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A Native Encounter

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 5:46am by Staff Sergeant Gaagii & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani & Chloe de la Vega
Edited on on Tue Sep 15th, 2020 @ 7:09am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: After 11 - Deck 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD004 2200 Hours
3058 words - 6 OF Standard Post Measure

Khalon was gone and abruptly so it seemed as he left with very little of a goodbye. A message left in her private memory banks that she read whilst sitting on the edge of her bed a few weeks ago.

Sofia was adjusting slowly to life without him now and there was going to be without that person she'd talk about her day too. Her roommate was nice enough and they got on well but it was different with Khalon, deeper.

She had been in After 11 for a couple of hours, chatting to friends, Chloe and occasionally staring into the bottom of her glass. She was wearing a tight fitted red top with simple black trousers and nice sandals. A simply look but she pulled it off nicely in her opinion.

Gaagii was never the kind of person who knew how to let his hair down properly. He always seemed to be high strung, however, Captain Tremble had ordered a downsize to the guard and allowed for extra ROR. So the Navajo man decided that he would take in After 11. He dressed in a deerskin shirt, a pair of jeans and a beaded necklace. He opted to let his hair down and headed for the Pioneer's bar.

When he walked in he must have surprised almost everyone there, as the conversation stopped. He mustered as best of a smile as he could and headed for the bar. As he pulled up a barstool his smooth even toned voice could be heard. "Hey Chloe can I have a firewater please?"

"Sure thing Chief." Chloe teased with a wink. He didn't often come in to the lounge but when he did she sure made him feel as if he was welcome.

Within short order he had a sifter of whiskey neat in front of him. He quietly, patiently, and almost ritualistically took the first sip and allowed the liquid to burn the back of his throat as it went down. The first was always the best in his opinion.

"So what brings you down here?" Chloe asked. "You don't usually grace us with your presence?" Gaagi went to open his mouth in some form of defence but Chloe headed him off. "Oh no don't get me wrong, I love a good strapping man to join me at the bar. It's a fantasy of mine have someone in a skinned animal take me." She winked once more. Chloe was far more liberal with her speech than most were comfortable with sometimes.

Gaagii, was not used to a woman reacting to him as Chloe was at the moment. He was taken aback for a moment. However, she did have the right of it. Gaagii had rarely been in the bar, but as of late he felt the need to socialize. "I thought I would explore what the local nightlife has to offer. It seems clear to me now that The Cure will not be reassigned and that The Pioneer is now our home. So here I am." He spoke softly but succinctly. His voice was even toned as it was with most Navajo.

"Well we are all really friendly in here and if you need anything just ask." Chloe replied with a warm seductive smile. "The quiet corner is over there." She joked and pointed in the direction of Sofia who was sitting at the corner part of the bar. "But we still visit you often for top ups."

Sofia had brought out a book, an old fashioned paper turning book. She liked to read, she was quite an old fashioned soul stuck in a young fresh faced body. For a moment she looked up, her eyes meeting the tall mysterious figure across the room before she dropped them back to the pages beneath her.

He sipped the whiskey and looked in the direction that Chloe pointed. He recognized the young woman there immediately. She was the Captain's Yeoman. Gaagii thought it best to leave her be, however, the fact that she read an actual book intrigued him. He picked up his drink and pulled up a stool next to her. "Sorry to disturb you but I was informed this was the quiet side of the bar."

Placing a small wooden carved bookmark into her book she closed it over. The title of the book about the history of North America, from colonization to WW III.

"You're not disturbing me." Sofia gave him a soft welcoming smile. "Chloe says that to people so they avoid this spot. She knows I like the quiet but still be in a place that has people. Is that weird?" she asked not realizing she hadn't even introduced herself.

"Not at all for I am the same way..." Gaagii's eyes dipped toward the title of the book. He wondered what she felt about the treatment of his people during colonization. "You know one of my ancestors is most likely in that book." He decided to break the ice.

Sofia gave a little smile at his reply. It was nice to find a more conservative person on the ship, most people were quite loud and confident. She looked at him a decided that from his comment about ancestors and the way he was dressed that he was referring to the Native Indians of North America.

"Really?" She asked looking back at the book. "I can't believe that Humans were so cruel. The lack of understanding, almost hateful removal was just disgusting. Their culture was beautiful, peaceful and innocent in a way that I love. I think I'll read about them next..."

"I am Navajo, and you should be saying that our culture is beautiful, peaceful etc... It is still alive and well, some are on Amerind and others have gone to Dorvan V. Many others serve here in Starfleet or in the Corps. We are a proud people, too proud to let our ancestors down and our culture die. I suggest that if you want to experience it first hand you go to the planets mentioned on your next shore leave." Gaagii smiled softly at her faux pas. He knew that many made the mistake of thinking that his culture was dead.

"I am such an idiot." Sofia said as she threw her head in her hands. How could she be so insensitive? "I am sorry... I didn't mean that your culture was gone or anything. I have a lot of admiration for how your people survived and still do to this day. I'm sorry if I offended you..." she thought for a moment before extending her hand gently. "Let's try this again. I'm Sofia."

He smiled sympathetically. "Do not worry yourself, many make that mistake. In truth we like people to think that way it keeps them from meddling in our affairs. Incidentally it is also the main reason that we left Earth. I am Gaagii." (pronounced Ga-A-g-e)

"I suppose a little anonymity is not a bad thing." Sofia said as she looked around the room. "I like a little of that myself. Sometimes the biggest waves can be caused by the smallest ripples." she smiled. "It is nice to meet you Gaagii." she added trying to pronounce his name properly.

He was touched by her genuine attempt to pronounce his name. At the moment what struck Gaagii was her innocence. Unlike anyone that he had ever met. "In Navajo it means Raven. Kind of ironic considering the code-name that the Corps gave me was Crow.." He stroked his chin as he thought about what she had said. "You of all people would know about the smallest ripples making the biggest waves. You have the ear of the Captain. Rumor is that he listens to you more than most."

"I think I have heard your code-name before... God knows where." She said to herself as she clasped her necklace. A crucifix her mother had given her for when she had left to travel the stars. "Oh I wouldn't go by rumours on this ship. I am sure his wife would have my head if she thought he listened to me more than her." she gave a little smile. "As I am sure your partner listens to you?" She half asked in a hope of digging for information.

Gaagii smiled a little sheepishly as he sipped his firewater. "No I have no partner. A lot of times a Marine's life does not lend itself to being in relationships. To make matters worse most want nothing to do with me when they find out what I do for the Corps. I say that I do not need them, I say I am how the spirits have made me. And the spirits live on in each of us and all things." As he spoke of partners and the spirits he could feel that her spirit was old, and that it was reaching out. However, he also felt that she had a recent loss and today may not be the day.

"I can see that, the spiritual sense I mean. I sometimes feel there is a higher plane to all this." Sofia gestured with her hands to the surroundings above. "But I have to ask, what is it you do for the Corps that put people off?" she asked.

Gaagii was nothing if not blunt, he opted the straight forward approach and told her everything that he could. "Well I am a Sniper and a Pathfinder. Run the RECONN team of The Cure. Most of the time if I am on an operation the enemy does not know that I am there and that they are about to be taken out. it is the whole stealth part of my job that makes people uncomfortable."

Sofia stared at Gaagii for a moment then remembered she needed to blink. She wasn't so naïve that she didn't know marines had a dirty job, one of danger and violence. "That sounds... interesting." she admitted a little bit. The thought made her heart quicken, a bit of excitement to shake things up.

"I can't say that changes my opinion of you, or puts me off. We have just met and I for one like to know a person before judging them on their career." she gave a little playful smile.

"You are indeed wise beyond your years..." Gaagii said as he raised his glass and clinked hers. He took a sip and wondered what he should say next. "I feel the same way, although I will admit that most people do what they do because it is their passion and because it is what the spirits guide them to do. I consult my guides every time I need to make a major decision."

"Just the way I am." Sofia shrugged a little. "Some call it naïve, I call it being genuine." She added as they clinked glasses together. The talk of spirit guides made Sofia wonder if she had one, and what it would be. It was a nice thought to have something looking over you, a wise one to consult when needed.

"I like the sound of spirit guides." Sofia admitted.

Gaagii smiled softly, he was happy that someone seemed genuinely interested in what he felt. "Everyone, every living thing has a spirit guide. One must embark on a vision quest to learn who or what their spirit guide is. Often a person has many spirit guides. Myself I have three guides who advise and walk with me on this path through life. Perhaps one day I can lead you on a vision quest."

If he did not know any better Gaagii would have thought that something more was beginning here. He could hear the sound of his sister Kiwidinok telling him that he should stop worrying and start paying attention to the lady in front of him. If only she could see me now. Gaagii smiled as the thought occurred to him.

"That sounds really cool." Sofia replied as she found herself staring into his eyes for a longer period that was usually acceptable. He was different to Khalon, had the quiet confidence of a man of wisdom, and a little age. She noticed his eyes drift and a smirk form on his face. "You running through an inner monologue too?" She asked.

Sometimes she would listen to her thoughts as well and often people would wonder why she would smile for seemingly random reasons.

"You are quite perceptive for one so young. I must caution you though. Embarking on a spirit quest is no small task. You must be committed to it, and it may take many sessions." Gaagii brought the conversation back on track as he did not want to reveal to her what was going through his head.

"I just pay attention Gaagii, not everyone pays attention to me. A small unassuming girl who blends in." She gave a small smile as she thought about that for a moment. "But I am committed to this if you are happy to teach me? Show me?"

"A small unassuming girl who blends in would go far in RECONN..." Gaagii said with a chuckle before he continued to speak. "Yes we will have a spirit quest. However, we cannot tonight. We need a day where there is a lot more time available to us."

"You are very kind." Sofia said as she blushed a little. "Oh I didn't mean tonight, I don't want to pressure you in to anything like that if you are busy. I am more than happy to wait for you." Sofia said then she took a sip of her drink and surveyed the bar before looking back Gaagii.

She blushes and it is over me... Gaagii thought, it was the first time that a woman had blushed because of him. "It is not that I am busy, it is that it will take hours perhaps a whole day. It is unknown when the spirits will show themselves to you during your quest. As for tonight I think it best that we worry about the material and not the spiritual." He said with a smile as he clinked her glass and took a sip of his own. "Tell me what about nature, about the world around you interests you most?"

"Very deep question." Sofia replied before she scrunched her mouth up to the side and thought. A little frown appeared as the cogs within her head turned to come up with what actually did interest her.

"People..." she said plainly. "I know it's a broad answer but it is still true. I love my family, my friends made and that is down to the nature of those people. If you want a more base answer I love outdoors." she began.

"My upbringing wasn't one filled with technology, with the upgraded lifestyle most of us now enjoy." she said waving at the room around them. "We grew our own food, made our own clothes, I don't think our town had a replicator if I am honest. My dad used to be a carpenter so he made furniture, trinkets and such for everyone. I cherish my childhood, one reason why I read actual hard books. PADDs are lazy and I think ruins the experience."

"I would tend to agree, people have become a bit too reliant on technology. Very often when I am out there on mission, I will turn off the tracking devices and scopes. Then I rely on my senses, on the senses of my spirits to guide me to what I seek. Being one with your surroundings is always best." Gaagii paused while he spoke to regard the woman before him. "So, you are a people watcher. Tell me what can you gather from that Bolian in the corner there? The one who keeps glancing toward Chloe." He knew that one should always be at peace with their surroundings and if Sofia was a people watcher then she should be able to glean information about people simply by looking at them.

Sofia looked over, for a moment all she focussed on was that Bolian and his rather agitated figure. "He looks at her as quickly as he looks away. Sometimes he stares, when she talks to others he seems to not like that." she said looking at Gaagii as he too studied the blue man. "Chloe is a free spirit as we all know. Maybe she had her way with him and then continued on without a thought?"

Gaagii smiled "Brava! asdzaa nizhoni (beautiful one in Navajo) Brava! Now if you are correct, then what can you deduce about the Bolian man?" He nodded toward the Bolian with his head. When Gaagii made the motion his long black hair tussled a small amount.

Chloe had walked over by this point. "We can deduce that he wants a piece of me, again." she said rolling her eyes. "Honestly, you make one mistake... maybe two with him. Then he follows you round like a lost blue puppy wanting a treat. Told him at the beginning that I was curious to see if the blue was the same all over and that was it." she shrugged. "Man just wont let go."

Gaagii howled with laughter. It seemed that the lesson was over for the moment. He took the last slug of his firewater and smiled. "Well I think it may be time for me to hit the old dusty trail." He glanced at Sofia hoping she would... Well in truth he was not sure what he hoped for. Gaagii rarely got this far.

Sofia laughed along with both Gaagii and Chloe. So much so the Bolian stormed off as he thought they were laughing at him, which they were... indirectly. "Well, you can walk me to my quarters then Mr Marine. Make sure I get there safely." she said closing her book. The smell of the pages hitting her nose, she did love that smell.

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