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January: The Beginning of a Great Year

Posted on Thu Feb 9th, 2023 @ 4:24am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke

As we start 2023 the Pioneer is moving at warp nine. The posts that are coming out are well written and wrought with emotion behind the action of the current storyline. If things keep going the way they are going the entire crew is going to need counseling lol.

It seems that there is a reinvigoration of life as new plots and ideas flow. This is a great thing that shows that this wonderful sim and community is alive and well. I know that this year will be a great one and look forward to the great stories that we are going to tell.

I would like to recognize two of our own for their contributions for the month of January.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi - Support Character of The Month - "During the month of January we saw our Ops Chief step in and bail the Marines collective butts out of a sling. This may seem small but their side plot has allowed the story to flow and build to its climax. Like Data on The Next Generation Thex has started to show that they can be an all around utility player stepping in where and when they may be needed. Thank you for all your hard work and keep up the great work."
-Commodore Tyler Malbrooke-

Ensign Rachel Sinclair - Character of The Month - "The Ensign has really turned up the heat with their writing for the month of January. Not only have they contributed to making a significant contribution to the main plotline but we got a unique glimpse into their psyche in the process. This month was a great look at how the events of a mission can have lasting effects on a person. Keep up the great work."
-Commodore Tyler Malbrooke-

The following award is well deserved. I am proud to grant it and hope that they keep up their great work.

Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke - Character of the Year 2022 - "2022 was the year of the Doctor. Not only has the Doc made sure they were involved in every plot for the year. They have improved upon the world that is the USS Pioneer by creating characters flesh it out. Always volunteering themselves to help make a story better. Hermia is truly the embodiment of a good character and good player. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work."
-Commodore Tyler Malbrooke-

If this is an indication of how this year is going to go then it is going to be a great year for the Pioneer.

As always thank you for being a part of this community. I am humbled by your friendship and your participation in the stories. Keep up the great work.

For Now
Steady As She Goes,
Commodore Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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