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Medical and Counselling

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2020 @ 10:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara Li
Edited on on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 7:27am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: USS Pioneer - Main Sickbay - CMO's Office
Timeline: MD004 1030 hrs
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Hermia was just giving her new office a few personal touches. In one corner was a gun safe with her Marine issue Type II Phaser locked inside.

To the right of her desk was a small bookcase containing PADDs loaded with medical journals, anatomy books, and Marine tactics. If one looked hard enough, they'd also find the occasional romance novel.

She was standing on her desk attaching a Cardassian Military Knife to the bulkhead behind her desk when a knock came at her door.

"Doctor," Kara looked into the room, smiling, "we hadn't had a chance to meet yet so I hope you don't mind that I just dropped by like this." She entered the room and looked around, taking note of a few boxes, "am I to guess that you are new to your position as well?" She realized she hadn't introduced herself yet, "Kara Li, ship's Counselor."

Hermia climbed down from her desk to greet the younger woman. "I'm Hermia O'Rouke, and I was recently promoted from Assistant CMO." Hermia said. "It nice to meet you, Counselor, don't worry about just dropping by, as I tell my staff, my door is always open."

"Consequence of the job," Kara replied, "especially in my line of work, I assume it's the same for medicine." She looked around, trying to get a feel for the newly promoted Doctor, "oh, I should say congratulations on your new position. It's a very interesting decor pattern, I don't typically see weapons displayed in a Medical Officer." She laughed, "my sister might like this," she pointed to the knife."

"Ah, that I received that from the Cardassian military when I was attached to a Marine in Cardassian space," Hermia explained. "Also my father and brothers are in the Corps, so I was brought up as a Marine. Is your sister in the Corps?" She asked.

"Yep, we got transferred here together," she replied, "seems rather odd, two siblings on the same ship but far be it from us to argue with the Federation." She could see the influence the Corps had on her life, it was decorated all over the room. "My family is quite the opposite, most are Diplomats and Officers. I must say it was rather a surprise when Kaia announced her intentions to Enlist. I think it is safe to say our Mother wasn't very ... happy," she smirked, "might be a good way to word that, yep, happy."

"I can relate, my father, all but disowned me when I entered the Academy and told him I was going to medical school," Hermia said. "Christmas holidays at home were a horror show after that."

"That I know all too well," Kara replied, but her family events had more even more different after the death of her father. "So tell me, Commander, what do I need to know about this crew?" she asked, "still trying to get settled in, and I already have lots of catch up."

"If you haven't already, I'd suggest you talk to Dr. Richard Ballston, I believe he could use your help," Hermia said. "Other than him I believe everybody is putting on a brave face, but we're still hurting after what happened to Empok Nor." She added.

"I have to admit," she sat down on a nearby chair, "I don't know a lot about what took place. I could read the logs, but it's my experience that people only give what's needed in a log. They don't really go personal and dig deep. So, what happened on Empok Nor?"

"Empok Nor was our base of operations in Cardassian Space, as such a lot of us had friends or family that lived there, myself included. One day the Station was attacked by a group of humans and Cardassians who wanted to return to the old days. They were led by a disgraced Starfleet officer and a rogue Cardassian Legate. Many crew and civilians were able to evacuate the Station, but others stayed behind to perform guerrilla attacks." Hermia began. "Then later the Pioneer was part of a task force that took back Empok Nor. So I think you can imagine the emotions these two actions brought up in this crew."

"I wish I didn't have to imagine something like that," Kara replied, "however, I can understand why some of the crew is very hesitant to speak of the events." She thought back to her own career, in that moment. She wanted adventure and more front line work. Already with what little she knew this was more of a chance to expand her work, well beyond what she could have on her previous assignments. "Former Officer, guerrilla attacks, and everything else that involved most of us never see that in our lifetimes. It's truly sad." She sighed.

"Was there any loss of life, did we lose anyone from the ship?" she hated to ask, but it was important for her work. She didn't need details now, she could look that up later.

"There were a lot of injuries, but only one death, Ensign Dana Wakefield, she was an operations officer," Hermia replied. "I didn't know her personally, but I hear she had some friends aboard."

"Always make it more challenging when it involves a member of the crew," Kara replied, "you just never know how that one life weaved their way into the fabric of the ship and touched so many lives. I suppose I should keep a further open schedule over the next few weeks." She smiled, "just in case."

"My mother's a psychiatrist and has told me the same thing," Hermia said. "She's still on Empok Nor, by the way, helping with the rebuild."

"I trust she's okay," Kara asked out of concern? She didn't know everything, and what little she did know almost made her wish she didn't know anything. The station, this ship, and so many people had been through so much. She was amazed at how well things were, all things considered. "I don't envy her that is a momentous task she has ahead of her. Rebuilding after such an event," Kara added, "she must be a strong woman."

"She is a strong woman, she brought up three step-sons and myself," Hermia said. "And as far as I'm aware, she's doing okay."

"That is good to hear," Kara nodded, "I suppose I should take up too much more of your time. We both have things to get too and people who need us. I appreciate the talk and look forward to working with you in the future. As they say in my line of work, the door is always open..."

"Okay, good day, Kara, it was nice talking with you, I'm sure we'll talk again," Hermia said.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke
Chief Medical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara LI
Chief Counselor, USS Pioneer


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