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Science to Science

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 5:09am by Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren & Lieutenant Teneca Quinn & Lieutenant Junior Grade Davud Karimi
Edited on on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 5:30am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Empok Nor - Science Department
Timeline: MD007 1102 hrs

Alyssa arrived on Empok Nor several days before she was to join the Pioneer. It gave her time to look around the station--especially at the arboretum. She decided it was also a good opportunity to meet the head of the station's science department.

She made sure Lieutenant Quinn was in her office and went to say hello.

Teneca was analysing the results of her latest test. She was working on a new composite material that was light weight and resistant to high temperatures and pressure. When a newcomer entered her department.

Saving her work, she left her office to meet them. "Hi, I'm Lieutenant Quinn, this Boss around here, is there anything I can help you with?" She asked.

"Not exactly," Alyssa said, smiling at the other officer. "I'm Alyssa Maren. I'll be the new Chief Science Officer on the Pioneer, when it arrives. I'm a bit early, and I was wondering if you'd mind if I puttered around the science department while I'm here. Mostly, I want to have a look at what you're doing, if I may."

"Of course, in that case call me 'Teneca'." Teneca said. "I'm always happy to meet a fellow scientist."

"And you can call me Alyssa. I'm always looking for new ideas and new information. Curiosity seems to be a necessary quality for working in science." She grinned at the other woman. "I don't have the space you do, but I'm hoping to find something I can adapt."

"Well, Alyssa, I'm currently working on a new material that can withstand the forces within gas giants, so it can be used in the shells of probes." She said. "As I'm sure you know, conventional probes don't, even with shielding, are lucky to last more than a few minutes in that environment." Teneca explained. "I'm a materials chemist by trade, so it suits my skills."

"A worthy effort. I wish you success," Alyssa said. "My focus is history, archaeology and anthropology, so I focus on a different sort of exploration." That was another thing she loved about science, there were so many different specialities that there was room for a wide variety of interests.

"Interesting, take a look in storage, there might be some materials in there, that you could find useful in your work." Teneca said. "I'm sure not all dig sites are in nice climates."

Interest and curiosity sparked in Alyssa's eyes. "No, I spend a lot of time in less-than-hospitable climates. I will definitely take a look and see what you have. Thank you."

"No, problem, Alyssa." Teneca said.

Alyssa smiled. "What other projects are being worked on by science?" She was curious. With a station as large as Empok Nor, there had to be a number of scientific projects going on.

"Robotics are working on an autonomous drone to aid in planetary surveys. Botany and Biology are working on organisms to help clean up polluted or poisoned environment. Something that might interest you, Archaeology and anthropology are studying some artefacts from the First Hebitian Civilisation in conjunction with the Cardassian Archaeological Commission." Teneca told her.

"That does interest me. I'd love to see what artifacts they have, and what they make of it," Maren replied. "Actually, that may take up the rest of my time here. If you don't mind." She'd heard of the Hebitian Civilisation, but knew little else. It would be a good time to talk to the others and see what she could learn.

"Of course, I'll introduce you to Davud Karimi, he's head of Archaeology and Anthropology." Teneca said.

"I'd appreciate that," the other woman replied. She couldn't help smiling in anticipation.

Teneca smiled. "Right this way." She said and led the way to Davud's office.

"Lieutenant Alyssa Maren, let me introduce to you Lieutenant Davud Karimi." Teneca said indicating the handsome Persian man in Teal blue.

"A pleasure to meet you," Alyssa said politely. "I'm to be the new Chief Science Officer on the Pioneer. I'm also an archaeologist and historian. I'd like to see what you've been working on, if I may."

"And you." Davud said. "It would be my pleasure, I'm sure the Boss told you that we have some First Hebitian Civilisation artefacts. Are you aware of Hebitians?" He asked.

"Only that they existed," Alyssa admitted. "I'd like to hear more about them."

"The Hebitians were the ancestors of modern day Cardassians." Davud began. "We don't know much about their daily life as records are fragmented at best and the lack of resources on Cardassia Prime, meant that later civilisations would tear down past buildings to use the materials to build their own." He paused. "What we do have is some figurines made of salenite and ritualistic daggers with jevonite handles, and, blades made of serkium-bostium alloy." He told her.

"That's a fair amount to start with," Alyssa said. "There are a number of cultures that destroy evidence of their predecessors. Ancient Egypt on Earth is one of them. Each new dynasty had to asset its dominance by removing evidence of the ones that were out of favor." She shook her head. "I much prefer the Mesoamerican cultures. Many of them just buried a village or temple and built on top of it." Ancient Cardassia was not one of the areas she studied, but their history was interesting. "Are the Cardasians cooperating with your work?"

"Yes, they are cooperating. It seems the current regime are more interested in their past than prior regimes." Dauvd said. "They even gave us limited access to their historical archives."

Alyssa's eyes lit up. "Really? That's wonderful. I'm sure you have scientists from across the Federation begging for a chance to look them over. Understanding their past will go a long way towards understanding who they are and why."

"Yeah, the Daystrom Institute, Memory Alpha, and Science Ops are all sending representatives here." Davud replied.

She gave him a sympathetic smile. "I don't envy you that. Dealing with bureaucracy is never as much fun as the work itself."

"Indeed. Bureaucracy makes the galaxy go round, apparently." Davud replied.

Alyssa couldn't help chuckling. "They also say the galaxy is made up of large bodies of gas. I wonder if there's a corollary?"

"Perhaps, my father is a bureaucrat and he tends to create a lot of hot air, when he speaks." Davud said with a smile.

She chuckled. "I meant no offense to your father. In fact, I have several friends who are government officials and take their responsibilities seriously. I'm afraid I've met far too many who think they have a right to tell me and other scientists how to do their job." Especially when it came to preserving the past.

"No offense taken." Dauvd said. "A little power tends to go to some peoples' heads."

"Unfortunately." She had her share of them in the field. She shook her head. "It isn't limited to government, either. So, how large is the area you're currently working on?"

"The dig is 16 square metres." Dauvd said.

"That's not very big," she said. "Is it because there's nothing else there, or is this just the first place you've looked?" It would also depend on what they were allowed to do. It might be that the Cardassians only gave them a small space to see what they'd do with it.

"Its just a start, the Cardassians are giving us access on a trial basis." Davud replied. "Its annoying, but its better than nothing."

"From what Lieutenant Quinn said, you've already found some artefacts. I'm sure they'll take that as a positive sign and give you more access before long." It wouldn't be the first time, but Alyssa didn't doubt they'd soon have permission to do more.

"That's the hope." Davud said. "It took a lot of back and forth to achieve what we already have. Lieutenant Lamberti, our Chief of Intel, was a lot of help, she grew up on Cardassia Prime after being adopted by a Cardassian family, and was able to pull a few strings to help make this project a reality."

"That's great. It always helps to have someone from the culture to help you." It sounded like they had everything they needed to make this a success. "Would you mind showing me what you've found so far?"

"Sure." Davud said leading Alyssa to a table where the artefacts were being examined by some archaeology techs.

She stayed back far enough to be out of their way and watched them work for several minutes. Then she nodded and left the room. 'Thank you," she said to Davud.

"Not a problem, its always good to meet a fellow archaeologist." Davud said with a smile. "You're welcome to come and see any progress we make, while you're on the Station."

"I'll do that. Thank you." Alyssa smiled. "I'll let you get back to work. I think I'll take a look at the arboretum next." That could take her time, if she wanted to see everything.

"Enjoy your day." Davud said. "I'm no botanist, but they have some rare specimens."

Alyssa smiled. "Thanks, and thank you for your time!" She was no botanist, either, but she'd learned a lot during her time in Starfleet ans she was going to make the most of her time on the station.

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