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No Rest for the Wicked

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2023 @ 6:54am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Major Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Thu Jun 1st, 2023 @ 8:35pm

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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Captains Ready Room - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1030 hrs

Neil strode Pioneer’s corridor. Another day in the books. He was scheduled for another bridge shift in four hours he had enough time to bother Tyler. With the new crew additions and there was even more to do than normal.

Not to mention the Brigadier and his balls.

Stepping onto the bridge, he acknowledged the officers standing watch and ran his eyes over the various consoles making sure nothing was out of sorts, then he stepped up to the door to Tyler’s Ready room and it opened at his presence.

He was expected.

"Morning Neil come on in and have a seat. I was just going over the crew transfer requests and the latest from Poseidon Station. What can I do you for?" Tyler had heard rumblings of things happening within the Corps. However, he was not too sure. He hoped that this visit was not about some competitve streak that Tremble may have. He wanted the crew, which included the Cure to have legitamate leave. Not compete with another unit.

Slipping into the indicated seat, Neil slouched once the door had slid shut and grinned at Tyler. "First off, if I haven't said it, Congratulations on earning your Pennant, sir. Well deserved."

"Thanks Number One. Up until now it has been a field promotion of sorts. I still have to meet with Rear Admiral Rice to make it official. Unfortunately for me if he decides to he can revoke the field promotion." Tyler sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Shore Leave was on the way he had to let the stresses go, and besides this would most likely be the last leave before the baby. "How are your men? The Cure? I am sure they are excited for leave. Everyone knows that they have certainly deserved it."

"The Cure are mostly good to go. Some new demons to smooth over after that last mission, but shore leave should help there. Speaking of that: First off, once we dock you are cleared of all watch standing duties as I plan to run everyone and anyone who wants to through bridge officer training, to include getting senior staff up to speed for center chair duties."

Taking a breath, Neil grinned, "That's open for all stations. I noticed we've some senior officers that don't have the bridge time they should have and we owe it to their careers to make sure they have the opportunity. And you and I deserve to have some extra hands to carry the load. What do you think?"

"I think some training sessions for the junior officers mixed in with time off is prudent. Good call Number One. I heard that General Sobel is making the trip from Empok Nor to look in on the Marines aboard the station. I know his presence makes the hair on the back of your neck stand. So make sure you take time for yourself. Outside of the training there will be no need to have anyone staffed on the bridge. We are in safe harbor with Poseidon." Tyler grinned at his XO. This was a man who rarely took time for himself and was a private man. However, word aboard the Pioneer did indeed travel fast. "Besides I believe Lieutenant Jayna would love to see Aquil."

Casting a charry eye toward his CO, Neil nodded. "There will probably be time for something like that. The General was the first shoe to drop. Per his request, I am helping arrange a FMC Birthday Ball."

Neil pulled a gilt edged parchment envelope in FMC colors from his inner tunic and slid it across the desk to Tyler. "Oh yeah, and the General intends to Troop the Line for the Kingsmen prior to the ball kicking off. He called me last night and tagged me for the detail, so Pioneer's bridge will be skeletal."

"Well it seems that I am invited to the ball. I wonder if Poseidon has a tailor on board. I am going to have to find a gown to fit a pregnant woman." Tyler began with a smile. "It seems that the Corps like the Fleet likes to pick our time off to kick off events like this. I have meetings scheduled with Admiral Rice. Time off means nothing to some people. As of right now I would like all of our people to stay out of the way here. Whatever happens let the crew of the station here deal with it. Is there anything you would like me to include in my request for repair and resupply?"

"Let the crew of the station handle things, aye aye sir. Until we need to pull their collective fat out of the fire, of course." Neil knew he was an elitist. There was nothing wrong with that as long as you were the best.

Spreading his hands, he said "We should be good on all fronts as far as beans and bullets go, sir. I'm pushing back some of the routine things to give as many people time off as possible. With us landed, I am going to seed a few passive surveillance drones around the perimeter and within the ship, just in case an unauthorized party comes sight seeing."

"Sounds good. But remember that once the ship is down security of this vessel falls to Poseidon's Security Chief. Who from what I have heard is a rather large surly Klingon formly of the Klingon Marines. Just make sure that Ja'sol coordinates with him and I guess stay out of his way as well." Tyler laughed a bit at his own joke. "The only real duties that we should have while here is clearing everyone for Bridge duty as needed and onboarding our new crew. Speaking of we are due to receive a new Chief Counselor. She is Deltan so please make sure that Commander O'Rourke is aware of the Counselor's celibacy in particular when it comes to medical treatment etc."

"I'm guessing Hermia already knows, but I'll make sure to flag the Counselor's file, Neil said. "As to the ship's security, I'll keep my touch light. Officially, those drones need more field testing anyway. No fire team at the gangway. No QRF. Just seems odd to trust in someone I don't know to guard the ship...if the Klingon drops the ball, I don't care how surly he is, I'll have his guts for garters."

Sighing, Neil leaned back and said, "Any plans for shore leave other than glad handing Admirals? I haven't had much time to see what might be available for a get away, although after all is said in done a sensory deprivation chamber might be in order."

"Going to take a stroll around the station. It is going to be nice to see a place that isn't Empok Nor. I amy even get down to Aquil to have a swim and meet the natives. You know some of the people there live in undersea cities. Must me a sight for sore eyes. Should be a relaxing week or so. Hopefully the fleet will not come up with anything to inturrupt us. What about you? Are you going to take a break for a change?" Tyler respected his XO for his work ethic. However, the man needed a vacation once in a while.

"I'm going to shoot for at least a forty eight hour leave ticket," Neil confirmed finally. "Looking at the schedules, it might-should work out."

Then he had a thought and verbalized it. " I probably need to remember to flag Medical/Counseling if any of the crew that were apart of Crimson Tide go planet side here, they could have issues." Meeting Tyler's eyes, he said, "That might be an issue for Jayna. Think I'll let her dictate activities."

Then he grinned, "That almost sounded like an old married man comment."

"Indeed it did. She is going to make an honest man out of you yet." Tyler laughed. "You are right about the effect the water may have on those officers. However, we cannot dictate anything for them. If they want to go to the planet than we have to allow them. It could help just as much as it can harm. If they need us we just have to be there to help when they come back."

"Aye aye, sir," Neil remarked. "I just like to try and anticipate problems. It makes the real surprises that come up easier."

Then he grinned. "Maybe. And maybe I do need more time off."

"Well then I suggest you get to it, then get to the business of relaxation." Tyler smiled and then turned back over his shoulder as Neil left. "Oh, and that is an order."

Neil heard the order as he was about to exit the ready room and he said, "Aye aye, Commodore. Now I just have to convince life to let me actually get to it."

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