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PL:5 overworked.

Posted on Tue Jan 15th, 2019 @ 9:11am by

324 words; about a 2 minute read

Wilhelmina practically threw herself down onto her bed still in her uniform, and letting out a yelp as she did, pulling a PADD out of her side pocket. "O reit. forgot."

She tapped it a few times before it lit up.
"personnel log. Wilhelmina Wilson. spent th' lest two days inventorying every piece ay equipment th' marine compliment oan board th' pioneer has. an' 'en huntin' doon th' equipment 'at wisnae present. gonnae hae tae hae a gab wi' uir teams abit personal use ay equipment. havin' foond some ay it in holodeck two. team is comin' alang weel, did wark ups aw week tae fin' strengths an' weaknesses. a note worthy weakness when it comes tae ship board operations is note worthy. in baith th' team an' it's leaders. we aw seam tae be far tae accustomed tae operatin' planit side. while Ah ken 'at th' standard security diz much ay th' ship security. we need tae polish up uir boardin' skills. other 'en 'at, Ah think Ah might hae over dain it with' th' marines. Ah think Ah managed tae rob them ay most ay thaur down time. Ah need tae actually lit them an' myself rest fur a day ur sae."

She set the PADD down. Saving the log.
"Computer, open personal coms to Marine teams, leaving message ay direct voice coms. "Thes is Wilson Marines, Ima canceling drills for tomorrow, sleep in for fer luv sake."

She got up moving over to the replicator. "Computer ma night cap if ye will." The computer obliged. Wilson moving over to her desk, stopping to add a shot from a unmarked bottle to the tea and taking a drink as she picked up the book on her desk and start to read with a yawn, the book a old copy of a western novel, one of the many books in the three crates she had brought with her from her fathers old collection.


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