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He said yes

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 12:50pm by Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Ensign Kalina Solwick & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson & Ensign Zaire Byrne & Enya Ó Flannagáin
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Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Various
Timeline: MD012 1600 hrs

Location: Rockwell/Robertson's Quarters

Clarissa was so greatful that Ameri had invited them all over for dinner. Clarissa was practically dragging Jayden out of their room. "Come on, were gonna be late." Clarissa suggested to Jayden. She wanted to hear how things were going to Kalina and Zaire. The seven of them were having dinner at the O Flannaigains.

“I’m coming,” Jayden said with a sigh. “What is this dinner about again?” He still wasn’t comfortable enough for a dinner at his bosses home but he would go, maybe he would loosen up with time.

"Ameri and I were curious how the love birds are doing, so we invited everyone over to her place for dinner." Clarissa pointed out to Jayden.

Jayden grinned. “Is your playing Cupid.” He nodded his head. “I totally agree, I’ll be there for an assist.” He was teasing Clarissa to see what she said.

"Oh no sir, I am no cupid, just a girl that wants to see if two love birds make it. You totally miss read that, mister over thinker!" Clarissa said, with a big grin. He totally miss read her part in this charade.

“No I didn’t,” Jayden said with a grin. “I was teasing you. You care about them both and want to see how they are doing.”

"I thought we agreed, I would be the one teasing you." Clarissa said, in a very seductive voice, waiting to hear how he would respond to call of seduction.

“We did,” Jayden murmured. “She wasn’t playing fair here. “How bad do you want to go to dinner?” She knew that seductive voice of hers got him going.

Jayden took her hand as they headed out the door and on their way. He was suddenly not dreading this evening. Going out with His girl was always a plus.

Location: Kalina Solwick's Quarters

Kalina was not sure why she agreed to to be meeting up with everyone for dinner, she wanted to spend the day with just Zaire, getting to know him better, but clearly Clarissa and Ameri wanted to see them all. Kalina was almost ready, when she looked at a mirror, to make sure her hair looked decent.

Kalina was still a little on edge, but feeling much better about her relationship to Zaire, and to her family. This was not what she wanted, but she was starting to see it was not necessarily that bad. Part of her really liked Zaire. And was curious to see where it would naturally go.

She was not going to be able to see how things went from her quarters, she decided it would be best to head over to the dinner location and meet Ameri, Quinn, Enya, and Zaire for dinner. She looked at the mirror again, and then dashed out of her room.

Location: Bryne Quarters

Zaire looked at himself again and decided he looked acceptable for this dinner. He was relieved that Kalina and him weren’t going to be there by themselves, at least Jayden and Clarissa would be there.

Zaire was ready as he was going to be so he headed out his door and to Kalina’s quarters to see if she was ready to go. He hoped they weren’t going to be asked questions about their relationship.

Zaire left and headed to Kalina’s but she didn’t answer. He hadn’t made plans to go to the dinner together so he assumed she already headed there. He walked down the corridor towards the O’Flannagain’s. He hoped he wasn’t last to arrive.

Location: Ó Flannagáin's Quarters

“Several reasons,” Ameri smiled. “I want Zaire and Kalina to know we support them and I think it’s good for the crew to see us as a family and not just command officers.”

"Admit it, you are being nosy, and this dinner is an excuse to see first hand how they are doing?" Quinn asked, with a big grin on his face.

“Totally,” Ameri grinned. “I want to see if they are getting along and maybe if there is something we can guide them on without making it obvious.”

"You owe Enya and I a family play date." Quinn said, as he winked over to Enya. They were going to milk this for all they could.

“I will definitely pay up,” Ameri smiled. “Even if it is something I am not fond of, you two are doing this for me and I appreciate it.”

"We're a family, nothing family would not do for each other." Quinn suggested to Ameri, with a warm smile on his face.

“We are in this together,” Ameri smiled. “For ever and always.” She gave him a hug. “Our daughter is hiding.”

"The others should be arriving any second. Are we ready?" Quinn asked, as he looked to Enya and Ameri.

“I am,” Enya nodded with a smile. “I can’t wait to see Clarissa again.”

“Everything looks perfect,” Ameri smiled at her family. “I am looking forward to this!”

Kalina and Zaire were the first to arrive, and Kalina watched Zaire ring the buzzer, she waited nervoulsy for the Ó Flannagáin's to answer the door.

Ameri opened the door, a smile on her face. "Hello," she said. "Please come in. I was so glad you both said you would come tonight"

Zaire's first thought was that he would have never thought to say no. The first officer and a department head, for him it was a no brainer. "Thank you for the invitation." he said with a smile of his own.

"I am glad you all could make it, we are just waiting on Clarissa and Jayden, they should be here shortly." Quinn said, as he looked to Ameri, and then at Kalina and Jayden. "Can we offer you anything to drink?" Quinn asked.

"Peppermint tea, would be good." Kalina said, not wanting to be rude. She was not sure why she asked for tea, but it was a good drink non the less.

"I wouldn't mind iced tea," Zaire said. "No sugar, thank you, Sir." He glanced around liking the homey feel to their quarters."f

"Hello, " Enya said, using her polite facade. "I am Enya, the intelligent daughter of the Ó Flannagáin's." She grinned at them. "It's nice to meet you."

Kalina grinned, as she said "It's nice to meet you." Kalina was nervous but happy to see her and the others. They were really nice people.

The doorbell rang again, this time Clarissa was at the door with Jayden. Clarissa waited eagerly for Quinn and Ameri to get the door.

“Come in,” Ameri smiled at them. “I am glad you two could make it.” She moved into the room. “Please have a seat.”

“Hello everyone,” Jayden said with a grin. “Thanks for having us over.”

Clarissa noticed everyone was gathered and with a big grin, she walked in the room, holding Jayden's hand. "I want to thank you all for coming over tonight, and there is something that has been on my mind, and I want to address it now." Clarissa said, as she looked to Kalina and Zaire, and then over to Quinn, Ameri and Enya.

"I am glad you are all here to help me witness this." Clarissa said, as she dropped to one knee, and looked into Jayden's eye. "Jayden Robertson, I am on one knee today to ask you to make me the happiest woman in the world, by accepting my hand in marriage." Clarissa asked, feeling complelty exposed and out there.

The decision was now up to him, and she prayed that he said yes, as she stood on one knee waiting for his response. Time seemed to pause, as she waited for his response.

Jayden was both shocked and overwhelmed with happiness at the same time. He looked into her eyes, it took all he had to keep himself from getting emotional.

“Yes,” he said, emotion slipping into his voice. “You have made me the happiest man!” He kneeled down in front of her and smiled at her. “I love you, Clarissa with all I am.”

Clarissa leaned over and planted a big sloppy and lustful kiss. But only for a brief moment. She heard others clapping in the background. She had tears of joy in her eyes. She pulled away, and said, "I suppose you want a ring now?" Clarissa asked, with a humble smile on her face.

“I want us to have rings,” Jayden said with a smile. He stood and took her hand in his. “You sure surprised me, this was the greatest moment of my life.”

"Us, how progressive of you." Clarissa said, a little surprised to hear him say that. Most men did not want engagement rings. But he was not most men, and she knew that .

“I want the world to know I am yours,” Jayden said. “Just as much as you are mine. “

"Just the world huh?" Clarissa asked, with big playful eyes, and a dopey smile on her face.

“The universe,” Jayden said with a grin. “Hell all the universes!” His eyes widened. “Sorry I forgot Enya was here!”

“My parents swear,” Enya giggled. “I learned all my words from them.”

Clarissa grinned at Enya, then over to Quinn, Kalina, Zaire and Ameri. She had lost touch with reality briefly. She was just as lost as he was. "Sorry about that all, were just a little excited." Clarissa said with a humbling and very excited smile on her face.

“No apologies,” Ameri grinned. “Quinn is going to get one of his special bottles and we are going to have a toast to your engagement.” She looked over at her husband.

"Yes," Quinn said, trying to process what his wife signed him up for. Then with a big grin he said, as he processed it. "I am." Quinn said, as he left the room for a moment. Leaving Enya and Ameri with all of their guests.

“You are really special,” Enya smiled. “My Dad doesn’t share his drinks with hardly anyone.”

“Where are my manners,” Ameri said quickly. “Please, sit down and I will get some glasses.”

Clarissa had a big grin on her face as she went over to sit down on the sofa, then she looked over to Enya and asked, "care to join me?" Clarissa asks if she padded the seat for her to come sit down next to her.

Enya nodded and hurried over sitting next to Clarissa. “I am so excited!” She giggled. “You really shocked Jayden!”

“It was a good thing,” Jayden walked over and sat on the other side of Clarissa, taking her hand in his. “Best moment ever!”

"I was a little worried, he would faint." Clarissa said, as she giggled over in the direction of Enya.

Enya laughed out loud. “That would be funny! My mom says boys don’t cry or faint and stuff. But we can if we want to because we’re stronger.”

“Hey now!” Jayden leaned forward. “I’ll have you know real men do cry!”

“That isn’t quite what I said,” Ameri shook her head as she started handing out glasses.

"They do?" Clarissa said, with a teasing giggle, as she was looking at Enya. She was a sweet little girl. Quinn and Ameri, where very lucky. "Boys dont but men do, huh? How enlighting." Clarissa giggled along with Jayden. It was fun to pick on him. He was digging his hole, bigger and bigger.

Jayden shook his head. “When you become a man you realize that tears aren’t a sign of being weak.” He looked around. “Here comes the Commander lets ask him.”

"Or not." Clarissa said, looking over to Jayden, like he was insane for even suggesting that.

“I’ll ask him!” Enya grinned. She ignored her Mom shaking her head. “Dad, do real men cry!”

“I am really thirsty,” Zaire spoke up, trying to save the commander from having to answer. “What are we drinking, Sir?”

"Sure do pumpkin, I cried last week when my football team lost." Quinn said, thinking about his football team leasing. That brought a real tear to his eye. He really loved what the Americans would call soccer back in the 21st century.

“See!” Enya grinned. “My Dad is cool!” She looked at Clarissa. “You gonna have a big wedding?” She thought it would be a good excuse for another new dress.

“How about we have our toast to the engaged couple?” Ameri said with a smile.

"Here here." Quinn said, as he popped off the quark, and started to pour out some glasses, for everyone but Enya. "Sweetie, replicate some sparkling cider for you." Quinn suggested.

“Okay,” Enya hurried up and got herself some cider and came back, smiling.

“To Jayden and Clarissa,” Ameri said, holding up her glass. “May every day forward be as happy as this moment.”

"Congratulations, and thank you both for sharing this special day with all of us." Quinn said, with a big grin on his face.

"I have just recently met you both, but you do appear to be in love and happy. Congrats to you both." Kalina said, with a warm smile.

Clarissa was beaming, and a bit over taken by the nicities that everyone was saying to the two of them.

“Thanks everyone,” Jayden said. He grinned at them. “It meant a lot having you all here.”

“We are honored to share in this,” Zaire said with a smile. He was hoping they wouldn’t be to far behind.

Kalina smiled over at Zaire. She loved to hear him say that. "Deeply honored, so you have a date in mind?" Kalina asked.

“I just found out tonight,” Jayden grinned. He looked to Clarissa. “Have you given it any thought?”

"Will get back to you all, soon. Promise." Clarissa said, thinking they should discuss that in private before coming up with a date.

“You have a lot to talk about I am sure,” Ameri said with a smile. “This is just the beginning.”

Clarissa just heard what she said in the realization come to her she was right this was just the beginning of their next step of the relationship. Should be lying if she said thst did not scare her.

“We have strong feelings for each other,” Jayden said quietly. “That will help a lot.” He knew this was a new step forward and he was nervous about the unknown.

Quinn noticed they both needed an escape from this topic. "Until then," Quinn started to say with a big grin on his face, and then he continued on. "Let's toast to this wonderful occasion." Quinn said with a humbling smile on his face.

“To Our new friends,” Zaire raised his glass. “Much happiness to you both.”

“And kids,” Enya spoke up with a grin. “We make life more exciting.”

Quinn just glared at Enya for making that comment, he made a note to himself to have a conversation with her about why it's not a good idea to mention kids when you mention a marriage proposal.

Enya didn’t like the look her dad was giving her. What had she done but told a joke.”

Jayden just took in stride and looked over at Clarissa. “To you and me.” He said simply.

Quinn just grinned as the scene starts to fade away."This is truly a wonderful occasion to celebrate."

They took a drink from their glasses and continued to celebrate.

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