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Letters from some one's home.

Posted on Tue Jan 15th, 2019 @ 9:11am by

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Wilhelmina had spent a good hour in the medical bay getting the stab wound to her thigh patched up, it really didn't take that long but the medical crew had correctly assessed that her wound as bad, but really not life threatening.

She had spend the time reading a letter from her Niece Diana. Always interested in what Wilhelmina was doing. She really worried some times that the girl wound want to be a Marine.

She had however taken the opportunity to take a picture of the knife wound in her leg to send to her teen age Niece, maybe as discouragement.

It had however backfired her Niece wanting to know how it had happened. If there was any consolation it was that she knew the girl wanted to go to Star Fleet Academy. She might at least make a Tactical or Security officer.

The gunny finished her own letter and sent it back. Her Nieces fondness for actually sending messages by text was something else Wilhelmina also enjoyed.


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