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Tis the Season

Posted on Mon Jan 2nd, 2023 @ 10:39pm by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke
Edited on on Mon Jan 2nd, 2023 @ 10:46pm

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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Malbrooke's Quarters - Deck 3 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 1830 hrs

Kathryn Malbrooke adjusted an ornament and stepped back. The tree was perfect. She'd decided to go with old-fashioned this year. A replicated pine tree with strings of popcorn and cranberries, twinkle lights. For Ty, she added miniature starship and space station ornaments. And, on the top, was a mini Pioneer.

On the table, she had a bowl of mixed fruit as she was frequently hungry, and a plate of cookies. She pulled out her book and sat by the bowl of fruit to nibble and admire the tree while she waited for Ty to come home.

It had always been said that a Captain never truly goes off duty. However, Tyler knew there was a point where you just had to leave the bridge and hope for the best. For him this was that time. The mission seemed to be going well although since the science team went missing it was now an all hands on deck to find them. He left Tremble in command on the bridge with orders to contact him with any status changes and headed for home.

Just the act of walking home put a bounce in his step. When he walked in and found his wife relaxed on the couch and a fully decorated Yule tree his smile broadened. "You know my love with everything that is going on I forgot. But you certainly know how to make the season." He leaned over and kissed her forehead and then kissed her lips.

She put a hand behind his neck and kissed him back. "You make the season." She nodded to the tree. "I thought a Starfleet theme would suit this year. Next year I plan to do an old-fashioned western theme." She set her book down and stood. "Can I replicate a drink for you?" She knew how worried he was about the scientists and hoped to help him relax for a short while before he was needed again.

"A glass of egg nog would go a long way..." he smiled as he kicked off his boots and took a seat. "...It has been one hell of a few days. I have some people missing and half the crew down on that planet searching for them. Add to that, that we are not even sure if these Jutrai can be trusted or what? Its damn frustrating."

Kat shook her head as she got up to get them both some eggnog. "You can't trust them until you figure out what's going on and get your people back. How much help have they given you since we arrived?" She replicated one eggnog with alcohol for Ty and one without for herself. Even though it was synthehol, she wasn't going to take any chances. She also replicated a plate of gingerbread cookies and took them all to the table.

Tyler smirked at his wife, there was never a moment that he did not find the women sexy. "The commander of their defense forces, General Tivau has been extremely helpful and according to Ja'Sol she is a formidable ally. However, outside of that there has been nothing. Tivau has mobilized the Jutrai military in an effort to find Alyssa and her team. It seems like they have disappeared into thin air. At least they have a Marine with them to help out if needed." He took a cookie, and sipped the nog as he kicked off his boots. "But that is enough about the craziness that is this ship. What does Doc O'Rourke say about the baby." He reached out and gently touched his wife's stomach and the baby that was within.

There was something kinda sexy about Ty touching her baby bump. "The baby is fine and growing well. I've started a water aerobics class. I'm told I can opt for a water birth, but I don't think I'm ready to go that route." She was content to go with a hypospray and a traditional birth.

"Well whatever you choose I will support you one hundred percent. I often wonder if the crew of this ship is ready for a mini Captain to run around. How will the water aerobics help?" When it came to the medical parts of pregnancy Tyler would never admit that he knew nothing, but he knew nothing.

"It's a form of exercise that puts less strain on the fetus. A water birth is also supposed to put less strain on both the mother and the baby. I've watched a few videos, but I'm not sure about the water birth yet. I want you to see them, too, and give me your opinion." She grinned. "The aerobics are fun, though."

"I would be happy to watch them and learn. Right after this holiday season and this mission. I have a lot of people out there..." Tyler's voice trailed off as his thoughts ran back to everyone who was on the planet at the moment. There was a part of him that felt like he betrayed his crew by sitting there relaxing with his wife. Instead of waiting for their return on the bridge. Like most men he pushed his emotions deep down and managed a smile. "So, what does a guy get a lady who has everything?"

"You." She'd noticed the momentary stillness and figured he was thinking about his crew. It was the mark of a good captain. Kat put her hand over his. "There will be time for videos and thinking about where the baby will be born later. Right now, you need a hot meal and a little relaxation. Even the best captains can't be constantly on the go."

A home cooked meal would go over well right now. Tyler did not realize how hungry he was until she mentioned food. "What do you say to some venison, with brussels sprouts and some mashed potatoes. That would hit the spot right now. If those vittles meet with your approval I will jump in the shower and meet you in the kitchen."

She gave him another kiss. "You hit the shower and I'll hit the replicator." She entered in the meals. At the last minute, her stomach said no to the brussels sprouts, so she substituted a salad. She was still getting used to her stomach demanding food at odd hours--or refusing food at others.

Tyler enjoyed the sonic shower it felt like the first shower he had in years. Despite everything that had been going on with the ship and crew Tyler truly felt at home. He stepped out of the shower and put on some jeans and a flannel shirt. When he came out to the dining area he saw the spread. "You sure do know how to make a cowboy at home." He smiled as he took a seat and poured a cider for he and his wife. Alcoholic for him and non alcoholic for her.

"Nobody thinks to pamper the captain." She grinned as she raised her glass of cider in a toast. "I'm happy to take on that particular responsibility." It was nice to see him relax for a few minutes. With the problems on the planet, she wasn't sure how long she'd have him to herself before he was called away. "And maybe there'll be time for Clint Eastwood afterwards. I wonder if he ever did a Christmas-themed western."

"I don't think Eastwood did a Christmas-themed western. But the greatest Christmas western is of course Christmas Mountain. I think we should give that a watch, and then the journey of Eastwood with a Nun in Two Mules for Sister Sara." He took a sip and then a bite. When he swallowed. "All in all this should be one of the best Christmas Eves. Thanks babe."

"I was thinking of an episode of Rawhide, but those sound perfect. Why don't you get the movies ready and I'll clean up and get dessert. How about chocolate mousse?"

"That sounds amazing." Tyler smiled as he went to set up their western movie marathon. He was always amazed by his wife. Tyler truly found a soulmate in Kat, and now she was beginning to show her pregnancy it only served to make Tyler love her even more.

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