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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Flashbacks and Flash forwards

Posted on Tue Jul 30th, 2019 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa & Captain Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 11:21pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Tallida Ovaa's Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD010 0200 hrs
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Tallida had regrets. Every time she turned around it seemed like she was stopping herself or avoiding something. The same could even be said for the events of the last few nights. It had all started when she challenged the Marine Commanding Officer to a sparring match. She had only hoped to find some common ground and now she found him on her mind all the time. She had been hoping to reduce that not multiply it.

She had sent Neil a message the night before, the night after their date, letting him know that her offer was genuine if he ever wanted to partake in her bed, again. She had regrets where that was concerned too, but the thoughts of them sent thrilling warmth though her entire body like a good bourbon. She didn't sleep much, and tonight was no different. She couldn't help but wonder if he would join her.

* * *

He hated stims. Neil had spent the last two days clambering about in his now tailored Mark IV armored suit and felt like there were ants crawling just under his skin. The feeling came and went...but it would come more frequently as the days went along. The half hour of actual sleep he'd gotten at her place had been fitful and he'd had thoughts of Tallida crawling through his mind, in much the same way as the stims were affecting him.

Last nights three hours of sleepy had been like a half remembered dream. He'd gotten her message and sent off a quick, noncommittal reply.

After finishing up Officer's primer school, Neil found his feet leading him toward her door.

He hesitated for a brief moment, then hit the annunciator.

Tallida had been sitting on her couch. A glass of wine in her hand just thinking of heading off to bed when the chime sounded. She had a good idea of who it was and smirked as she rose off the couch Neil's t shirt draping off one shoulder and stopping at her thighs. She called from whomever it was to enter as she paused with her glass of wine, resting a hip against the edge of the couch.

Neil stepped in, caught site of Tallida and stopped short. He stared perhaps a trifle too long, though his eyes were already blinking really slowly due to the chemicals in his system. "Um. Hey there, Tallida" he said inanely. "Figured I'd stop and say good night at least, since my earlier message was a bit...short."

"It was?" She asked. If the message had been short, other than in length, she hadn't noticed. "I figured you were busy and wanted to make sure you know the offer was real." She grinned over her glass as she took a sip. "You have good timing I was just getting ready to go to bed." She looked over the Marine for a moment before setting down her glass and moving to where he was standing. Her hands moved to his face as she turned her head looking as his eyes and judging their reaction to the lights in her quarters. "How long have you been on stimulants?" She asked easily slipping on her doctor hat.

He shrugged. "Three days. And, you really look great...I. Drahk." Neil said, sighing. "Remember the accelerated training regime I mentioned the other night...? That's Marine speak in this case for operating under combat conditions."

"Are you taking anything for the side affects? Eating?" She asked as her hands dropped along his arms and settled at his wrists. Her first two fingers resting across the soft space where his pulse raced. She looked up at him while she counted. She couldn't help the knowing smirk that crossed her lips. How she wondered if his kisses were as intoxicating now with a moment to breathe since the last one.

"Sure. I think today was Marine Supplement number four. It tasted like peanut butter and raspberry. Had the consistency of paste. But, it had the requisite number of calories, so I'll probably gain four kilo's before the week's out."

At her touch, he closed is eyes for a moment. Memories of super soft skin flashed and he forced his eyes open again.

"Those supplements barely compensate for the increased metabolism." She replied keeping her eyes on his as she finished counting. "Your heart rate at rest is about three times what it should be based on your build and athletic stature." She reached her hand out placing it flat on his chest to see how smooth his breaths were.

Neil leaned forward, kissing her then wrapping his arms around and pulling her close. They kissed until they were both a bit breathless and he sighed, stepping back. "And you may have noticed that, and I quote the packaging as prescribed for human males, Subject will note the distinct lack of normal vascular responses due to stimuli as an expected result of taking this product, per Corp guidelines for extended combat conditions."

Yep, they were just as intense and breathtaking as she had remembered. She had balled his shirt up in her fist as the kiss and progressed. She had released it and once her eyes had opened she saw the crumpled fabric and chuckled to herself. When she had finally gotten her mind back, she looked up at him, "Expected and acceptable are not the same thing." She reached up, extending her toes to cover the distant between their lips and she kissed him again. Dropping her hand to his she didn't say anything as she tugged him behind her and moved them both towards her bed.

Neil followed obediently his eyes drawn to her derrière which was mesmerizing as she walked him into her bedroom and he couldn't resist at plucking at her shirt. "Nice shirt. It looks much better on you than me."

The fact that it pulled the shirt up slightly was pure coincidence.

Tallida turned to face him, using her free arm to brush the shirt back down. "Nice try, Cowboy." She turned pulling him to her. Her hands moved to undo his belt, most assuredly sending him mix signals. She pulled it from the loops and set to pull up his shirt with a knowing smirk.

Neil's mind was not helping as it analyzed every time she moved and the shirt touched and moved over her curves. "chemise chanceuse," he murmured in french. Then he peered at her, "You haven't been tasked with testing if the chem's effects really work, have you. Or am I just dreaming?"

Tallida gave him a playful smile as she pushed him onto the bed and set to removing his boots. She unceremoniously tossed them over her shoulders. She moved pasted him, pulling back the covers watching him where he sat at the end of her bed. She didn't say anything as he watched her and simply patted the pillow next to her.

Neil was nothing if not a marine.

And marines always (mostly) followed orders. Obediently, he turned and partially crawled and then slid onto his back, resting his head on the indicated pillow.

She watched him for a moment. She bit her lower lip as a war played out in her head. Leaning forward, her hair fell like a multicolored curtain around them as she kissed him again.

Neil returned her kiss, then his hands began moving on their own accord. Then he stopped them and wrapped them around her instead of letting them think for themselves.

One could get into trouble with things like that.

Tallida's breath was coming quickly as her smiled ended their kiss. "I brought you in here to help you sleep." She started as she settled into the bed next to him, wrapping around him slightly as she pulled the blanket over them, lowering the temperature and the lights. "Not send your pulse racing, I apologize." She gave him a teasing smile.

Neil sighed and nodded, "Nice. But, sadly my flesh is weak and easily curbed by mere chemicals. If I'm going to sleep though, Tallida I'll have to use this. " He pulled an inhaler from a pocket and showed it to her. "Dial a sleep aid. I think I'm going to be allowed four hours in this cycle. Should I set it for three and a half and we'll grab food before I go back to work and leave you to think up new torments for me?"

Tallida nodded. She watched him set the inhaler and take his dose, setting the computer to wake them up. She settled against him, her head fitting against his shoulder just as it had the other night they had shared a bed. She could get used to this. She thought to herself as her eyes drifted closed, the sound of his even breathing easily guiding her into a deep, comfortable sleep.

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Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa
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