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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 @ 6:22am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Ensign Eleanor Raine & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani
Edited on on Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 @ 6:37am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD004 0830 hrs
2156 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

With all of the excitement of the battle, and then their new orders, followed by the memorial service, Tyler had forgotten to greet the new members of the crew. Among these new members was a Mission Advisor. He looked down at the PADD. "Eleanor Raine, a relative expert on the Romulans. Wonder what she knows that I don't already know." Tyler said aloud but to himself.

He glanced over to Sofia who was sitting on the couch doing some paperwork. Tyler hoped that she had gotten used to his idisycracies by now. "Hey Sof, do me a favour and have Ensign Raine come up here as soon as she can.

"She's already on her way up Captain." Sofia said. She knew he would want to meet her and always tried to keep a step ahead, keep him happy. Sofia had moved towards him and placed a PADD down, this contained the details of the woman's service to Starfleet and a little personal history. "And there's a lot of things women know that you don't sir," she said with a smile. Their relationship had gotten a little more relaxed after the last mission and their time spent together of late in the aftermath.

Tyler smiled, he was both happy and upset about Sofia's injury during the battle. Upset because he felt that it was his fault that she was injured, but happy that she was okay. It seemed to Tyler that the time Sofia spent with Makeba had done the former some good. "One step ahead of me as always. You better be careful otherwise the crew is going to wise up to the fact that you really run this ship." He smirked and sipped his coffee.

"Oh, I think they already know that Captain." she smiled as she poured him a fresh cup of coffee. Sofia had noticed he had just finished the cup in his hand. "Got to have someone to look after you, sir. Your wife would have my head if you didn't come home perfectly caffeinated and stress-free." She smiled. As she turned she felt a phantom pain in her stomach. The memory of her injury had some psychological 'ghost' pains but she quickly righted herself.

"You know in command school it was said that your Yeoman would become your work spouse. I guess that is really true. Thanks for everything Sof but I think our hardest work is ahead of us. Lancaster wants us to work our magic with the Romulans. Not sure we can pull that off unless they want to work with us." Tyler spoke with a smile as the sweet aroma of fresh coffee filled his nostrils. This was the second cup of the morning.

It was always good to get acquainted with one's command staff, after all, she would certainly be working closely with them and it was important to establish a good rapport, after all, that's what Diplomats did. The Pioneer was a little smaller than she was hoping for, but still, one could not moan for her first official posting, and you had to start somewhere. Reaching the Captain's ready room, she lifted her chin, straightened her back and pressed the call button, her uniform was immaculate, nothing out of place, not even a hair out of place, she had worn it up, in a bun, clearly within regulation, finally, she inhaled a deep breath and waited.

Sofia walked up to the door and opened it. She smiled at the woman before her and waved her inside. "Morning Ensign."

"Ensign Raine. Good morning, come on in. This is my Yeoman Crewman Cipriani. Have a seat..." Tyler smiled as he motioned toward the seat in front of his desk. The smile was a genial one, a smile one would use for business. After everything that this ship had been through Tyler was a little leery about new crew members.

"Goodmorning, Crewman." She said, shaking the other lady's hand, not too hard and too gentle. "Pleased to meet you, I'm sure if I need anything, you are the women I need to see," she said with a smile, before diverting her attention to the Captain.

Eleanor noticed the Captain's smile, after all, she too was a master of the facade so she could certainly tell his smile was cautions, focused down to the business smile. "Captain, a pleasure," she said standing to attention. "Ensign Eleanor Raine, Diplomatic Advisor, jack of all trades reporting as ordered, Sir," she said reaching her hand across the desk. Her handshake with the Captain wouldn't be as gentle as with the Yeoman, she needed to show and establish that she was just as capable as others in her position, and not the weaker of the sexes as some of her other male diplomatic counterparts thought, rather that or all women used their body and gender to sleep with everyone to get their own way.

Tyler took the handshake and was unsure what to make of it. A bit too forceful to be friendly, but not forceful enough to be authoritative. "I have been reading up on your work during our journey here. You have had quite the career thus far. Albeit a short one..."

Tyler was not sure why the fleet thought he needed an advisor. The whole fleet was here, well according to Lancaster they were. So why did he need an advisor. There was a part of Malbrooke that regretted that she was here.

"Indeed, it is funny how events lead a person down a specific path in life, if it wasn't for the destruction of the Utopia Planitia Shipyards, then I certainly wouldn't have joined Starfleet. But here I am..." she said pausing for a movement "Ready to severe, and I certainly hope to prove that you will be able to rely on my advice and diplomatic skills in our upcoming missions." she stated, maintaining eye contact with the Captain, she had learned to trust her gut, and she had that feeling that he wasn't happy to see her.

Tyler leaned forward, the mention of Planitia had perked his interest. "You were at the destruction of Mars. That must be some story. Do tell?"

"I was, I lost my brother that day..." she said pausing and giving a look that indicated she wasn't going to say anymore. After all, it was still a sore subject for Eleanor and she didn't know him that well yet.

"Do you know what is going on with the Romulans? I am curious why we are being pulled halfway across the galaxy. There have been a lot of rumours, but what can you tell me to prepare." Tyler had to see what she knew if anything, this was his way of gauging how much of an asset to the crew Raine would be.

Sofia brought Raine over a glass of water. She may not have wanted a drink but Sofia was nothing if not a good host, even if her illustrious boss had forgotten. It was the little things that made a difference she always thought and she made the effort to do so. It was strange to hear all the classified information Tyler often spoke about, she was still getting used to that.

Eleanor simply nodded to acknowledge the glass of water that the crewman had just put down, she immediately reached out and took a sip. "Well, I know lots about the Romulans, I mean after all the Star Empire did have god knows how long studying the artifact, what information did the Tal Shair obtain studying a Borg cube," she said, slightly leaning forward and raising an eyebrow. "I mean the Federation certainly knows a lot about the Borg and has studied some of its technology, but a whole Borg cube to study..." she paused again, just to emphasize her point. "They could now have technology that surpasses our own."

Tyler leaned back in his chair for a moment. The Artifact was something that Tyler needed to know more about. "Go on Ensign you have my attention." He was beginning to think that he missed a lot while in the Trivas System, and that he did not know exactly what he was in for.

That's without mentioning the Romulan Republic who we almighty pissed off by abandoning them. You have to admire Picard in some ways, he certainly did speak his mind about it and for one I agree, it will certainly take more than sorry to appease the growing distaste for the Federation, I mean it's not as though we were liked by them before, never mind now. But look I'm just wittering on, see what happens when you get me talking about a topic I'm passionate about."

Tyler nodded... "And that is something we will need. Someone who is passionate about getting on the same page as the Romulans. Right now I think our biggest worry is the three factions that are developing in the area as well as any new factions that may rise. We need to assist the Romulans in developing a stable government somewhere."

Eleanor pondered for a moment, did he not just hear what she had said..."With all due respect sir, the Romulans feel betrayed, even the symbol of the Federation inspires disgust, mistrust. It is not going to be as easy as just offering to help. The Romulans have been betrayed too many times by the Federation. I mean for example keep putting your hand in a fire and getting burnt you quickly learn not to put your hand in the fire ."

"We cannot give up on them." Sofia said out loud, clearly her brain not engaging the filter that was supposed to stop that. Both Tyler and Ensign Raine looked at her. "Sorry..." Sofia said getting flustered, she didn't know a lot about the subject to offer an opinion. "I'll just tidy up." She began to clear the empty cups off the table.

Tyler smiled at his Yeoman, he knew that it must be tough for her, as she heard all of this and wanted to voice an opinion. However, decorum prevented her from doing so. "I have a tendency to agree with Crewman Cipriani. We can't abandon them, however, you are also correct Ensign, they are not going to accept us or welcome the help. I think that is where you come in. Whenever, we have dealings with the Romulans I expect you to be at the forefront, proving to them that the Federation is here to assist and can be trusted. What do you think Ensign?"

"Oh, I do not disagree with you or your Crewman's opinion, we certainly can not give up on them. However, getting them to trust anything we say will be another matter, but I have a few contacts and I am sure I can get them to sit down and talk to me at least, and as soon as I'm settled in, I shall send out some feelers, gauge the mood," she said with a smile.

"Excellent Ensign. Settle into your quarters and relax for a bit. As soon as you are ready to give me a holler and we will proceed. If there is nothing else that you need from me you are free to leave." Tyler said with a broad smile. "Oh and Ensign... Welcome aboard the Pioneer. I do not envy the work that is ahead of you."

Sofia giggled. "Give me a holler..." she said to herself quietly as she placed the cups into the replicator and dematerialised them. Sometimes the Captain's language amused her.

Eleanor nodded, "Thank you Sir, I will certainly holler a requisition request when I go over what I have and what I need." she said, slowly getting to her feet "And it's a pleasure to be here, I look forward to getting to know you and your crew." she said saluting the captain as she headed out of the ready room, she stopped and looked at Sofia. "Crewman, thank you for your hospitality, perhaps when you get the time, you would show me around the ship?" she asked, pondering what information and gossip she could gain, woman to woman

"My pleasure ma'am." Sofia replied giving a little nod of respect. "I'd be more than happy to show you around."

Tyler had learned a few things in the short time that he spoke to this new Ensign. But the most important thing was that he should not let the sweet demeanor fool him. This woman was a shrewd diplomat, and Tyler was glad that she was on his side.

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