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Outstanding Executive Officer Award

This award recognizes the efforts put forth by a Executive Officer; as recognized by his/her fellow crew members, and Commanding Officer.

A reason for the nomination must be submitted in writing. Evaluation and awarding of this award is decided by the rest of the command team, save for the XO.

Category: In character
Awarded: 2 times

Major Cornelius Tremble
Mon Jan 2nd, 2023 @ 11:56pm
I would like to make this nomination to our outstanding Major Cornelius Tremble. He probably thinks he doesn't deserve this award, but I am sorry, Major, I disagree. Your input and effort in your function since the day you took up the position has been top notch. You have ideas, your are very involved in all the intricacies of this ship and it's crew. You are honest yet open and even if you think you failed because of our shortcomings as the crew, you haven't, they are our shortcomings and you did what you should as an executive officer and some of us, myself included, may have come over as not interested due to our inactivity, but from my personal experience, this is not the case. Please continue what you're doing and thank you for being our first officer.

Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 3:20am
"Cmdr Quinn O Flannigan took charge of the ship and kept a difficult and intricate plot running when the Captain was away on LOA. He is always available when needed and offers up interesting plot twists for my department. As a member of the community Quinn is active on the ship's Discord and checks in on everyone."
-Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil-

"Always gives good posts to work with, not to long, not to wordy but very descriptive and effective. His descriptive writing helps to set the stage and really makes me envision where my character is. It is also refreshing to see someone play an XO who is not like Riker or Chackotay."
-Gunnery Sergeant Wilhelmina Wilson-

"I have been simming for nigh on twenty years. In that time I have worked with and under many XOs and I have to say that Quinn O Flannigan is a rare find. Like XOs of Trek fame he keeps my mind on the path of the sim. I am an idea man and as such I will often have a stroke of brilliance during a mission. I can always rely on Quinn to either make it so, or show me that it will derail the whole mission. When my mother passed I was a wreck. Quinn made sure that the Pioneer was still here for me when I got back and was ready to sim. Not only that he made sure to check up on me on a personal level. It can be very hard to be the power behind the throne as it were, and Quinn handles it with aplomb. Once more I know that I am a very hard person to work with and he keeps me in check by simply being a sounding board, and allowing me to bounce all of these ideas off of him. I have been through a few XO's since starting the Pioneer, and I truly believe that there is none better than the one I have."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-