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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 2:34pm by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore
Edited on on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 2:53pm

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: CSCPO Moore's Quarters - USS Pioneer Deck 4
Timeline: MD010 1900
3571 words - 7 OF Standard Post Measure

Andrew had elected to invite everyone to his new quarters rather than his office since this wasn't going to be anything official. His new quarters were bigger than the SNCO quarters he'd been in, bigger than he was used to in fact, more like a small one bedroom apartment with just a living room and small four person round table next to the replicator. Now that he wasn't sharing his living space anymore he'd put up various pictures from his days as security and of him with his tacops team on various planets along with a few plastic ferns. He was dressed in his fatigues minus the jacket and had set out a few drinks and some snacks, wanting the other part of this to allow the three officers to honestly talk comfortably and not feel like anyone was going to get screamed at, "that's it....I think," he said to himself as he stepped back into the living room and sat on the small sofa.

Leslie had been in the SCIF still working on the investigation that the XO had asked him to do. There was an immense amount of data to sift through and the El Aurian did not mind putting in some overtime. The data was rather interesting so much so that he thought Quinn was on to something here. However Billy's console reminded him that it was time to see Andrew Moore. The Chief of the Boat had sent word that he wanted to see Billy, although he was rather cryptic about the reason. However, when the top NCO on the ship calls you to the carpet you go so off Billy went. In no time at all he found himself in front of Andrew's quarters and rang the chime.

Jenn was in her quarters. She was now looking around it more clearly. Senior officers quarters, she could get used to that. She never had to share with anyone, but what she had before wasn't that big either. This was great. She had a beep on her computer screen and walked to it. It was a message from the chief NCO. She had never been asked to come over to his place before, not even before she was promoted. She was unsure what is was about. At least she was still wearing her uniform. She checked her hair, and then she left the room.

As she got to his quarters she found Billy standing front of it pressing the chime. She took a deep breath. While from the inside she feeling a voice screaming for his attention. She stood next to him and nodded while straightening her back, pressing her chest forward and said softly, "Chief!"

"Enter," Moore called and stood up with a smile, "Chief, Warrant, welcome," he greeted and motioned to the table, "I haven't really entertained much, but, I have some food...and broke out my stash of real whiskey," he added with a smirk.

Jenn looked over the table that Moore had set up. She smiled and said, "Well, it looks great to me. Food, drinks. So are we having a party?" She asked curious.

"More of a...discussion," Andrew replied and poured each a glass of the dark liquid, "there's something myself and the exec like to talk to you both about, just unofficially. We don't see the need for any official anything, and chats usually go better over hundred year old whiskey," he replied and motioned to the table, "load up and have a seat," he added with a friendly smile.

Jenn nodded and sat down at the table and accepted a glass of whiskey. She looked to the liquid in her glass. She sniffed it. She left the glass in front of her and said, "Alright, chit chat it is."

Quinn was running a little late, from his last meeting of the day. He was looking forward to what the COB had planned. He walked over to the door, and rang the bell. He tried to clear his mind of the work day, and wanted to give Jennifer Masters and Leslie Calhoun, his full and undivided attention.

Billy bypassed the food and took a glass of the whiskey neat. He was always happy to see Jen, however, this time he had a sneaking suspicion that it would not be for a good reason. He was pretty sure the two were about to get a talking to about their personal life. "Sir with all due respect if this is not a social call, then what is this about?"

As the question cast a silence which was cut by the chirping sound of the door bell. Jenn looked to the glass. She knew by then that Billy had the same feeling she was having about this conversation. She suddenly felt like a teenager caught by her parents with her new boyfriend. And already the teenager in her was coming up with defenses. She shook them away. The captain choose her for this position because of her adult approach to things, not that of a rebellion teenager. She just stayed quiet.

"Enter," Moore called then smiled, Commander...grab a drink, food whatever you like, I was just about to fill them in" he greeted and looked back, "part of our job, about ninety-eight percent of it, is not yelling at you or cornering you, it's to offer guidance," he started and looked between Leslie and Jennifer, "I'm a blunt guy, but, we aren't here to dictate. We need to talk about being a little more.....cautious when you are on duty and even when you're in uniform," he started and took a sip of his drink.

Quinn walked over and poured himself a glass of whiskey neat, and a few food items, before joining the group. He took a seat, and allowed the COB to lead this improv gathering. Quinn sat there sipping on his whiskey. Noticing a pause he spoke up. "I am in a similar boat. My wife took a ten year leave of absence from Starfleet, and is returning as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, in stellar cartography."

Jenn looked around the room for a moment and then took a sip from the drink. She wasn't sure if it was the many scotch she had the past days. Or that the situation warranted it, but she actually downed it without pulling a face. She looked a moment to her glass. Then she looked up. "I would like to thank you for what you're doing here, it is much appreciated. For me, the transition from, you know, my previous position to the position I currently hold, and being promoted to this rank, it has not been easy on me. And double that with my relationship, the nature of my relationship, with mister Calhoun, I can see why that could be a problem. I don't know about mister Calhoun, cause I like to speak for myself here, and he is more experienced than I am in these matters, I would definitely hear all of your insights on how to do deal with this situation." She put her glass down as she continued, "And despite my appearance as being somewhat rebellious and non cooperative, I don't think of you guys as big bullies that like to yell and discipline everyone all the time. In fact, I do take responsibility for any behavior unbecoming of an officer, from my part, in the relation mister Calhoun and I enjoy outside of duty. I am still young and new to this, and I would like to discuss how to conduct myself better as an officer. The captain did mention something about a training that comes with this pip."

The Top nodded at the Commanders comment then looked back to Masters, "I'm glad to hear that, and trust me, I can relate to trying to transition to new responsibilities," Andrew said with a grin, "and I don't think you uncooperative . The training Commander O Flannagain and myself already discussed, he's going to get that settled for you," Moore replied with a nod, but, didn't delve into the rest yet, wanting to let Calhoun talk before going into anything.

Billy sat, sipped and listened all the while he ground his teeth. These little young piss ants he thought, but they were his superiors. He sighed deeply through his nose more out of exasperation then anything else. "You are going to actually sit here and try to teach me about decorum. I have been doing this exact job since before your greatest grandfather was in diapers. Never have Jennifer nor I ever come close dereliction of duty or endangering this ship. So it what way is this conversation even warranted." He spoke clearly and concisely however his voice dripped with the annoyance and anger that roiled within.

"Because your behavior is not only undermining your authority as Chief Petty officer but that of Masters as a senior officer on this ship. It seems you may have become so old that you forget the image presented to people doesn't just go away, do you care about Jennifer?" Andrew asked point blank.

"Wow, there, chief," Jenn said to Moore. "No need for that kind of talk, alright. I know he cares a lot for me. And if anyone is in the wrong here, it's me, I am his superior officer, I should have been more discrete. I already said I would take responsibility here." She turned to Billy. "If anything, I think I can learn a lot from him. I am glad I got him on my team and my side." She smiled to him and then turned to the two sitting opposite of the table of them. She looked serious again. "And may I remind you, that we have only been together outside of our duties. We have never displayed any affection while on duty. Billy and I were careful not to. If we were seen together it was work related. Always have. Cause we have always worked in the same department. It became a problem when I got promoted. Well, for you guys anyways."

She breathed a little. "If I need to be accused of anything, it is for not being more uniform. Having a hierarchy on the SCIF. Of which I was reminded recently. But that is something that can be fixed. Right?"

Billy seethed, he hated that he was seething, hated that the top was right. Well that is why he is the top I guess, he thought. He breathed in through his nose and out through his mouth, a cleansing breath, which was more to control the anger than anything else. "To answer your question yes of course I care about her. However, there is no image presented. It seems at least at the moment that the issue is one created by you, the XO, or both." He gestured to Quinn as he spoke. "However, I would be a piss poor Intelligence Operative if I did not get all of the information. So, I think it best if perhaps I keep my old trap shut and listen. After all it is what El Aurians do best." The tone of his voice had changed. There was still a touch of anger there however, now it was a bit calmer. Calhoun even managed a smirk at the mention of his race.

Andrew nodded to both, and smiled having gotten the reaction out of Calhoun he wanted, "none that you're aware of, while Beckette is an ass he did notice and so have the crew," he replied, "it's a problem because we'd gotten reports. If I were to press myself up to a female crew member I was in a relationship with, even if I'm not touching them, how would you read that?"

Jenn crossed her arms. Now she was getting annoyed with Moore. "That's kind of sexists isn't it? Why would the males get all the fun. I could have pressed myself up to Billy, couldn't I? But you never get that in your report, do you?"

"Yes, I did and that's the point I'm making. I never said the Chief did, I asked you how you'd read it if I did it," Moore replied and shook his head watching her body language get closed off and taking note of the deflection in response to the question, "you obviously know or are realizing you sent cues beyond just to the Chief and vice versa."

"Oh excuse me," Jenn said, "I thought we were having a discussion over Whiskey, not a meeting in the SCIF. My bad! But I know how that reads. And I am not an EL-Aurian, I have a bit of a problem with listening, sir. One of the reasons I got kicked out of the academy if I hadn't left myself." She took a deep breath. "You're point is made." She said in a calmer tone.

Quinn listened in, and noticed things were getting a little escalated. He took a small breathe, and with a big smile he said, trying to project positivity. "I think we are getting a little to caught up in the moment. This is not a meeting, this is a sit down a chance to express feelings. I am happy to see that all parties here are doing that. Let's remember one important fact, and its the one that the COB is suggesting. Image on this ship is everything. The crew will adjust to your relationship, we are only asking that you give the crew time. Just like I will with my beloved Ameri. From what I have read and have seen, this crew has been through a great ordeal over the past year. And everyone is readjusting, hence this vacation to Casperia." Quinn said, trying to put the eyry feeling of the casperian staff in the back of his mind. He was trying to show everyone here a positive and happy Quinn.

Andrew just nodded with his own smile but didn't say anything, not wanting them to feel like they were getting ganged up on. The SCOB, instead, sat back on the sofa to give Masters and Calhoun 'space.' As he watched and listened he could tell the duo may be starting to feel cornered and sitting back was his way of taking a step back to try and let them out of the proverbial corner.

Billy took a slug of the whiskey as he let everything that was said sink in. The fact was the COB and XO did actually have the right of it and Billy knew it. However, he had to protect her it was simply something that he wanted to do. "Backett is, is as Top put it, an a@*. That man would complain if you gave him a promotion." He leaned back on the couch, his body language said that he was somewhat more relaxed then when he arrived. "In truth I cannot think of a time when there was a moment that Jenn and I were nothing but professional while on duty. Tell me, without naming names, would you be able the nature of the complaints. Well the complaints minus Beckett's"

"Not complaints so much as just hey, I saw," Andrew replied but stayed sitting back, "it's in most cultures nature to be a little closer to or be more friendly with those they are intimate with, that's why I mentioned the things you may not even realize you may do, and why this isn't anything official, because you're not doing wrong, we just wanted you aware of these unconscious things," he explained, his time with the counseling department starting to show, "does that make sense?" he asked, genuinely not trying to tell them how to have their relationship, just wanting them to be aware.

"Ok first you say we...I obviously know I am sending cues to Billy and no I am not aware." She looked over to Billy. She put her hands up in gesture of questioning. "Look, I get where you're going at, so unless there aren't any real complaints, what do you expect from us?"

"As I said when we started just caution and awareness. I got a little off track earlier, I'm still adjusting too, and I apologize for making it sound like more," Moore replied and took a swig of his drink, "I also wanted to tell you if you loose your boot in Beckette a$$ we might miss that report," he added with a jovial smile.

Jenn let that last bit sink in a bit. She looked over to Billy. She knew Beckett was for her to deal with as she was his superior officer. She turned back to Moore. "Well, I'd say noted."An evil grin formed on her lips as she said that.

Billy could do nothing save for laugh a bit. "The way I see it Beckett and by extension both of you have it wrong. You said that when two people are intimate it seems that they are closer then normal. While that is true, it is perhaps something that this whole crew needs. To be a but closer." He paused and sipped his whiskey as he winked at Jenn. "Listen if you want me to be a bit more discreet then I will try my best. It's just hard to teach an old dog new tricks."

"No, sweetey," She said to him putting her hand on his shoulder. "I don't. Cause what Moore is trying to say is well there are reports, it just of us together. And we should be made aware of that." She turned to Moore and gave him a little glare and said, "Yes, you should've started with that."

Jenn turned back to Billy. "I said a had a problem with listening, I never I said I don't listen. But is it me or did I just became the El-aurian of this relationship." She grinned. "If there is anything I want from you, old dog, then it would be for you to teach this puppy some new tricks. Besides, I think there is nothing wrong with our level of discretion, if anything we have always done the job that was expected of us from starfleet, even after we started this relationship. And as long as we are on duty, and wearing the uniform, we should not change that. But I do expect you when we're off duty for you to get me out of this uniform."

She giggled a little, and she looked a tat serious again, "But, Billy, I love you, but I noticed you have been trying to protect me in all this, which is why I think you might not have been as sharp as you're normally are and I rather had you at my side than trying to protect me. And I really felt I was distracting you. I don't want to be your distraction, I want to be your partner and for you to be mine." She took his hand. "I'm maybe your girlfriend, but I am also your boss. Let's not forget that." She intended the girlfriend part as a little of a question as he never really confirmed that, even though she had a feeling.

Billy sat there in thought for a moment and then let out a harumph, followed by a smile. He blushed slightly, as for the first time in he could not remember when someone said they loved him. "Yes quite right you are. A partner it shall be then. Thank you for letting us know about the reports, and I can honestly say that we will try better to keep it under the radar as it was once said."

"Glad we had a chance to address this in an open and safe forum. I wish you the both the best of luck." Said Quinn, as he finally spoke up. He hoped this was the only time, they had to have this type of meeting. The idea was to help the two love birds, and address the one complaint, from a bitter insubordinate. Quinn was going to leave Beckett in the capable hands of the Cob. Andrew was more than qualified to handle Beckett, plus he is an enlisted man.

Andrew nodded in agreement, "and, Warrant, I wanted to say I'm proud that you moved up to your position and rank," and extended his hand to Masters, "you're going to, and already have been, an outstanding department head."

Jenn accepted his hand. "Thank you, Mister Moore." She smiled letting go of his hand, turning to Billy again.

Billy smiled at Jennifer and shook the hands of the top and the XO. "Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate how hard having a meeting like this must be." He squeezed Jenn's hand lovingly, then let it go as the two made their way to the door.

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