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November Awards

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 11:17am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke

First off I know that myself and Lt Cmndr Patricia Montgomery would like to congratulate you all on a very exciting month on the Pioneer. You guys have amazed us with your writing and will continue to do so we are sure of it.

Since there are quite a few awards to give out this month let me not beat around the bush.

Lieutenant Commander Patricia Montgomery Crew's Choice Award - "She was incredibly welcoming and understanding , and really made an effort towards making our first post together unique and interesting."
-Lieutenant Thalk-

"She is an engaging and genuine human being both in and out of character."
-Warrant Officer Tobias Beckett-

Lieutenant Larim Myles Captain's Personal Merit Award - "For the month of November I would like to award the Captain's Personal Merit Ribbon to Lieutenant Larim Myles. When Larim joined the ship he had an idea, that with a little bit of encouragement has flourished into an addition to the sims community. He has shown what can happen to a person when they have to leave their family behind for service to the fleet. Keep up the good work Lieutenant."
-Commander Tyler Malbrooke-

Warrant Officer Tobias Beckett Executive Officer's Merit Award - "This person I’ve chosen as although he’s very quiet about what he does, I personally know how much input he’s given to getting the SIMM both up and running. As a TGCO he was the motivation behind moving Tyler to become a CO and starting his own SIMM. As a person with website talents, he stepped in to help with the website design and educating our CO on elements he could then expand upon himself. As a crew member he’s engaged new crew in discord and motivated new writers to join. As a person he’s been a sounding block for me at times in both personal and SIMM related. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award for my first nomination."
-Lieutenant Commander Patricia Montgomery-

Lieutenant Commander Patricia Montgomery Professional Merit Award - "In and out of character she is a joy to converse with and interact with. She always has positive words of encouragement and makes the SIM that much more enjoyable."
-Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil-

"It is often said that behind every great man is a greater woman. This adage hold true here on the Pioneer. LtCmndr Montgomery agreed to be my XO and has taken to this ship like gang busters. With assistance on how to recruit to help with reviewing all new crew applications. I could not have gotten this ship to where it is without her help. On top of that the character of Montgomery is one of the most well built characters I have ever seen. Every post that I write with her as well as every post that she was written without me is just a joy to read. I look forward to see what great things will come in the future."
-Commander Tyler Malbrooke-

Ensign T'Rish Outstanding Volunteer Award - "For going above and beyond by donating her exceptional web design talents to creating an internet home for the Pioneer. She also serves as the sites Web Mistress. As CO I would not be able to manage the site without her invaluable assistance."
-Commander Tyler Malbrooke-

Congratulations to the winners and let us all keep up the good work. Until next month... Let's kick it up a notch, and have a whole lot of great fun... Thank you for helping to make this vision a reality...

Commander Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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