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Beach Blanket Bingo

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2023 @ 1:18pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Fathom Fellini & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaylara Loran & Petty Officer 1st Class Kimba Rossi & Helena Moreno
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Beach 4687D - Planet Alcar
Timeline: MD005 11:00 hrs.


A time was set for Helena, Kaylara, and anyone who was interested, to join them on the planet for a beach party. The day would be clear and not too hot, which made it perfect. They chose mid-morning so it wouldn't be too crowded and brought everything they'd need for a day at the beach.

Kaylara volunteered to bring the drinks to be sure there were plenty of non-alcoholic varieties. Just for fun, she wore a dark green swimsuit that complemented her own green skin tones and a pair of shorts and lightweight shoes that matched. She found a good spot well above the high water mark and set up a canopy and large blanket and set her cooler at the back before going down to check the water temperature.

Next to beam down was Thex who had decided to bring two kegs of Andorian ale. She had chosen a swimsuit that matched her blue skin. Only hers was made from a bikini top and boy shorts though she had some black and red fins clipped around her waist. Giving a warm smiling to Kaylara the Andorian asked. " Hello there your Kaylara I take it? Where do you want these?" she said her antenna gesturing to the kegs on her shoulders.

"I am." Kaylara smiled. "There's a canopy and blanket above the high water mark. You can put them there." She indicated a bright green one that was closest to them. "Glad you could make it."

" Happy to be here. The water looks lovely." Thex replied gesturing to the ocean.

"It does. I'm on my way to check it out," Kaylara said. But before she could take more than two steps, someone else beamed down.

Fathom materialized a few feet away. She wore a deep purple one-piece suit with an open, long-sleeved shirt that hung to her mid-thigh. "Hi. I'm Fathom. Thanks for arranging this. I love beach parties." She smiled. "I brought sandwiches for later." She held up a cooler with a sheaf of papers on top. "Where do you want me to put it?"

"Welcome." Kaylara indicated where the canopy was. "We're up there."

"Thanks." Fathom said before taking her cooler up to the blanket. She hadn't been in an ocean in a while and was looking forward to it.

Kimba and Helena beamed down together. Kimba red bikini with a pale blue sarong wrapped around her waist, and a straw hat on her head.

Her bag contained some water and a medkit.

Helena wore a dark blue one-piece swimsuit covered with a t-shirt and a sunhat.

Kimba approached Kaylara. "You must be Kaylara, I'm glad Helena was able to make a new friend. I'm Kimba and I'll be this party's medic."

Kaylara smiled at Helena before responding. "Yes. She helped me pick out some books to read. I'm glad you could make it. I've got a spot set up where we can get out of the sun if we need it. We're putting the food and drinks up there. I hope we won't need a medic, but it's nice you're here, just in case."

Kimba went off to get things settled.

"Hi Kaylara." Helena said. "Thanks for planning everything, this is going to fun."

"I'm happy to do it. Besides, it's an excuse to get to the beach for a party." She smiled at her friend. "I have lots of non-alcoholic drinks, too." Kaylara hadn't forgotten the conversation they had earlier about concerts in bars.

"Cool, I hope there's some root beer, that's my favourite." Helena said with a smile. "I invited my mother along, but she was busy." She added a little sadly.

"I imagine she is. I'm sure a number of crew will take advantage of shore leave to get caught up with medical." Kaylara paused for a moment, thinking over what she brought. "I think I have root beer. I replicated a variety of soft drinks and juices."

Fathom came back down from their picnic site and smiled at Helena. "Hi. I don't think we've met. I'm Fathom."

"Nice to meet you, Fathom, I'm Helena. What do you do on the Pioneer?" Helena asked.

"I'm a Marine Biologist. I study the plants and creatures in the ocean. What do you do, Helena?" She'd looked up what was native, and what they'd likely find in the area and was curious to see if there were any tide pools nearby.

"That sounds cool." Helena said. "I'm a student and biology is one of my favourite subjects."

"Biology is a great subject," Fathom agreed. "There are so many areas to choose from."

" Speaking of the ocean does anyone know how deep it goes around here? I'm Thex by the way." The Andorian said overhearing the two's conversation.

"Hi, Thex," Fathom said. "It depends on where you're talking. There's a gradual decline in the ocean floor for about thirty feet, then it drops off." It made the beach a great location for swimming and snorkeling without going out too far.

"And how deep is the drop-off?" Thex added.

"At thirty feet out, the water is about twelve feet deep, then it drops to fifty, more or less," Fathom said. "I have some maps up by the food. I like to know what's in the ocean around me."

" Nice. I'd like to take a look at the maps wouldn't mind giving my diving abilities a test." The blue girl replied with a smile.

"Help yourself," Fathom said, smiling back. "They're on top of the container with the sandwiches. But if you want some real diving, there are boats you can get that'll take a team out to the best diving spots."

"Hi, Thex, I love your swimsuit." Helena said. "I'm Helena."

"Thanks." Thex said giving a twirl on the spot. "It's nice to meet you, Helena."

"You too, Thex." Helena said. "Have you met Azure?" She asked. "She sometimes works with my mother in Sickbay."

" We've met. She seems like a well-minded and skilled Marine." Thex replied.

"Good, I like her too." Helena said. "Thex, are you a Marine too?" She asked.

"No, I'm the Operations Chief. " Thex responded.

"Interesting," Hermia said. "You're in charge of distributing resources on the ship, right?"

"Basically yes." the ship's sapphire girl replied. " Everything from the post, cargo and making sure the emergency rations are still in date. Basically, anything that keeps the day-to-day of the ship running."

"Cool, maybe I can help out some time, I love organising things." Helena said.

"Always willing to help people learn how to keep the ship running." Thex replied as her blue eyes looked out towards the water. " You know how to dive Helena? " She enquired.

"I've been diving with a mask and snorkel." Helena replied. "My grandmother took me."

"Neat. I learned how to free dive myself." Thex responded looking as a few of the party had already headed for the ocean.

"I'll grab my diving gear and meet you at the water." Helena said.

While Helena was talking with Thex, Kimba made her way to the water's edge. She kicked off her sandals, took off her sarong and stepped into the water. The water was warm, but refreshing and she felt the tension melt away.

Seeing Kimba head for the water, Fathom decided it was a good time for her to check out the ocean, too. She waded a foot into the water and began to walk along the shore to look for tide pools. She only planned to go a short distance, then go back the other way, but she'd gone fifty feet before she realized it and turned back.

As she walked, Fathom paid attention to the sand crabs and seaweed that washed up with each wave. She really needed to take some time to go diving while they were here.

Kaylara checked the canopy and decided she, too, was going to check out the water. She waved to Helena and Thex as she made her way to the ocean's edge.

Kimba felt something brush by her foot. She looked down and saw a rainbow coloured fish. The nurse smiled as another fish swam up to her and she surrounded by a school of fish.

Kaylara went out until it was deep enough, then began to swim parallel to the shore. She wanted to get a feel for the tide and enjoy a brief swim before checking to see how the others were doing.

It took longer than expected to take a good look at the beach, but to Fathom it was worth it. She had a nice collection of intact shells and had rescued several creatures trapped in tide pools. Now, she headed back to the blanket for a short rest and a sandwich.

She met Kaylara heading in the same direction. "How is the water?" she asked the Romulan.

"It's wonderful. I haven't been swimming in a long time."

"Me, either. I'm heading up for a sandwich and a short break, then I'm going to try the water myself," Fathom said, falling in step beside the other woman.

Kimba joined the two women. "Fathom, I found a school of beautiful fish, well, they found me. I think they came to check me out.

Fathom turned to her and grinned. "That's wonderful. Not many people can say that fish came up to see them."

Thex waited at the water's edge doing the breathing exercises she learned. The water looked so inviting.

Helena came back carrying her mask and snorkel in one and her flippers in the other. "I'm ready when you are, Thex."

Thex nodded as she attached her own flippers from her belt. " Let's do this." She said as she slowly walked into the water taking a breath as she did so. She opened her eyes as they adjusted to the new environment and the beautiful clear waters below her. Looking back, she checked that Helena was behind her.

Helena waddled in her flippers to the water's edge, dipped her mask in the water to clear it, before putting it on.

She then began to wade into the water.


Helena Moreno
Child, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer First Class Kimba Rossi
Nurse, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Fathom Fellini
Marine Biologist, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer First Class Kaylara Loran
Data Systems Analyst, USS Pioneer


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