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Friends From Home

Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2023 @ 8:15pm by Michael Taggart & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anzhelina Walker & Petty Officer 1st Class Nina Lawson & 1st Lieutenant Edward O'Rourke
Edited on on Thu Nov 16th, 2023 @ 8:31pm

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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: The White Stag Pub - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD011 1800 hrs

USS Nova Scotia arrived at Starbase 50.

Lieutenant JG Anzelina Walker's last duty aboard the vessel was to pilot it to its Docking Pylon.

Once that was done, Captain Ryland said. "Lieutenant Walker, join me in my Ready Room, please."

"Aye, sir." Anzhelina said and followed him into the Ready Room.

Once inside, Ryland said. "Anzhelina, take a seat."

Anzhelina did so.

"I know we've had our differences of opinion in the past, but when it comes to piloting you're one of the best of ever seen." Ryland said.

"Thank you, sir." Anzhelina said.

"Since you're leaving for the Pioneer, I'd like you to do me a favour, the son of one of my oldest friends, Seamus O'Rourke. 1st Lieutenant Edward O'Rourke is a good Marine, but he has a habit of getting distracted."

"And you want me to keep him distracted long enough to get him where he needs to go?" Anzhelina said.

"Yes." Ryland said.

"Okay, so where does the Lieutenant need to go?"

"Marine country, eventually, but his sister is CMO of the Pioneer, so he'd probably want to see her first."

"Very well, sir." Anzhelina said. "So, where do I meet him?"

"At the airlock." Ryland replied.

"I'll just pick up my gear from my quarters and meet him there." She said standing. "I assume, I'm dismissed?" She asked.

"Yes, good luck, Anzhelina."

"Thank you, sir." She said and left the room.

10 minutes later at the Airlock

With her 'go bag' over she approached the rather attractive Marine waiting there. "1st Lieutenant O'Rourke?" She asked.

"Yes." He said giving her the once over.

"I'm Lieutenant Anzhelina Walker, I'm here to make sure you get where you're going."

"Well, aren't I lucky to have such a beautiful escort." Edward said.

"Don't get any ideas." Anzhelina said. "I know what you Marines are like."

"Its all rumours, vicious rumours." Edward said. "We're really quite down to Earth. I for one am a Combat Engineer, I build things."

"Is that the infamous Marine charm, I'd heard so much about?" Anzhelina asked.

"No, Its Irish charm." Edward said with a smile.

"Bozhe miy (My God)" Anzhelina said exasperatedly. "Should we go, Mr. Irishman? She asked.

"Lead the way, Princess." Edward replied.

Anzhelina sighed and led the way to the Pioneer's berth.

"So, Princess, what's your story?" Edward asked.

"I'm an orphan, both my parents and my grandfather were killed in a shuttle crash orchestrated by the Orion Syndicate Barisa Prime apparently my family wouldn't pay protection for the mining company we owned, and it was an example to others who wouldn't pay." Anzhelina paused a moment. "Apparently someone later made an example of them, by assassinating several Crime Lords and disrupting their operation. I'm pretty sure my grandmother was involved in the Syndicate's bad luck, She was always one for vengeance."

Edward swallowed hard, before regaining his composure.

"Is that enough, Mr. Irishman, or do you want to know more?" Anzhelina asked.

"You're grandmother took on Syndicate?" Edward asked.

"Yeah, its kind of her thing, she was, if the stories are to true, she was a mercenary, assassin and smuggler, so I think she could handle the Syndicate."

Edward wasn't sure if he was afraid or intrigued by this woman and her grandmother. He chose for the moment to keep his mouth shut.

Elsewhere on the Starbase

"Eeh by Gum this place is 'uge." Nina said to herself. "Ow does anyone find owt in this place?"

She could smell the mixture of food smells and her stomach growled.

"Aye, I'll get some snap." She told her stomach. "A chip butty, wit' brown sauce would be reyt nice."

She spotted a Pub named 'The White Stag'. "It's probably owned by a Scot, wha' t' 'eck." She said before entering.

With the arrival of the Pioneer his pub had been packed every day. Today was no different and Mickey loved every minute of it. Over the past couple of days he had gotten to know most of the people who would come to frequent the pub and great toasts and comraderie was had. However, the new arrivals were people he did not recognize. "Welcome to de White Stag. Pull up a stool and tell me what it be. I am Mickey Taggart and dis be me home."

"Ey up, Mickey." Nina said. "I'm Nina Lawson, can I get some snap or, umm grub?"

"Ach Lass ye be after me own heart. What'll be? Anyting for a fetching lass from back home." Mickey smiled and tossed his bar rag on his shoulder. He motioned toward an empty stool that was right in front of him.

"I've a hankering for a chip butty, wit brown sauce, and cupa." Nina said. "And it's reyt nice to hear summit close t' ma mother tongue." "Even if it does come from a Scot." She teased.

Mickey laughed and put the woman's order in. "You know we come from da better isle. Tis true, and has been true for centuries. But you Irish are better friends den the English. I will say that." He began to set out a silver server with a silver tea set upon it. "Now ye gonna have ta wait a bit for everything. I would not give ye dat replicated crap. A right good cuppa deserves a steaming kettle."

"I'm afraid I'm not Irish, I'm from Yorkshire, but I have a similar opinion of those Southerners." Nina said. "They runaround like they own the place."

"Ah a Yorkshire lass. It has been some time since I have heard that accent. How long has it been since ye been back to our beloved isles?" Mickey poured the tea as he spoke. He loved talking to all of his customers. However, he loved talking with people from his home area best.

"Yes, I was born on Betazed, but when my parents divorced, I grew up mostly in my father's family home in Yorkshire near Sheffield." Nina said. "I enjoyed Yorkshire more than my mother's estate on Betazed, and I view myself as a Yorkshire lass." She added.

"Well den allow me ta say welcome home. For the White Stag is a little piece of the Isles all the way out here. If ya need anything just ask." Mickey said with a smile then turned to address another customer briefly.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Anzhelina Walker
Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

First Lieutenant Edward O'Rourke
Combat Engineer, The Cure
USS Pioneer

Michael 'Mickey' Taggart
Owner, The White Stag Pub
Poseidon Station

Petty Officer First Class Nina Lawson
Counselor's Aide, USS Pioneer


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