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Well... I'm here!

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 12:03pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani

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My first official personal log, I've finally had time to sit down and do one. My roommate is on shift I hear and I've yet to meet her, I hope she likes me.

This is pretty cool, not going to lie. I get to be on an Intrepid, just like Voyager and as my family knows I'm a fangirl for sure. I met the Captain earlier, he seems nice and asked me to call him Tyler, or Ty. I don't think I'll be doing that, so not ready to call my CO by his first name. He is handsome, more so in person as his service picture does him no justice whatsoever.

Also had the strange encounter with a blue haired woman in the corridor when I was leaving... we collided and well I fell into her and kissed her. I totally wanted the ground to open up and swallow me but then I'd just be a deck lower down. *giggles*

It has certainly been an eventful morning and I'm glad I am here. Awkward meetings and collisions not withstanding. It is a far cry from Italy and my modest upbringing but I'm hoping to make my mama proud.

Guess I'll sign off for now, I wont be a stranger to making more of these. It's nice to have an electronic copy in case I lose my journals.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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