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Ends well

Posted on Fri Nov 30th, 2018 @ 3:49pm by Major Cornelius Tremble

410 words; about a 2 minute read

“Personal Log, Stardate 96436.5. It’s been one of those days. Coming back into my own body, or mind I guess, was hard enough to get straight. But contacting the family has been worse. I thought I was a bit lucky when I caught them together at Pop’s.”

“Then I realized that it was her birthday. She lost her sh*t and the rest started giving me the third degree. All at the same time. Apparently, once we were listed as no longer missing in action, Fleet policy is to let personnel do notifications themselves.”


“Anyway, that took about an hour to sort out and answer questions to everyone’s satisfaction. Everyone’s doing fairly well: my being out of contact for a year didn’t seem to effect them, much. Neither did my abrupt reappearance.”

“That’s kind of depressing, when you think of it. When I called dad, he snorted and told me he had the same sort of thing happen twenty years ago, when he was a prisoner held by the T’dan. At least he hasn’t changed much. He updated me on things he’s been doing: fishings still good in the Gulf and his girlfriend Diana is dragging him to Mars every few weeks. Her kids and family are keeping him busy and he actually apologized to me, then, for being an absentee father.”

“Then he told me not to turn out like he did.”

“He got weird then and changed the subject, told me he was sending me some things he’d dug out of storage and wanted me to have….”

“I’m not really sure where he was going with all of that, so I contacted Hugo. He seemed glad to hear from me and said he’d already talked to Aggy, and suggested I give her some time.”

“He thought that was pretty funny, then filled me in on Tara and the kids. Scott is getting taller and looking into hydro-engineering. Nisha is apparently convinced she’s a Shrallalan Dryad now and Hugo’s found her sleeping under that tree in the backyard several nights. Tara’s blaming me for giving her that book.”

“So, all’s well I guess. Things to think about and I wonder what dad’s going to send out. All will reveal itself in due time, but I did promise to contact mom more often.”

“Maybe I should have just stayed out of my mind.”


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