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Ensign Rachel Sinclair

Name Rachel Sinclair

Position Assistant Chief Security & Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion/Romulan Hybrid (Albino)
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7”
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average height for either a Romulan or Orion, Rachel keeps herself physically fit through a daily fitness routine she picked up from a classmate at the Academy.
Rachel has several tattoos on her body, two on her face and one on each upper arm. These are slave marks the she has chose to keep as a reminder of what she went through and her promise to herself not to let it happen to anyone else.

Rachel has long hair that hand down to the middle of her back while untied. To keep it out of her way while on duty, she tends to tie it back into a ponytail.


Father Jor’ral (Romulan)
Mother Rahne Verona (Orion)
Other Family Jacen Sinclair (Adopted Father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rachel can be a little paranoid and stand-off-ish around new people and can have trouble making meaningful connections with others due to what happened to her during her time as a slave. Although she does try to be friendly and welcoming whenever possible, using a more confident nature to hide her emotional trauma.

Rachel Avoids counsellors as much as possible. She’d rather just forget about her past rather then keep reliving it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Friendly
+ Compassionate
+ Hard Working

+\- Honest, sometimes a little too honest
+\- Protective of others, this can lead to her being over protective

- unresolved PTSD from her childhood as a Slave
- very self critical
Ambitions Rachel’s motivation for joining Starfleet was to make sure no one ever went through what she had to as a child. She uses this as her drive to keep at her best.
Hobbies & Interests Rachel enjoys studying and practicing several of Earths Martial Arts such as, Bojutsu (fighting with a Bo Staff) and Taijutsu (empty hand fighting)

Personal History Born on an Orion colony populated by many species ranging from Humans, Vulcans and outcast Romulans, to smaller communities of sulaban, andorians and several other species. Rachel, born Nilessa Verona to an Orion mother and Romulan Father, was raised by her parents on a small farm set just outside the main city of the colony. Many of the colonies residents were little more then refugees looking for a new start or a better life.

Male Romulan Father Jor’ral
Female Orion mother Rahne Verona

On Rachel’s 6th birthday, the Colony came under attack by a band of Nausican pirates looking for trade items. Food, fuel, spare parts and ultimately slaves to sell to the local markets. Due yo the efforts of the Federation, the Orion Syndicate had started to turn a blind eye to pirate activity within their boarders, so long as it brought them a profit.

Taken as a slave by one of the pirates, Rachel was separated from her parents and taken to up to a slave ship for sorting. Due to her pale skin and white hair, she was thought to be sickly and weak and so thrown into the standard slave auction.

However it didn’t take her long to be bought. She stood out from the other slaves to a particular Orion slaver because of her unique physical features and her strange biological profile.

Purchased for a mere 3 strips of latinum, Rachel was taken onboard the slavers ship and began her ‘training’ to server her new master.

A little too young to be serving at the Master’s side, Rachel was left in the ship’s kitchen as a runner. Treated like dirt by the others, she was forced to sleep n the floor of what was little more then a cleaning cupboard. They never even used her name, but nearly called her by a number, Five. The Master would even punish her for the smallest of infractions or occasionally for something she never did. He intended to beat the ‘humanity’ out of her.

Over the next 6 years, Rachel’s life was very routine, wake up, clean the kitchen top to bottom making sure every station was ready for the cooks, then grabbing a quick bit to eat before the others came down and started their work.

A few times Rachel became friendly with some of the other servants, but these friendships didn’t tend to last long as once the Orion Master found out, he would punish them infront of Rachel for anything she did wrong in his eyes. After work of this spread throughout the ship, everyone who wasn’t working near her in the kitchens would give her a wide birth.

At the age of 12, Rachel was considered old enough to serve the Master directly and by this point she was little more then a ghost of the bright little girl she had been. Trained as a serving girl by the oldest servant, Rachel was fitting with a jewelled shock collar with matching bracelets that could be magnetised to act as a set of shackles and was dressed in the finest of Tholian silk as the Master liked to give off an air of finery if not royalty.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long before the Master became tired of her as she never smiled and her eyes were drained of life.

Sold to human merchant for a few bars of latinum, Rachel left with the human taking nothing with her but the shock collar and a set of warn out clothes.

The Human turned out to be an under cover Starfleet Intelligence Officer by the name of Lieutenant Jacen Sinclair. He had been keeping tabs on the Orion slave trade for a few years though this was the first time he’d actually made contact with a slaver.

After taking her in, Jacen saw how she’d been mistreated and wanted to take care for her but he wasn’t sure where to start. Every time he tried to teach her something, it all seemed to go in one ear and out the other with no impact.

So instead of trying to push the young woman to do things, Jacen simply chose to let Rachel do her own thing. For the first week, all she did was what she’d been doing for years, served Jacen food and stood next to him awaiting requests. Rachel would follow Jacen everywhere, even into the bathroom where she tried to bath him herself which Jacen insisted she didn’t need to do.

About half way through the second week, Rachel started to come back to her self when her mind couldn’t handle the contradictions Jacen was giving her. Nearly every time she tried to serve him as she would her previous master, Jacen would tell her to stop and just sit next to him.

It took Rachel almost a months before she felt comfortable enough to actually speak. It was during a meal where Jacen had ordered a ploughman's lunch, a plate of various meats, cheeses and salad. Finding the platter intriguing, Rachel’s first words to Jacen were “Master, May I try that”. This caught Jacen by surprise, but he quickly figured he could use meal times as a way to get through to Rachel.

After a week of slow, food based, progress, Jacen figured Rachel was ready for some more basic lessons. Over the next few months, Jacen would teach, or re-teach, Rachel how to read, write and even properly speak federation standard as well as both Orion and Romulan as he had determined they were her generic heritages from a bio-scan.

It wasn’t long after the lessons started that Jacen decided to adopt Rachel. It would be nearly impossible to find her actual family and for all they knew, her family was dead or in no position to take her in and give her the care she needed.

Transferring to Starfleet Intelligence Headquarters on Earth, Jacen figured it would be the safest place in the Galaxy for Rachel to rediscover herself and maybe begin to heal in some way.

The next few years were spent homeschooling Rachel and trying to socialise her with others around her age. Fortunately, Jacen knew a few other officers on Earth who had children close to Rachel’s age.

Rachel found making friends to be rather challenging, but with some encouragement from Jacen and a few of the other teens, she slowly came out of her shell and began to flourish as a ‘normal’ teenager.

A few days after her 18th birthday, Rachel sat her adoptive father down at the dinner table and told him that she wanted to join Starfleet. Expecting him to be very much against the idea, after a moment of silence, Jacen gave Rachel a gentle smile and a nod. It appeared that he had expected this to happen one day and he’d prepared for it.

Choosing to join Starfleet under their security course, Rachel’s secret motivation behind joining was so she could prevent any others from going through what she’d been forced to suffer through.

Rachel’s academy life was filled with long nights of study and practice between a few class parties she was dragged along to by either her classmates or the few close friends she managed to make.

Graduating in the top 10% of her class, Jacen was more then happy with Rachel’s progress both as a fellow officer and as a proud father.

After a last dinner with her adoptive father, Rachel received her orders assigning her to the USS Pioneer, an intrepid class starship.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Security course

USS Pioneer - Security