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New Direction

Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2023 @ 8:51am by Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anzhelina Walker
Edited on on Wed Dec 13th, 2023 @ 7:24pm

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Mission: Episode 15 - The Evil That Lies Beneath
Location: Chief Flight Officer's Office - Deck 9 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 1130 hrs

Anzhelina adjusted her uniform, pressed the door chime and waited.

Michael went to the door and pressed the 'open' button on the panel.

"Lieutenant Anzhelina Walker reporting for duty." The flight officer said after entering.

"Come in, please. Pleasure to meet you." He extended his hand. Michael pointed to his desk. "Please, have a seat." He moved to the chair behind the desk.

"Thank you, sir." Anzhelina said, shaking his hand before taking the offered seat.

Michael held a PADD in his hand. "So, Lieutenant, why are you here? Do you feel you have the experience to be in my section?"

"I'm an accomplished pilot, I graduated 2nd in my class at the Academy." Anzhelina said. "Before that I had over 15 years' experience piloting anything from shuttles to heavy freighters in the private sector, sir."

Michael looked over the PADD again. "I've been looking for someone to be my assistant chief for a long time, but you'll be on a trial basis. You screw up, your out, understand?"

"Understood, sir." Anzhelina said and thank you for the opportunity."

Michael leaned back in his chair. "I'm sorry for coming down on you. Between duty and personal issues, I've haven't been in the best of moods. My fiancé and I just adopted a Bajoran baby girl while we were on Bajor. And trying to take care of them, plus pilot the ship, almost became too much for me." He looked at her. "I'm sure you'll do fine here. Again," he stood and extended his right hand, "congratulations."

"Thank you, Sir." Anzhelina said. "An congratulations on your new child. Its a good thing you're doing adopting her, growing up in child services isn't fun. I was put in there after my parents were killed and my grandmother was arrested."

"I'm sorry to hear that. But it seems you made the most of it and graduated from the Academy." Paul checked his PADD. "Your first shift will be tomorrow at 0500 hours. I'll make sure you get plenty of prime time on the bridge and any away missions."

"Understood, Sir." Anzhelina said.

"Anything you don't understand, and I doubt that there will be anything you don't understand. come to me." He looked at her. "If there's nothing else, dismissed."

"Thank you, sir." Anzhelina said. "I look forward to getting to know the Pioneer and her crew better."

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Anzhelina Walker
Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Lieutenant Paul Michael
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer


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