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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Diplomatically Speaking

Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 10:27am by Ensign Eleanor Raine & Captain Larta Daughter of Shog
Edited on on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 12:45pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: StarBase Sirius, Diplomatic Concourse, Robert Fox Lounge
Timeline: MD002 1800 hrs
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“If mixers and social get-togethers are the blood that pumps through a diplomat’s veins,” Larta half thought, half said to herself, “Then I may just have to open one and see if that gets this crowd excited.”

The Klingon glowered across the lounge/reception area as StarBase Sirius’s diplomatic corp and attached ambassadorial missions mingled and socialized.

Dressed in flowing black leathers and silk robes, the Klingon female glowered at a passing waitstaff who re-thought offering the Klingon a long-stemmed, fluted glass. Larta sighed as she took in the assembled beings again and shook her head.

"It certainly isn't as nice as blood wine, is it?" Eleanor asked as she took a fluted glass herself. "In fact, I've seen better atmospheres at funerals."

Larta wasn't surprised at the voice. She'd given up on keeping track of the people moving about her. Turning she saw the light-haired human female in Star Fleet diplomatic livery and smiled toothily. "Indeed. Though Klingon funerals have more life in them too."

The Klingon swept her gaze over the assemblage and gave it a few beats before continuing, "That being said, the howling gets annoying, and then there's the singing later..."

Chuckling then, she said, "But, there may be many in this room who would like to contemplate, Diplomatically speaking, the death of Klingons? What do you think, Ensign...?

Eleanor glancing over the crowd herself shook her head. "A single Klingon warrior could slaughter everyone in this room, without even breaking a sweat. Even though some of them may contemplate the death of Klingons, a task easier said than done." she paused for a moment taking a sip from her glass. "No offence, but you know what they say about a cornered animal, and anyone trying to kill a Klingon would certainly get more than they bargained for."

She gave a gentle smile, glancing at the Klingon in front of her, waiting for her reply.

Larta considered the human and smirked. "My friend Neil would say you might be trying to flatter me. Well, he'd say it more colorfully," the Klingon amended, "But most of these here are not warriors and there isn't much honor to be held in slaughtering what did he call them...Sheep?. Some sort of herd animal anyway."

The Klingon took a sip from her drink and bit off a sigh at it and then said, "But your comment on the Klingon warrior is what most see and to be honest, it hits home more often than not. This is an uneasy alliance and uneasy times given the problems with the Romulans and their associates. At least that's the view from my position. What do you think Ensign?"

Eleanor pondered for a moment, her views had certainly sparked debate and caused issues before, after all she was one to speak her mind. "The problem is not with the Romulans, they are doing what they must to survive after all the federation did abandon them in their hour of need. And then this room of sheep as you say, wonder why things are so tense and fragile." she paused finishing the drink from the flute, she looked at the Klingon and simply let go of the glass, it feel, smashing into pieces on the floor "That is the state of our alliances." she said as the gaze of the room fell upon her at the sound of the breaking glass. "They are fragile, and once broken very hard to put back together, and what do we do about it, we stand around drinking champagne and pretending another is wrong within the mighty federation, but things couldn't be further from the truth, I fear the future and I fear our allies like the mighty Klingon empire, will finally see through he smoke and mirrors the federation portrays."

The room began an awkward mumbling, people whispering and glaring at Eleanor, but she simply smiled and picked up another flute, before turning back to the Klingon. "Oh one does apologise, I do go on at times, but I've always spoken my mind much to the annoyance of my superiors."

Larta met the Ensign's eyes and half smirked and showed her teeth, "If all was right, when the Romulan's showed weakness, they should have been invaded and brought low. Give them dignity in honourable death...the only honour you can expect of their kind."

The ambassador considered for a moment then finished, "And even that may be expecting too much." She let that thought ferment for moments and then said, "But, that is neither here nor there. Playing to the stereotypes is what diplomats do best. As far as speaking your mind, that is refreshing. I can see where it would give your diplomatic corp apoplexy."

Dana pondered on what the Klingon had just said, no species deserved to be invaded and brought low, or be given an honourable death, just become of some preconceptions against their race. Afterall every species had the ability to have a dark side, centuries ago, humans used to kill each other, countries were bent on global domination and inequality was rife. Even the Klingons own history was clouded. Instinctively giving a little smile, she replied in a soft gentle manner.

"Well, sometimes it takes a refreshing viewpoint to get people to consider other options or solutions. I sometimes think the groaning old men get fixated on a single point of view, with their suggestion been the only possible outcome, something which they will try and debate on for hours on end when it is blatantly obvious there assumptions and viewpoint are mute or irrelevant, but you still have to massage their ego and say what a brilliant plan it is, but oh wait, what if we.......insert own idea here and turn the tide of the debate. I like a challenge, especially when it is something that I am passionate about."

"That's part of the diplomatic negotiating process," Larta agreed. "As far as the dark side of any race is concerned, it is worth noting that baser instincts always lurk below the surface. How deep that surface layer is is what is known as grey area: and where Diplomats earn their keep by being able to judge and operate within."

The ambassador looked about the room and sighed, "And speaking of testing surface layers, I should mingle a bit more. It was nice meeting and speaking with you, Ensign. Give my regards to your Captain?"

"Qapla, may you die in glorious battle, instead of infuriating debates," she said with a smile as she gave a little head nod in appreciation to her fellow diplomatic colleague.

A joint post by;

Ensign Eleanor Raine
Diplomatic Adviser, USS Pioneer

Ambassador Larta Daughter of Shog
Commanding Officer, Ram Cha' Par
House H'rell Bird of Prey


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