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Black and Blue

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 4:35am by Warrant Officer Mira Jayna & Lieutenant Junior Grade Lunara Hol
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Ship's Gym - Deck 8 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1330 hrs

"Well, Lieutenant, I can't find anything wrong with you." Lunara grinned. "Despite my best efforts, it looks like I'll have to clear you for duty." She handed a padd to the Vulcan sitting across from her, who accepted it without any emotion.

"Of course, Counselor. Vulcans posess unparalleled emotional control and regulation. It would be… quite unlikely for me to be unwell." His response was typically flat. His face was totally unreadable the whole time, too. Like most Vulcans.

"Well, thanks for humoring me anyway." Lunara chuckled as the Vulcan turned to leave. "Oh!" She snapped her fingers. "You work with Lieutenant Davenport, right? Tell him he hasn't scheduled his checkup yet. And don't worry, I'm sure I can find a place for him." He gave her a quick nod before stepping out her door.

Lunara leaned back in her chair. Her first day was done - just a lot of introductions and routine checkups. These checkups were hardly the most satisfying part of the job, but they still needed to be done. What to do now? She wasn't particularly hungry, nor did she want to unpack the boxes in her quarters. She didn't want to disappear into the holodeck either, not when she was still trying to get to know everyone on the crew. The gym, then? Lunara nodded. The gym sounded nice. She kind of wanted to see if she still had Perim's moves from all the karate movies she did back in the day. Only one way to find out!

A few minutes later and she arrived, having stopped by her quarters to change along the way. The standard PT uniform - shorts and a tank top. She quickly walked inside, and, seeing the gym was empty, grinned from ear to ear. A perfect time to repeat one of her favorite scenes. The punching bag in the quarter of the room would be her first victim. She began speaking one of her old lines on the way over there.

"Kyra van Z'Schell… when we last met, I swore to you that I would hunt you across space and time itself. Now there is nowhere else to run. Now you will face justice for what you did to my brother! Have at you!" She yelled a battle cry and let loose with a set of flashy, theatric kicks.

Jayna had little to do so she left intel early and decided to spend some time in the gym. Dressed in black shorts and tank top, she walked into the gym in time to see a woman assaulting a punching bag. "Sorry, I didn't know you wanted to be alone," she said.

Lunara squeaked, turning around with a blush on her face. "I-! No, it's, uh- you see... no, it's fine. Come on in." She paused, arms crossed over her abdomen. "...How much did you see?"

"It's fine. I only saw the final attack." Jayna smiled as she walked further into the room. "I don't think you have to worry about your opponent. Although if you want a few pointers, I can suggest a holoprogram."

Lunara nodded. "That's... good." She exhaled, her face returning to its normal color. "A holoprogram sounds nice. You never do know what you'll run into on a starship, hm?"" She smiled, walking towards Jayna. "I don't think we've met before. I'm Lunara Hol, the new counselor."

"Nice to meet you," she said, giving her a half-bow. "I'm Jayna. Mira Jayna. I'm in intel. The program is one created by Captain Tremble. I believe it's called Mik's. He's the owner of the gym and is good at training people."

"Ah, I just met the good captain this morning." Lunara paused. "Trained by a holoprogram, hm? Can't say it's something I'll ever get used to. Does it have a basic setting?"

"Meet Nik. He'll check you out and give you a routine to suit your needs. I've been to him a few times," Jayna said. "Captain Tremble is...something else." She wasn't going to say what. "How do you like the Pioneer so far?"

Lunara laughed. "Oh, you can say that again. I have a feeling he's going to be fun to deal with." She exhaled, shifting her weight from leg to leg. "The Pioneer is... a good ship. A far cry from what I'm used to, but I'm sure I can adapt. She's got a good crew." She snorted. "Not to mention a few adventures behind her."

Jayna grinned. "She does at that. You'll like it here. The captain is great to work for." She wasn't sure if she should mention that the Marine CO was in a relationship with the former counselor. Probably too personal. "How long have you been on board?"
(OOC: lmao that was one of the first thing Tremble told her. Unless you mean Tyler dated one too)
OOC: Nope. I meant Tremble.

"Today's my first day! I just arrived last night, actually. Spent most of today getting to know the senior staff, including both of the good captains. Captain Malbrooke seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders, but Captain Tremble?" She chuckled. "I feel like he's happiest when he's messing with me. It's he usually like that?"

Jayna thought about the few times she'd talked with him outside of work, and that last dinner... Had he just been messing with her up to that point because she'd bee so obvious? Not something she wanted to think about. "Tremble? He is, but he's the man you want at your back if things go pear-shaped. Captain Malbrook, too, for that matter. He makes you feel like everyone on the ship is part of a big family."

"Mm. Captain Malbrooke's a lot friendlier than I expected. I'm too used to grouchy captains." Lunara laughed. "Though, I suppose you're right. It's always those types you want in your corner."

"Definitely. The Marines here are a force to be reckoned with," Jayna said. "But then, so are most of the departments. I put that down to a good command team." She had to admit that Malbrooke, Tremble and Quinn were all exceptional individuals.

"I'm inclined to agree. But don't let them know I said that. Too much praise is bad for the ego, you know!" Lunara winked, grinning.

Jayna smiled. She wasn't likely to get much of a chance to tell them anyway. She nodded to the bag. "So, what were the theatrics for?"

Lunara looked from side to side, then leaned in. "...Promise not to laugh?"

"Absolutely." Jayna paused. "But I cannot promise not to smile. I am only half-Vulcan." Which was no excuse for anything and she wasn't even sure why she mentioned it.

"Well..." She chuckled, blushing a bit and crossing her arms over her abdomen. "I was an actress my last time around. Perim Hol, she was my second host. She... loved action movies. A lot. Loved being in them even more. I... just wanted to see if I still had my old moves."

Jayna smiled, but she did not laugh. "I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think it's a great idea. Why not see if theres a holodeck program to help you with stage fighting--just for fun?"

"Well, I might have also said a few cheesy lines." Lunara smirked. "I think I might do just that. I could use the practice. Do you have any idea how disorienting it is to have the muscle memory of someone 20 centimeters taller than you?"

"No. I've just been in this skin. I'm not sure if it would be a blessing or a curse to have memories of other lives. Or maybe a bit of both." She raised an eyebrow in query at the counselor.

Lunara chuckled. "It's a bit of both, I'd say. Everything seems so... big now. And shiny, too." She stretched back, grunting. "Muscle memory's still a real pain, though." Her back popped, and she leaned forward with a groan. A mischievous grin crossed her face. "Who knows? Maybe we'll run across an alien that fuses your memories with others'. You could decide for yourself! Wouldn't be the first time that happened, either."

Jayna laughed. "No, it isn't, but my adventures so far involve pretending to be someone I'm not." Maybe she was meant to be a loner, the half-Vulcan thought. From what she'd seen of life so far, a good number of people were. That included not hosting other beings or having their memories fused with those of another alien.

"I should let you get back to your practice," Jayna said, realizing she'd taken up enough of the counselor's time.

"Not at all, I enjoyed talking!" Lunara smiled. "We should get to know each other sometime. Maybe even spar a bit."

Jayna smiled. "I agree. I haven't done much sparring, but it's probably time I do." She gave the counselor a half-bow and walked out of the gym.

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