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Party Time
Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Stardate 962307.28
MD009 2100 hrs

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Past Parallels - These Are The Voyages Conclusion

Posted on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 4:02pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Makeba Brown
Edited on on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 4:38pm

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Johnson Space Center - Houston TX
Timeline: MD003 0300 hrs
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Last Time On These Are The Voyages

Kat sat in silence for a good five minutes as she thought long and hard about all of this. She was torn but if there was even a small amount of truth to this she had to help. "Alright I will help but you will have to follow my lead the whole way. Reg go get that Makeba woman and have her come here. I am going to get us a flight out at around 0300."

Tyler simply smiled That's my girl... he thought.

"Ill get her." Reg said. As he left to get her, little did he know that his life would change from this as well. For NASA needed counselors for the Mars program.

And Now For The Conclusion

May 30 2018 0300 hrs (relative time)

Katherine used her contacts through NASA to charter a flight from Oklahoma to her office in Houston TX. As far as anyone knew Tyler and Makeba were special consultants on the perspective Mars project. The three plotted their moves during the flight.

"Now I want the two of you to listen and listen but good. You have to act as I tell you, do what I tell you and touch nothing. As I am sure you are no doubt aware the damage to the timeline could be immense. Also, I love my job and I do not intend to lose it for two people who may wind up being wackadoos." Katherine was not happy to be helping, but at least for now she believed the two of them.

"Kat, I know what I am about to say is hard to understand but you have to try. For some reason stuck in my head there are two of me, or at least I think there are two of me..." Tyler began to speak and was quickly interrupted by Makeba "See he's the crazy one, should have left his a$# in the mental hospital." Tyler simply rolled his eyes at Makeba's comment and continued. "There is the Tyler who is from the 24th century and commands a starship, and the Tyler who is from the 21st century and met you working for NASA."

Katherine Malbrooke's jaw dropped. She had never spoken to this man who claimed to be her husband about her real husband. However, the statement solidified what he had said a day earlier about being of two minds. "Listen both of you if you want this to work you are both going to have to work together or neither of you will get out of here." Katherine spoke and reeled on Makeba. "As for you if you don't shut the f*@k up I will beat the snot of you and leave you here as a terrorist. Is that understood?"

Makeba made like she was going to speak again but saved her tongue. Katherine had the right of the situation and as far as Makeba could tell there was not much to do except go along for the ride. There will be time to get him back when this is all said and done. she thought.

Johnson Space Center Houston TX

Surprisingly enough Kat was able to get the three of them through security with little to no challenge. It seemed being one of the lead engineers on the Mars project had it's privileges.

It wasn't until they got to the experimental department that she was challenged. "Dr Malbrooke you know visitors are not allowed past this point." A police officer stood between the group and their goal. "Listen officer Stuki these are two of the foremost specialists in their field they are on loan from Cern and have limited time here. It is for this reason that I brought them here now." Katherine put on her most pleading yet official face.

The officer placed his hands on his hips. "When is their flight out?" he asked. "In about three hours they return to Cern. On top of all of that their data is crucial to the success of the Mars project." Officer Stuki pondered the nature of the situation and the risk. The other two doctors did not look like they presented a threat. He sighed deeply "Alright Doc you have two hours any more than that and there will be problems." Katherine smiled and kissed the officer on the cheek.

She led them to the engineering labs where an engine sat trussed up and ready for testing. "I hope the two of you know a little about aeronautics. This little baby is what is going to get us to Mars." Katherine beamed she was immensely proud of this engine.

"I hate to burst your bubble darlin but if this plan is going to work this engine will cease to exist. We are going to have to use it to detonate the radio telescopes as they are sending a signal. That would be the only way to open the rift and get us through. My best projections show this thing going boom as we go through." Makeba spoke with a lot of sarcasm, it was clear that the women did not like each other.

Katherine was about to protest when Tyler interrupted her. He placed a fair amount of data into NASA's computers, Prime Directive be damned he thought. "Kat do not worry, I have given you and NASA enough information to keep you all busy for some time. Also it will look like an accident during testing. If all goes exceptionally well you will make contact with an alien race shortly after we leave."

Katherine ran to Tyler and hugged him, she knew that he had just made her career. Her head reeled and she was not sure exactly who did it, her husband or this other Tyler. For Katherine Malbrooke it did not matter. All that mattered was that very soon she would have her husband back and their life would be back on track. She embraced him and kissed him deeply.

Makeba cleared her throat as she stood at the telescope control system. "I would hate to break this touching moment up but if we are going to do this we have exactly five minutes to get it done or the window closes."

For the first time since meeting Makeba, Tyler knew that she had the right of it. "Kat I need you to go now. We do not know what this going to do, it might simply explode. On the other hand if it works I want you to be as far from here as possible. This way you cannot be held responsible."

Kat kissed him madly, passionately and in that moment she knew that he was not the same person. There was a confidence of purpose that was not normally there. Something she hoped her Tyler would retain. When the kiss broke she ran from the room.

Tyler turned to Makeba "Listen if this is going to work it has to be timed just right we are going to have to work together. Friends?" He thrust his hand out as he spoke. "Friends... For now..." Makeba replied as she took the hand. "For now... Set the telescopes to aim for the sun and I will set the refractory for the engine." Tyler spoke and the tone in his voice as well as his mannerisms had the look and feel of a Starfleet Captain again.

Within minutes the everything was in place. "Alright sir, standby everything is in place and here comes the final card." Makeba spoke as the last factor in their equation the moon came into play. At that moment there was a lunar eclipse which intensified the rays from the sun briefly. Makeba and Tyler and programmed the radio telescope system to broadcast these waves directly into the engine. The engine was then fired up and in theory a portal back through time and space would open up.

Thus far everything was working the rays were in the engine. "The engine is ready now sir" Makeba called out as the equipment made a high pitched squeal. "It is going to explode..." she shouted. "Hold on we need a build up in the firing chamber. Engage on my mark... Three... Two... One... Engage!" Tyler called out and Makeba responded by firing the engine.

Out of the exhaust port for this engine shot a bluish, white beam of energy. It lit up the darkness of the room. Both Tyler and Makeba were now keenly aware that it was now or never. The Space Center Security would surely see this now. The beam coalesced into a small disc of light, which began to expand into a portal. "It is working..." Makeba shouted and moments later the portal was at full strength.

"The engine is going to blow if we do not go now." Tyler shouted. Makeba nodded and took Tyler's hand the two enemies stepped into the portal and into time...
Tyler Malbrooke's Journey Continues In "The Other Side of The Coin"

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