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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Wed Dec 8th, 2021 @ 4:58pm by Michael Taggart & Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaylara Loran
Edited on on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 @ 4:19am

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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: White Stag Pub - Central Core Deck 6 - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD001 1400 hrs

Rowena walked on to the promenade and looked at the image of the white horse on the sign outside the bar across from the Ferengi place. As the Pioneer hadn't arrived yet, she decided to get in and get herself a drink before she would board.

She sat down at the bar and looked around to see who was in. She must have gotten in a bit early as there weren't that many people. She smiled warmly at the person standing behind the bar. "Hello, I am Lieutenant McGowen, this is my first time here, I heard a lot about the station, but I did not know there was a nice bar here like this one."

Down the bar, a half-Romulan woman in black turned to look at the new arrival. "Lieutenant McGowen, from the Pioneer?" She had dark eyeliner and teal lipstick with a studded leather choker and bracelet.

As she spoke out, she heard a voice next to her reply with a question. She turned around to see who spoke and then looked to the Romulan in the same department uniform as her but with a petty officer rank. "Yes, well, from the Pioneer is a little early of a statement, I haven't officially boarded yet. Do you also server on the Pioneer or do you serve the station's department?"

"Not yet." She shrugged. "I will be on the Pioneer, when it gets here. I heard you'll be the new chief, right?"

"Yes, I will be, I am really looking forward to it. I have been out of it a bit, since I have been on leave, so it's good to be back where the action is." Rowena smiled, "So I guess you will be working for me? I haven't seen a crew roster yet, I just got here, I was assured my predecessor, who is currently keeping my seat warm I guess, would give me the list, so for now, I just thought to enjoy a drink before I get on board."

It was the time of year that Mickey always loved and hated. Crew rotations. He had come to understand the need to keep people moving so they did not get too comfortable with space being what it was. Yet he would miss those that are leaving and come to like the new friends that were arriving. The one good thing that had come out of all of this was the Pioneer now had a QSD and would be back more often than expected.

He had been cleaning a couple of glasses when he noticed two of the new comers wearing the gray of Intelligence. "Afternoon ladies. What can I get ya?"

"I would like to have..." She tapped her lips as she thought about what she wanted to have. "Hmm....well what do you usually pour for the Pioneer crew, might as well set the scene for what's to come, am I right, Petty Officer?" She smiled to Kaylara.

"Sounds like a good place to start," Kaylara said, grinning at the bartender. "We can try something fun after that."

"Something fun, I like how you're thinking." Rowena said.

"Every bartender I've ever met has a few special drinks he or she likes to mix. You find some of the best drinks by asking." The half-Romulan grinned. ""And life is too short not to try them."

"Well, I will tell ya that a favorite of da Pioneer's Cap'n is a drink called a bee sting. I can mix the two of you up one of dem if ye wish. But I gotta ask why the fascination wit da Pioneer. She has been gone some time and is not due back 'ere for quite some time yet." Mickey said while mixing the mead and cider. He always liked to show off that he had his finger on the pulse of everything that was happening.

"We're both transferring to the Pioneer," Kaylara said. "And if I read the lieutenant correctly, she would like to know what sort of drinks are more often ordered so she knows what to get when she buys drinks for a table of new crewmates." She glanced at McGowen. "Is that correct?" In truth, Kaylara thought it more likely she would use the knowledge when dealing with individuals rather than a table of people. "I'll try a bee sting, although I prefer a bee's knees. Or Romulan Ale."

"Well den if you both are members of the Pioneer's crew den the ship may be back here sooner den we thought. And that would be grand..." Mickey said as he placed the drinks in front of the ladies. "My name is Michael Taggart but me friends call me Mickey. This is my pub. Every so often I get a good shipment in of Romulan Ale. It has always been hard to come by in Federation space, and now even harder." Taggart thought it best not to go into the Hobus disaster with a Romulan, it may strike too close to a nerve.

Kaylara was doubly grateful she had relatives who produced their own ale, although she knew what the bartender alluded to. "Yes, we do tend to keep what little we have to ourselves." She tried the drink. It was too sweet for her, the mead adding more of the honey flavor. Still, she would not forget this was the captain's favorite.

"The Pioneer's crew made this their home when off ship..." Mickey began with a touch of pride in his voice. "...Every Starfleet crew will tell you that they are the best of the best. But when it comes to da Pioneer, I actually believe it." Mickey smiled and poured himself a drink as well. He took a sip, and loved the flavor. "To new friends." He raised his glass.

Kaylara raised hers as well. "To new friends." She took a sip of her drink, then asked, "Why do you say the Pioneer is the best?" She was curious why he would say so.

"At least in dis area people pay attention to what the Pioneer is doing. That ship is definitely the authority in these waters. As a civilian having friends on a notable ship can be good for business. It helps that the crew is friendly as well." Mickey replied with a broad smile. He was proud of his friendships on that ship.

The half-Romulan smiled. "Good to know. Thanks." She raised her glass to him. She was pleased that her new ship had such a good reputation with people on the station.

"Right so I can tell dat da two of ya are in Intelligence. So, what exactly can ya talk about wit what ya do." Mick was curious about who was coming and going on that ship. He found himself genuinely caring about that crew for reasons that he did not know yet.

Kaylara chuckled. "I analyze and collate data."

"An' you?" Mickey said as he turned toward the other new comer, Rowena.

Rowena looked around and then whispered, "And I oversee that process." She chuckled. "I am the chief, the department head. So, I run the department and I inform the command team. That's basically what I do and can talk about."

"Oh... I hope nothin' untoward has happened to Jen. Her an' her husband are regulars here..." Mick's voice trailed off as he realized that he could lose friends in the fleet. Oddly enough this was a thought that never occurred to him. He sipped his drink in an effort to cover the pause in conversation.

Noticing the concern tone his voice, Rowena was quick to take it away. "Oh, they are fine, if my intel is correct, you will probably see a lot more off them. According to the information that was provided to me, they are transferred to this base. I have no information on their motivation, but I guess you can ask them when they arrive here." A brought smile formed on her face.

Kaylara hid her smile behind her drink as she listened to her new boss talk. It gave her some insight into the woman, and to what happened to the previous chief.

"Ach den that is wonderful news. Tis better to see more of them dat's fer sure. So, what can I do ta make you both more at home?" Taggart ever the host looked to see what the newcomers liked to do or have on their time off.

The half-Romulan raised her glass. "This is a good start." She grinned. "A good bar makes a happy crewman."

Rowena emptied her glass. "How about another drink, I think I can handle a bit more before the Pioneer arrives." She grinned and I would like to get to know you two a bit more."

Mickey took a look around the bar and saw nothing but smiles and warm welcomes. This was what life was all about for the Scotsman. He smiled broadly and poured another round for the three of them. "Well, we cannae continue without a toast..." On the word toast the other bar patrons called back. "A toast." "...Well, you see now it tis tradition and they will be waiting." Mickey continued.

"Well, we can't go against tradition," Kaylara said, grinning.

A Joint Post By:

Lieutenant Rowena McGowen
Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer First Class Kaylara Loran
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Michael Taggart
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