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Posted on Thu Aug 8th, 2019 @ 12:33pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Colonel Emilio Woods & Major Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Thu Aug 8th, 2019 @ 1:31pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Bridge - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD010 1030 hrs

Tyler knew that when he first took command of the Pioneer and was told that he would have a unit of Marines aboard, he wanted the Marine CO to be the Second Officer. However, times and missions kept things changing and the fleet being what it was prevented that from happening. Now that was all about to change. He smiled as he took the small wooden box which bore the seal of the Starfleet Marine Corps and placed it in his pocket.

As Tyler strode out onto the Bridge from the Ready Room he was greeted by another Marine. "Captain the General sends his regards and apologizes that he was unable to attend this auspicious occasion. He sent me in his stead, I am his Chief of Staff Colonel Woods." Tyler shook the man's hand "Colonel welcome to the Pioneer and I am glad that you can come witness this." He tapped his comm badge. =/\=First Lieutenant Tremble please report to the bridge.=/\=

Neil paused as he was crouched behind a bit of superstructure and just preparing to move when Malbrooke's voice came over his helmet's speakers. He checked his HUD and the mission profile indicator was flashing green, then went yellow.

Sighing, he straightened and looked around, he'd been busy maneuvering on the outside of the station for four hours and had only marked six of the ten places on the Ops plan of the day.

Which had been a staged ingress and capture of Empoc Nor. Neil's job had been to plant explosives on the various hatches which would seal small craft, like the marines fighters, into their bays.

So far he'd gone unnoticed. Now he'd probably have to start all over.

But, Marines go where they're ordered.

"Aye aye, Captain. I'll be along directly," he acknowledged. Then activated his homing beacon and seconds later transported out.

There hadn't been time to change, just pull on boots and beret after pulling the Mark IV off and racking it. So he went in the body glove under suit and beamed from Empoc Nor directly into an empty the turbo lift, and gave it directions for the bridge.

You didn't keep starship Captains waiting.

The turbo lift stopped, the doors popped open and Neil stepped onto the bridge. Taking in those present, he stepped forward, then stopped the prescribed distance from the Captain's chair and saluted. "Lieutenant Tremble, reporting as ordered, sir."

"Prompt as always Mr Tremble thank you for coming. Here have a seat." Tyler had been standing next to the command chair, of which he now pointed to. "Tell me how does it feel? I have been told it is a comfortable seat." Tyler smirked and turned toward the Colonel. "Colonel Woods if you would be so kind as to man The Cure's station just there to your left." Emilio knew what was going to happen, it was something that Malbrooke and he had worked out. He took the station and ordered all members of the Cure to the bridge. When questioned he simply replied that it was an order from a full bird Colonel.

Squinting slightly, Neil complied slowly, deciding this was it. The M-mobile designator of the Cure made it a Captain's billet. He, might be more or less trained in the Mark IVs, but he wasn't proficient and the Cure needed someone that was.

Or it was the combat drugs screwing with his mind. It might be that too.

Neil slid into the center chair on the Pioneer's bridge and then looked around expectantly.

Slowly the members of the The Cure emerged from the turbolifts and stood around the bridge. Some knew what was happening and others had no idea. Tyler smiled "You see Mr Tremble when I took command of the Pioneer I had a vision on how she was to be run. Most of that vision has come to pass. There is however, one gaping hole and that is where you come in. However, I need to make sure you have what it takes. Now I could ask you to order one of these people to their deaths. But that would be too easy for a Marine, it is what you all have trained for. So instead I want you to simply discover what is out there. Do you think you can handle some simple exploration?"

Tyler's words weren't making a lot of sense to Neil. He peered at the Captain, glanced toward the Colonel and said "Yes sir, I'm a Marine."

"Right then... Here we go..." Tyler would propose the hypothetical right there in front of everyone. Sometimes it is better to put someone on the spot rather than run an entire simulation. "So the Captain and XO are away on a diplomatic mission. You have the bridge!" Tyler began to walk around the bridge as he spoke. He would stop and smile with members of the Marine unit. He even went as far as testing how sharp Flarn's tusks were. Tyler made sure to stop at different bridge stations as he spoke about them. "Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil has discovered a new nebula on sensors. One that has never been explored. He recommends diverting the ship to investigate. Upon arrival at the nebula a never before met alien race contacts you. They state that the nebula is in their space and if we want to explore it we would have to give them phaser technology. They are a warp capable species however, their weapons are in the stone age compared to ours. What do you do?"

Woods could not help but smile when Tyler had finished. Malbrooke had concocted the most unmarine like scenario anyone could think of. The Colonel was curious where Tremble would take this. He watched closely, taking note of Temble's body language as well. If Malbrooke and Sobel were going to make Tremble a Captain Woods wanted to know exactly how he ticked.

Neil didn't move in the chair, knowing his command's eyes were on him and a few were likely happy to see their CO in the hot seat for a change. After a few beats, he said. "Captain, I would tell them that while we would enjoy the opportunity to explore a nebula that was new to us, we would respect their claims over the territory and, if they would like, would arrange a diplomatic envoy to discuss their possible membership in the Federation. One of the benefits of Membership is shared technology."

"We do not seek membership in your Federation. Merely the means to defend ourselves and our territory. We have no issues with scientists such as yourselves entering our sovereign domain to investigate. We merely ask a small token in return." Tyler responded playing the part of the alien. He too could sense that all eyes were on Tremble. Tyler was not about to let Niel off that easy.

Woods saw what Tremble was trying to do, he was trying to let someone else deal with the issue. Diplomats or the fleet it was all the same to the Marine. Emilio knew that Tyler wanted to set Tremble as the third in line for command, this was a place that the General wanted Tremble to be in. As such Woods had to try to help. "Listen up Marine it is just you out there, you and this crew. No one is coming to bail you out. Settle the issue you get me..." Woods had not used the "Drill Voice" in quite some time. He hoped that it would spark Tremble into action.

"Yes sir," he responded instantly. Neil's shoulders squared then and he went with his gut. Looking at Malbrooke, he stated. "Nope. Sorry. I'm not that interested in a nebula."

Tyler stopped dead in his tracks during his circuit of the bridge, and nodded while smiling. "One last question for you. Do you think that you can protect this ship, and her crew with the same tenacity that you do your unit?"

"I always have sir," Neil said simply.

There was a short pause and silence on the bridge. This was a pause that seemed to hang in the air as Tyler Malbrooke considered what was next. Woods' voice broke the silence. "Attention! Call to orders" the Colonel's commanding voice rang out on the bridge.

Tyler reached into his cargo pocket an pulled out a small wooden box that had the seal of the Starfleet Marine Corps on it. "By the power vested in me as Captain of the USS Pioneer and with the blessing of General Sobel I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain." Tyler opened the wooden box and showed the two silver bars. "Furthermore after careful consideration and consultation with Commander Quinn O Flannagain we have decided to make you this vessel's Second Officer. This position comes with a lot of extra duties and is nothing to be taken lightly."

At Wood's order, Neil stood and came to attention. When Tyler made his announcement, he simply stood there at first then said, "Aye aye sir. I'll do my best to hold up your faith in me, sir."

It was Flarn who broke the silence on the brief silence on the bridge. "Three cheers for the Captain. Hip Hip..." He led the group of Marines in the traditional cheers with his loud deep voice. When the cheers died down Woods made his way to the man of honor with a smile on his face.

"Congratulations Major! The General regrets that he could not be here in person. On a more personal note I wanted to add that this is indeed a true and rare honor. There aren't many Marines in the chain of command of a starship." Emilio smiled broadly as he shook Niel's hand.

"There might be a reason for that," Neil chuckled, shaking the Colonel's hand. "But, I'll try to not let you or the general down either."

Neil then turned and looked over his detachment, "This means I'll be staying in command and, as always, there's a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time."

There was some laughter and groans at this and Neil shook his head, "After which, to commemorate my promotion and the Cure's new designator, I'll be providing beer."

There was a cheer then and Neil gave them a couple of beats, smiling then said, "Detachment 75747, Attention!" As one the Marines all snapped to and Neil turned on his heel to face Malbrooke and Woods.

"Permission to dismiss the Detachment, Captain?" Neil asked, after he saluted.

A small "heh heh heh..." was heard coming from Woods' mouth. When Tremble brought the unit to attention as a sign of respect Woods followed suit. He raised the salute and held it to match Tremble waiting for Malbrooke to give the order.

Tyler was not one for old fashioned salutes. He simply felt it was not Starfleet, however, in the past year he had come to understand Marines and their penchant for traditions. As such he raised a salute. "Permission granted. I have the bridge. As you were Major." Both Tyler and Emilio dropped their salutes.

"Aye aye, Captain." Neil said then turned, back to the assembled Marines and said, "At ease. All right you lot, beat it." Then he tapped his com badge, "Right. Transport control, one to beam back to bay 16, Empok Nor."

Then Neil disappeared in a transporter beam.

Woods leaned over to Tyler as the unit left. "You know there goes one of craziest SOBs I have ever seen wear the uniform." Tyler laughed to himself "He will have to be, to walk with Commander O Flannigain and I." The two officers laughed and Tyler gave Woods a tour of the ship.

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