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The Grand Tour

Posted on Wed Oct 20th, 2021 @ 4:13am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Chloe de la Vega
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Various USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD004 1300 hrs

Commander Miles stood in the Pioneers transporter room, awaiting guests. He fiddled with his uniform while he waited, slightly uncomfortable. After all he was a security officer by trade, his diplomacy skills were firing phasers.

He took a deep breath. "I'm acting XO now. Comes with the territory" he said to himself as he nodded to the transporter chief.

In a swirl of molecules two Jutrai materialized. One male and one female, they were both quite tall and resembled their Romulan brothers and sisters. Save for the fact that they both had white hair. The female's hair was long and hung to about her buttocks and was tied into a neat pony tail. The male had his hair in a typical Romulan style. He was first to speak. "Greetings I am Molek and this is Trina. We are from the Jutrai Diplomatic Council." Trina nodded her head when she was introduced.

"Greetings and welcome to the USS Pioneer." Larim said, nodding back. "I am Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles, Chief of security and acting Executive Officer. Its a pleasure to have you aboard." he said.

The two nodded in acknowledgement and stepped off the PADD. It was the first time that either of them had been on a Starfleet vessel. "Are your ships normally this stark?" Trina asked as she looked around the transporter room.

Meanwhile Jenn was in her office going through to data again when she got a notification on her console. She tapped on it and she saw it was from one of her security programs she was running on the intelligence vault. "Excuse me?" She said out loud. Who would even attempt this? Even if you were somehow able to crack to all the layers of coding, the system would still notify you and hack you back. So you must be a fool." She tapped a few codes. Well the codes weren't cracked, bu the system did it's job and had traced back the hacker.

She tapped her badge. "This is Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters to Commander Myles, could you come to my office immediately. This is a security emergency."

Larim winced. "I must apologize." Larim said. "Please excuse me." He motioned for the chief. "Secure your station and please escort our guests to after eleven." he said. He turned to his guests. "Thats our ships lounge. I'll meet you there shortly."

Molek and Trina exchanged a glance. The look was to say that if htis was their ship there would have been someone to handle that. However, this was a Terran ship not a Jutrai one so they would have to get used to somethings. Molek made motion to speak however, Trina stopped him as she was the more diplomatic one. "As you wish Commander. I am sure we can use with a refreshment. Perhaps they will have some Romulan Ale." She felt a tad slighted by the interruption however, she did not show it.

Larim, after making sure the Jutrai were being secorted, wasted no time in responding to the emergency. He entered to see the ships CIO seated at her console, looking rather frazzled. "I came as soon as I could." he said. "Whats up, Jenn?"

Jenn looked up to Larim and said in a serious tone, "I know you were showing around the Jutrai, but I wouldn't have disturbed you if it wasn't important. And it may involve our guest." She turned to her screen. "As you know one of my duties is to keep an eye on the intelligence. I got codes and security programs running down the clock and I get hourly updates as well as any attempt to get in to it. And an attempt was made just five minutes ago. The signal seems to be coming from the planet, but I wouldn't be a good hacker if I didn't know how hackers think. But I wouldn't want to exclude them out yet." She showed him the report. "There is no need to tell you the attempt was a failure of course."

"I had no doubt. I know your skills. But this is definitely troubling. " Larim began. "Spoofing the location definitely seems logical. Grab a padd to monitor I'd say. We can talk on the way to meet the Jutrai." He said

Jenn shrugged as she walked with Larim. "Well, there is not much to say, they didn't get very far, they attempted to gain access to the intelligence vault. I am still getting all the data, but I must say, the hacker wasn't that experienced, or it was made to look that way. It feels all to convenient for me for some reason."

"Very convienient too. what better place to hide than a ship scmoozing diplomats." he said, before they made it to the dors of after eleven. "Lets both keep our eys open." he added before they entered.

"Ambassadors, I apologize for the delay." Larim began. "May I introduce Staff warrant officer Masters, one of our senior officers." he said

Molek and Trina smiled at the newcomer. "Welcome the more the merrier..." Molek began in a jovial tone. "It is interesting to see so many different people serving and working together aboard this vessel. Definitely something different than what we are used to."

Jenn nodded and smiled. "Well, I am happy there a lot more people on the ship doing different. I don't need to worry about the warpcore when I am doing my thing, it's someone else's job. And everyone knows what they need to do. And they do it. It's a nice reassurance."

Molek nodded in agreement. "Forgive me, I was referring to different people from different walks of life, different races. Until recently my people have been quite secretive. So the idea of different races on the same ship is something that is new to us."

"Ah I see," said Jenn, "Well, forgive me for misunderstanding, I am so used to being around this crew I don't see other races anymore. But don't give up on all of your secretiveness. Somethings need to be kept under wraps, if you know what I mean right?"

Molek laughed. "Yes indeed, well said. I have read your database and if I understand the coloring of your uniforms correctly, you are an officer who keeps those secrets."

Larim just smiled and nodded. In order to let Jenn do her thing for a little bit. "And she's the best at it." He added, smiling. "And yes, Security is important. For secrets and personnel. Do you think so, Ambassador?"

"I would agree most definitely. However, it is the revealing of secrets that brings us together today. My cousins the Romulans have kept too many secrets for too long and it is time to come out from the shadows. We hope that now that the Romulan veil is lifted we can reunite with our cousins and show them what it means to enter the galactic stage." Molek spoke proudly of the ideals that he held dear. His words also rang of a tried and true politician.

Jenn smiled, "Yes, sir. But I also believe we can learn a lot from you too. As you said, revealing secrets is what brings us here today. Wouldn't it also be prudent we exchange some of those secrets then. As the intelligence chief of this vessel I am eager to learn about you as a species, and I am sure you have questions about ours as well." She smiled as she gave in a little to her curiosity."

"Hmmm... yes yes of course. Ask your questions while you show me this great ship of yours." Molek's mission was different than Lisae's. While hers was to learn about emotional responses and how they acted under stress or duress. Molek's was simply to learn about technology and see if there was anything that the Jutrai could steal and use.

"And what better place to start." Jenn waved her hands around the room. "We are in the best place of the ship, this is after eleven. It is the place where our crew find rest and relaxation during our long journey in the galaxy. And sometimes we have some good entertainment here." A grin appeared on her face as she thought fondly back of her first meeting with Billy. "Now if you want to learn some juicy secrets this is where you need to be. Specially our chief of RnR is a wealth of knowledge." She referred to Chloe.

"Chief of RnR? What is that position? It is not one that I have heard of on a Jutrai or a Romulan vessel?" The Ambassador asked as he looked around at that people sitting and talking quietly. Some seemed to enjoy beverages and food.

"Our chief of rest and relaxation. She knows exactly what our crew needs. Food, drink,'s all happening here in her area of operations, which is right here." Jenn pointed to the floor to emphasized that last bit. "You may just call her a bartender or something, but she is much more to us."

"I totally agree, Ambassador. If you need something relaxing. It's a good bet that you'll find it here." Larim said. "Would you like anything to eat or drink?

"To eat I would like to try an Earth delicacy. I will rely on your extensive knowledge." Molek said to the two officers, then he continued in a shout so everyone in After-11 could hear. "A round of Romulan Ale for our new friends." He laughed heartily.

Trina for her part seemed embarrassed by Molek's display. She turned to Larim. "I would enjoy some plomek soup... and some peace and quiet." The last of her comment was directed toward Molek. She then cocked an eyebrow and leaned in toward Larim almost conspiratorially. "So Commander tell me is mating allowed among your crew members?"

"It is." Larim confirmed, almost blushing/ "In fact a few of our crew are in relationships currently."

Chloe was always listening. The fact that two faces appeared in her lounge, Romulan looking faces made it all the more interesting. People had been talking about the Jutrai even before alcohol passed their lips.

She came out from behind the bar and smiled, also giving a small bow of sorts. To be honest she didn't know what their custom was so she guessed. "Welcome to After 11. I'm Chloe, and if you need anything I am here for whatever. I overheard you wanted plomek soup, I do have that here and can get you some quiet. I have one or two soundproof booths if your partner is annoying you." She smiled and waved to the booths by the far wall.

"And you sir." She grinned. "Are exactly what we need, bit of green blooded fun in here." She placed her hand on her shoulder whilst taking his other hand with her free one. "Come to the bar and not only will I feed you but I have real Romulan ale."

Jenn grinned to herself. Then she looked over to Larim as she saw Trina very close to him. Peace and quiet, huh? She giggled. She was quite fond of how quickly she got the two Jutrai distracted. She then walked over to Larim. "Commander?" She almost whispered, "When you're done here, shall we go track that thing?" She smile deviously.

Larim nodded. "I agree totally. I was thinking a little souvenir shopping at Trembles then we go from there."

Trina cocked an eyebrow at Larim's suggestion. "Souvenir shopping? Anything to get me away from the crowd and the noise. However, I believe that you will have a hard time prying my colleague away."

Larim laughed. "You're probably right." he smiled.

Molek sat on a stool that Chloe indicated. "Well who am I to refuse the Chief R&R officer..." He said with a flirtatious smile, Chloe had him indeed under his spell. "...And here I was under the impression that you could not get a decent glass of Romulan Ale within the Federation."

"Oh you can't." Chloe grinned. "I don't always use the most 'official' channels to get what my people need. What the Captain doesn't know wont hurt him and his people go back to work happy and satisfied... and always come back." she winked at him.

Chloe knew enough to know that she was needed to keep them busy. She was actually quite happy to feel someone needed her and was more than happy to flirt to someone new.

She poured him a glass and placed it on the counter and smiled. "I think you'll enjoy this."

Molek lifted his glass to the crowd presend. "Jolantru my new friends." He smiled and took a deep draft of the blue liquid. "MMMM You have a very good vintage here."

"Oh trust me honey. All things here have a good vintage." she teased watching him continue to drink. "Just need to know where to look."

"Indeed." Larim replied. He saw that Molek was having the time of his life, so he turned to Trina. "Shalll we press on then?"

Jenn looked at Larim. "I think you need to be elsewhere." She pushed the security chief out of after eleven.

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