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What have I done

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 11:06am by

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Private Aiden Pearce, Personal Log, Encrypted Entry.

What have I done? I've helped get a perfectly good officer demoted and kicked off the ship. I only wanted to teach her a lesson, However, it's gone further than that, do I mind that she put me on my ass with one headbutt, hell no, she's fierce and cute to boot, and I'm sure I'm going to get stick for letting it happen, but what she did.

Goddamit all she needed to do was apologise. Make amends and all of this would have been sorted, but no...god she's stubborn why didn't she just take a slap on the wrist and admit it, instead of opting for a full-blown court-martial, and to be honest, it wasn't all her fault from what I've heard.

I need to apologise to her, but how can I. "Sorry Tiger, I helped get you thrown under a bus." I don't think that would go down so well. What have I done...I finally see a woman I'm interested in and I do this to her. She'd probably bite my head off and spit it out.

Putting that aside, I think I've made a good friend in Operations, Jayden. He's around my age and we get on, he's dating an engineer and he seems smitten, we've had drinks a few times and he did try to help break up the fight. My first week has certainly been eventful, discharging a weapon and then giving evidence for a courts marshall, how many in the corps can say that, but then again it's nothing to be proud of and the unit is definitely going to give me stick, but I feel at home here, and I'm finally looking forward to things.

End Log


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