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Exploring the mind

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 12:05pm by Ensign Kalina Solwick & Ensign Zaire Byrne
Edited on on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 12:06pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Solwick's Quarters
Timeline: MD011 0815 hrs

Kalina was not sure how receptive he would be, but she decided to give it a chance. "Computer open a channel to Ensign Zaire Bryne." Kalina called out, hoping he was awake.

Zaire was sitting on the edge of his bed when he heard the beeping of a call. He headed over and opened the channel.

“Ensign Bryne,” Zaire said, using his official work voice.

"Hey its Kalina, did I catch you at a bad time?" Kalina asked, hoping he would say no, and hoping she did not wake him up either.

“Not at all,” Zaire said sincerely. “I have nothing going on.” He waited for her next words.

"I was hoping you would want to come over, do you?" Kalina asked, hoping he would say yes. She would feel embrassed, if he said no.

“Sure,” Zaire said. “Yes, I would like to.” He smiled to himself. “I will be there is a few minutes.” He was happy she had asked him.

Kalina started to pull back her hair. She had just woken up, and made sure to brush her teeth at least three times. Before he came over knocking on her door. She looked around her small room, and grinned. Everything was neat and tidy.

So now all she had to do, was wait for his arrival. She looked at the door, which seemed to be a life time, from her perspective. She kept telling herself, you can do this. You want to do this.

Zaire walked down the corridor, wondering what she wanted him to come over for. He really liked her and hoped it was to spend time together. She had sounded a little nervous and yet happy when he had said yes.

He stopped outside her quarters and rang her buzzer. Zaire waited for her to answer, a smile on his face.

Kalina could not wait for him to come over. She literally jumped with excitement, when she heard the door intercom go off. "Enter." Called out, wearing a cozy pajama's. Just because she was excited to see him, she did not want him to think they were going to have sex. Well not yet at least.

As the doors opened, she reached for his hands, she had a big dopey smile on her face. "I am so happy you could stop bye." She said with her big dopey black eyes. Still holding onto both of his hands with her hands.

Zaire looked at her pajamas and her hands holding his and a wide smile spread across his face. “I was really happy you called me to come over. I was sitting in my quarters wondering if It was too early to call you.”

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The smile on her face just made her seem more beautiful to him.

"I was hoping we could try bonding again, to be honest I woke up early, thinking of you." Kalina said, as she walked over to him, and he did the same, he walked towards her. The doors swished closed.

Kalina could not resist the temptation, she kissed him. As she put her hands on his temples, and pulled him close. The two of them started a romantic bond, she hoped that he did not mind. She had been thinking about it all morning.

Zaire hadn't expected the kiss but when they started the romantic bond, he just let go and let his feelings flow over to her. It was like nothing he had ever felt to connect with her on this level. For his feelings and thoughts to mingle with hers.

As she suspected, there was an instant spark, she could feel through her body, when she kissed him. Her emotions, were rushing to every inch of her body, and litterally seeping out of her pours. She felt that was on cloud nine. She could sense, that felt very pleased with the kiss as well.

Zaire didn’t ever want to break this connection, he didn’t care what was going on around him, this feeling was like none other. He had never connected so fast or much with anyone.

Kalina slowly started to pull away, as she pealed herself off of him. "Well that question is answered." She said, with a grin on her face.

Zaire blinked several times and then smiled. "It has been." He grinned then. "I am speechless."

"Something in your eye?" Kalina asked, wondering why he was blinking over and over again.

“I was still in the moment,” Zaire said with a smile. “It was intense, I had to focus again.” He hoped that made sense to her.

"It's a moment I will remember that's for sure." Kalina said with a nervous smile on her face, then she looked into his eyes to see how he was reacting. she could see that he had the same look as she did but she only made her smile grow bigger.

Zaire felt like he was on cloud nine, as the saying went. His eyes couldn’t leave her and he smiled. “I have never felt this happy, it’s life changing l.” He hugged her.

Such a typical betazed male response, she thought to herself. One little kiss, and he was hooked. She had a little sense to her, and did not allow her emotions to fully control her. But she did feel something incredible between them. "Well lets hope that feeling never goes away." Kalina suggested to him.

“I don’t want it to,” Zaire replied. “How are you feeling about all of this?” He wanted to hear her words, other than a moment to remember.

"I am feeling it, I would be lying if I said I did not. But I need time to process it all." Kalina said, with a big grin on her face. She did like him. "But let's keep going." Kalina said with a sense of curiosity to her tone.

“It was intense,” Zaire nodded in agreement. “But I want to continue as well.” He wanted to feel that connection again.

"Okay." Kalina said, as she kissed him again. There minds started to explode with passions of thought, and romance, and joy and happiness. It was a bit overwhelming at first.

Zaire was surprised again at the feelings that came over him when they connected. So many feelings, intense and pleasurable. He never wanted to let go of that feeling, he knew it was precious and rare. A part of him thought it was too much but he pushed it aside.

"You seem to be handling it as well as I am." Kalina said with a giggle, as she could sense his emotions. She knew he could sense hers too. When they were connected like that, they could sense each others feelings at will.

Zaire laughed in return. “Our emotions are mingled, I am feeling yours as clear as my own.”

"Does that make you uncomfortable?" Kalina asked hoping he was okay with that. They were expressing feelings and emotions, that was not ready for, but was trying to force herself, to give this a chance. In life, sometimes you have to take chances. And this was one of those times.

“Not at all,” Zaire murmured. “It is like, I am feeling things that I cannot quite grasp the words to explain.”’he smiled at her. “They are really good but that word doesn’t seem to cover it .”

"Words are only the first level, luckily we are not limited to words." Kalina said, as she looked into his eyes. "We can express our minds to one another, and take our relationships to a whole new level." Kalina pointed out to him.

“I don’t know how they connect with only words,” Zaire admitted. “This is honest and open.”

"It is very limiting for them. But their socities have found ways of coping with it. For a lot of them, verbal communication is key." Kalina said, knowing a little about non telepath communication. Where a Betazed can share their minds and thoughts, non betaziods relied on good old fashion honesty and verbal responses.

“It works, their verbal communication,” Zaire nodded in agreement. “But sometimes Communicating without words actually says more.”

"I think its more complex than that, its the sharing of the minds that says more, not the simple release of emotions and feelings." Kalina said, correcting his statement.

“You’re right,” Zaire said after he thought about what she said. “That is something that can’t be compared to.”

"sorry if that seemed a little harsh it wasn't trying to be, I need to work on how I say things sometimes." Kalina said feeling a little guilty for the way she responded to him it was more interesting a reaction she was not trying to be mean.

“It didn’t, actually,” Zaire replied sincerely. “You were saying the truth. The mixing of our minds is more intense and connects us in an intimate way.”

"well that is technically true, don't get any funny ideas." Kalina quickly pointed out to him with the smirk on her face, she just wanted him to know that she was not that easy to get and that he would have to work for a little bit.

Zaire shook his head. “I sort of put my foot in my mouth there didn’t I?” He knew if he stepped over the line she would let him know.

"A little but I understand what you meant and your sincerity." Kalina said letting him off the hook a little bit.

“That’s a relief,” Zaire replied. He was so glad she had invited him over today.

"So today its your turn to share a memory." Kalina reminded him. Yesterday she shared a memory of hers. It was now his turn to share a memory with her.

Zaire thought for a long moment and then raised his hands and touched her temples. A young boy of eight sat at the table, swinging his legs back and forth while he ate a slice of Uttaberry pie.

Kalina just watched on, watching this cute little boy, eating a piece of pie. She wondered, why he was showing her this memory. What was it's importance?

“Grandmother,” Zaire asked her. “Do you think I’ll get married someday?” His dark eyes looked at her questioning. “Tesna says I’m ugly and too dumb for a girl to like me.”

His grandmother looked at him with a smile. “I think your sister likes to pick on you, what do you think?”

Zaire’s face lit up. “I think I am going to marry the smartest, most beautiful woman ever!”

Kalina knew she was not smartest or most beautiful woman. But she hoped that would be okay with him, as she continued to listen in.

“And what if she isn’t,” his grandmother asked him.

Zaire thought for a moment. “If she likes me and is nice to me then I will marry her!” He smiled then. “But not if she calls me names and is mean. I wanna girl who is nice!”

"I seriously, hope you have increased your core standards, from that age?" Kalina said, thinking that was a little niave of him, at his young age in the dream.

“I have,” Zaire murmured. “I want much more than that, I want us connected in ways that little boy couldn’t conceive.” He smiled at her. “I was lucky that I got intelligent and beautiful.”

"Very flattering, but we both have to admit, there are more intelligent ladies out there, and more beautiful woman than me." Kalina said, hoping that did not come off as snooty, she believed she was pretty, but beautiful, was a far cry in her eyes.

“Maybe to someone else,” Zaire replied. “I happen to like you as a person and think you are smart and I also find you attractive.”

"Oh please go on." Kalina said, seeing if he could really back up what he said, she was just another dumb fly girl, that love to fly fast and play cards.

“Go on?” Zaire frowned for a moment and then continued. “It takes a smart woman to pause and reflect on an arranged marriage that was thrust upon her with no warning to weigh her options and then to have the strength to contact her aunt, an influential ambassador,” he said. “As for your beauty, I am not exactly sure what you want me to say other than I like how expressive your eyes are and I honestly think they make you more beautiful.”

"Will work on the romance." Kalina said, with a big grin on her face, as she smiled towards his general direction. It was sweet of him to say.

“I do not have a way with words,”’Zaire said. “But I say what I am thinking that is for sure.”

"A man who speaks his mind, that is a good trait, even if I give you some grief over it." Kalina said, with a big grin on her face.

“I should add a sense of humor,” Zaire smiled. “And I have a feeling you enjoy giving me a hard time.”

"Perhaps a little bit." Kalina admitted with a big grin on her face. "You got to have a little fun in life." She started to explain.

“Life would be rather boring without it,” Zaire agreed with a nod. He thought she looked even prettier with that grin on her face.

Kalina just nodded in agreement, as the scene starts to fade away with her having a big loving smile on her face.

Zaire found her smiled infectious and a wide one spread across his face.

A joint post by;

Ensign Kalina Solwick
Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Zaire Byrne
Science Officer, USS Pioneer


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