals.

"It seems that you have come here to solve one mystery and you are greeted with another. Although, I am still not convinced that the two are not connected somehow. Lieutenant, Ensign, if I was able to arrange it would the two of you assist in a search of these inmates quarters. It is possible that we will find a copy of your story or some other incriminating evidence. Is it not?" Tivau was convinced now more than ever that outsiders should remain outside. However, she would use these outsiders to solve this case. An ends to a means situation.

Looking up from her PADD after hearing Tivau’s request, Rachel looked to Ja’sol, “we may need to confer with the Captain about that Lieutenant”

"If we are to search the quarters of the inmates, then I suggest that we limit the search to the cells of the worshipers that are currently involved in this ritual, that way we have no interference from the ones that are here. Besides, they are more likely to have such evidence in their quarters." He tapped his combadge. " Lieutenant H'ros to Captain Melbrooke. General Tivau is requesting our assistance to search for evidence in some of the inmates quarters, requesting security lock on in case of emergency transport is needed."

"Transporters are standing by. And Lieutenant only proceed as the General directs. We do not want an incident here. Malbrooke out." Tyler sat on his bridge and suddenly felt in the dark. This was the feeling a lot of Captains got when they were not out there on missions.

Tivau nodded her agreement with Ja'sol's assessment. "Agreed, there is no use in causing a fuss if there is no need. If nothing turns up in our searches then I will search the computer banks and see if anyone has requested intergalactic access." She turned toward a locked closet and input her security access code. When the doors opened a number of long rods could be seen. "I cannot allow you to have your weapons. However, I know it would be unwise to have you go to the inmate floor unarmed. That said please take one of these rods. When you press the trigger it will release enough electricity to stun a person. Of course it must be in contact with the person when discharged."

Looking at the rods, Rachel felt a little unsure they would be effective protection for them but she also figured arguing with Tivau was not a good idea. Placing her hand phaser into the locker, Rachel knelt down, lifted up her pant leg and pulled out several thin 15cm long metal needles from a bracer strapped to her leg. After placing the needles into the locker, she picked up one of the rods and stepped back to allow her away team leader access to the locker himself.

Ja'sol stepped forward to the locker and placed his phaser into the locker, He paused and turned towards General Tivau.
"Do you have any objections to me holding onto my combat blade as well as your stun rod? " He asked. " I don't believe that a prisoner could do much with it if we were captured. It's not like they could cut they're way out of prison, that and it's always good to have a backup if it's needed. But this is your operation and your call, And I'll go with what you decide General Tivau. " He inclined his head in a show of respect.

"You may have your blade. As I have said and you have deduced the idea of you not having your weapons is so the inmates don't get a hold of them." Tivau said as she placed her disruptor in the locker and took up a stun rod.

"I am not going to sugar coat this. It is going to be hard for both of you on the prison floor. You are outsiders and are going to get hit hard from both the inmates and the guards. Ensign Sinclair you will most likely get the worst. Outside of myself these men have not seen a female in quite some time. So please guard yourselves. Now if you both would follow me." Tivau holstered the rod on her belt and began to walk down the corridor toward the lift that would lead down to the prison floor.

Taking a deep breath, Rachel swallowed her nerves and moved to follow Tivau. She’d never been in an active prison before and even the simulations at the academy were nothing like this.

Ja'sol thanked Tivau for allowing their bladed weapons as a backup and placed his phaser into the locker. He thouhgt about what the general had just said. He knew he was in for a hard time due to him being an outsider, But he alos knew it was going to be far harder on his female companions. He'd have to keep his head on a swivel if they were to watch out for each other. " Alright, let's get this done, and if something doesn't look right then say something quickly as we've got to watch each others backs. "
To Be Continued...

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