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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Posted on Sat Sep 29th, 2018 @ 5:11pm by Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore
Edited on on Sat Sep 29th, 2018 @ 6:15pm

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Peldaran IV
Timeline: MD003 1130 hrs
2131 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Last Time on Explanations

Rina went to work logging the signature of his communicator into the orbital communications array, and made sure the device wasn't going to intercept signals not meant for it, nor able to communicate with any other device except her own.

She was wary of her visitor, as he had expressed disapproval for her role on this world, and she wanted to watch his activities to see whether he played by the rules. To get him off her world, she figured she'd best request a ship promptly, so a message to El-Auria, which hadn't been wiped out by the Borg in this universe, was sent. A few thousand light years, with the transwarp drive taken from the defeated collective, that was a question of days, rather than decades.

And Now The Continuation

May 30 2394 1130 hrs (relative time)

It had been two days since Andrew had been brought to the castle and he had taken the opportunity to look around and join in the training with the royal guard. While he'd learned about sword play he had taught a few of them basic hand to hand techniques. Now he was sitting on a bench toweling off after a workout, planning for his departure in a few hours. He had learned that this universe was very similar to his, with the exception that Locutus had been killed and afterward Starfleet had turned towards making sure their weapons development was ahead of anyone else's. The Federation had become closed off and was heading towards the warlike Empire that kept rearing it's head in his own universe.

That would make things easier for him, especially since the often whispered about but never confirmed Section 31 was at the point of that political spear. So, he decided to use that the way the Tal'Shiar had been and just barrel his way onto the base.

Vanidha approached him and sat down next to him. She was clad in casual clothes. Now that she was inside the capital where she felt safe, she did not need armour. "So, why don't you tell me where you're really from? You have not been truthful with me."

Moore looked over as he was pulled from his thoughts and took a second to devise an answer, "i'm sorry about that, until I knew where I was it was necessary," he started, "I'm from... someplace very different from here. I was a warrior and a guardsman there, but, I gave that up after my wife was murdered... now I just help people who have a hard time with life," he replied and dropped the towel on the bench, trying to keep his answers from giving away anything the Empress didn't want told, "I was put here by a kind of storm that ripped me away, so, when you met me I didn't know who was friend or enemy yet."

"And now there's a ship coming to whisk you away", Vanidha said. "To lands unknown, at least unknown to me. Say, is there space for one more traveler? I'd like to see how others live, beyond these shores."

Andrew smiled, "There may be, but I would need to ask the Empress... she has asked I not throw off the balance here," he replied honestly then smiled, "but I would greatly enjoy your company if she allows it."

"She is the head of state, and she is powerful, but she doesn't govern where we go on our own time, and my service is voluntary. I can quit if I want to", Vanidha said.

Andrew thought for a moment then smiled, "Ok, if you're set on it, I could use the help," he replied and stood up, "but, I'm going to have to give you a crash course in infiltration and some better fighting techniques than I've shown your guardsmen. Are you up for that?" he asked and held his hand out.

"I might not be the best warrior the empire has, but I'm able to hold my own", Vanidha said. "I doubt you'd be able to best me at swordplay."

The Chief grinned, "Where we're going, it's going to be a lot different from swords," he said, "Go get changed, no armor, get some servants cloths," he said, "when you met me I had you thinking I was... well, not so smart, but, you didn't know me. Everyone in the area knows you, we're gonna go into town and your objective is going to be not to be recognized."

"You're being mysterious again", Vanidha said. "Just tell me what it is you're aiming for. No riddles, no metaphors, no nonsense."

"If you're coming you'll need to play by my rules," Moore replied with a wink, "you know all you need to right now, it's training and that's your objective."

"It's a stupid objective", Vanidha sighed. "There are close to a million people living in the Imperial City. All it takes is a set of clothes without insignia and nobody will know who I am, except for friends and family. You're not making sense, only this time I know you're holding something back instead of being dazed and confused."

Andrew squatted down and looked the woman directly in the eyes, "This is lesson one because you failed it," he started, "I respect you and your abilities as a fighter and leader, however, where we're going is going to be more dangerous than anything you've had to deal with here. I need to know if I tell you to do something, you will without fighting me. Because fighting me will end up with us both dead, no ifs, ands or buts," he said, having had to give that talk to more than one newly minted Ensign who thought they wore bigger shoes than him.

"You're not my boss any more than I am yours", Vanidha said. "Though, if where you intend to go is this dangerous, why not stay here? What's driving you to go back?" For the Empress to provide a ship to take him there, this had to be important, Vanidha figured. She was starting to be frustrated. At first, she had found the prospect of seeing new lands intriguing, but she hated being kept in the dark intentionally. She began to doubt whether she should trust him at all, and if she shouldn't advice the Empress that she shouldn't either.

Moore sighed and pulled out a PADD, "What I'm doing is... distasteful, but, needs to be done so I can get home," he explained and handed it to her. "This is everything I plan to do."

Vanidha frowned. "I don't understand most of the words in this text. I am an ambassador, I don't understand how these enchantments work."

Moore nodded slowly and debated letting her come along. Finally he took her hand and led her to his room and sat her down. Once there he went through the long story of where he was going and why, "...and that machine on the base is my way home, after I get those items for the Empress as payment for helping me," he finished and sat into a chair nearby with a sigh, "that is why I want you to train. I think you could help but I don't want you to get hurt."

"And that... base, it's... where exactly?" Vanidha asked, unsure if she had quite understood what he was saying.

"It's...well, off this planet, far off in space," he answered, "that's why I was being cryptic, I cannot tell everyone where it is or where I'm going, I'm telling you....." he paused for a second and let out a slow breath, "I'm telling you because I've come to trust you in my short time here, and the Empress very well could pull the rug out from under me because I did."

"You mean, you can travel amongst the stars?" Vanidha asked. "Even with the Empress's magic, the best we can do is float in balloons filled with hot air."

"Yes, I live and work there as well," Moore answered honestly, "and she can. She came here to help your world, however. Do you see why she made me swear not to tell anyone any of this now?" he asked softly.

Vanidha nodded. "Yes, I do." Her voice was barely audible now. "I'll have to think about it, and talk to her of course."

Andrew nodded, "I leave in about an hour. All I ask is you do not say anything that will stop that...if what happened to me happened to the others on my ship I have to complete this mission, two hundred people will end up trapped where they are, unable to go home, unable to see their families," he said, letting the concern show on his face as he sat forward.

"Follow me, then", Vanidha said. "We best get this over with quickly." She walked towards the administrative wing of the palace, she had many questions and was hoping for answers.

Moore raised an eyebrow and followed Vanidha out. As they moved through the corridors he couldn't help but wonder what she had planned.

Vanidha requested access to the Empress, which was granted without delay. Rina Meridhia had been waiting for Andrew anyway.

"Come in, it is almost time for you to resume your voyage", the Empress told him.

"Is it true he'll be travelling to the stars?" Vanidha asked.

The Empress frowned. "What stories have you told her?"

Moore stepped forward, "She asked about a ship coming to get me and I assumed you had told her," he replied honestly, "I expounded on that a bit more than I should have."

The Empress sighed. "Vanidha, I have more power at my disposal than I've considered wise to show the people, for many reasons. You must not discuss this with anyone else, and I will deny it if you do. This world must develop steadily, and we do not want unrest."

Vanidha nodded. She understood it was good to have reserves. During her most recent assignment, the tribal chieftain styling himself king had become much more amicable once the power of teleportation had been demonstrated. That had made negotiations a lot simpler. The client state, she figured, could be absorbed into the Empire in a matter of decades.

"Now you, Mister Troublemaker", Rina continued. "You're lucky I've decided to let you go. We do have rooms without a view, in case you need reminding."

"I don't, in less than an hour you won't need to worry about me anyway," Moore replied with a bow of his head, "it honestly was just a mistake due to my misunderstanding how much she knew already," he added, "with your permission I'll go finish getting ready?"

"What else do you need?" Rina asked. "I can let you have a phaser, and an El-Aurian tricorder, if you can operate it. No personal shields, though. The ones I have are all in use by someone here."

Andrew shook his head, "That should do," he replied, "I do appreciate it. Hopefully in twenty four hours I'll be able to figure out what happened and fix it, you've been very gracious, but, I need to get home."

Rina nodded. "Yes, no matter how far away we go to explore, we need that connection with our home, the choice to go back. I understand." She smirked. "A few centuries, I'll be able to go home, too." She handed him a PADD. "This is the information you'll need, and the codes you'll require to pilot the gunboat." Command hadn't sent a fully-fledged starship, but instead a fast attack vessel with interstellar capability and the sensor suite of a tactical scout.

The Chief took the PADD and looked it over before nodding, "This will be perfect, thank you," he replied genuinely, "and again, you have my apologies for my slip up."

"Good luck", Rina said. Then she pressed a few buttons and he was beamed into the gunboat waiting in orbit.

"Well, Vanidha, now that you know a few more things, I think we'll have to find a new position for you where you can actually put that knowledge to good use", Rina started, her mind already on some re-organisation she would have to accomplish. "Saves me from involving anyone else..."
To Be Continued...

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