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Law & Order

Posted on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 @ 5:53am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Gunnery Sergeant Flarn & Staff Sergeant Gaagii & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Ensign Dana Wakefield & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Holodeck 1 - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD008 1000 hrs

Tyler had been in the Ready Room, trying to figure out what in blazes was happening. How a test could have gone so awry. Notice from the bridge came that the JAG officer who would preside as the judge was arriving. They had not told Tyler who they were sending, simply that they were sending someone on the double and to be ready to put an end to this as soon as possible.

He arrived at the transporter room and nodded with a smile to the Chief. "Energize." When the transporter effect finsihed Tyler's jaw dropped as his sister stood there. "Sis what the hell! Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" She stood there in a command red uniform her Lieutenant's pips shining bright and a case slung over her shoulder that bore the crest of the Starfleet JAG office. She smirked at the greeting and stepped down off the transporter pad. "Actually Captain Malbrooke I am not here as your sister." She handed him a PADD and then continued to speak. "Those are my orders." Tyler nodded but looked confused he motioned toward the door. "Let's talk and walk."

They stepped in the hallway and started toward the turbolift. Tyler was going to escort her to guest quarters on Deck 2. She broke the silence with a smile. "Captain by the authority of Admiral T'Penga the Judge Advocate General. I Lieutenant Rachel Malbrooke am to preside over a trial. The matter of Starfleet Command versus Lieutenant Dana Wakefield will come before the court." Tyler had been looking at the PADD as she spoke and it verified everything she had said thus far. "Isn't that a conflict of interest Lieutenant, I mean this is your brother's ship." Tyler began the argument he did not think that this was right. "Do you question the logic of Admiral T'Penga?" was all Rachel needed to say to quiet her brother up. "Listen Tyler I do not like this anymore than you do especially because the Admiral is ordering you to serve as prosecutor..."

"No absolutely not. I will not help ruin the career of one of my officers." Tyler interrupted as the turbolift doors closed. "You don't have a choice, just like I don't. We are just going to have to get through this together as quickly as possible. To start I am going to need your security chief to find out who Lieutenant Wakefield would like to represent her in court. If she does not choose someone I will be forced to choose someone for her."

The two arrived at the guest quarters. Tyler sighed heavily and ran his hand through his hair. "I believe Lieutenant Wakefield would like Staff Warrant Masters to defend her. I will see what I can do in terms of making the rest of the arrangements." "You better be quick court is in session in four hours, Holodeck 1" Tyler nodded his agreement with his sister. "Oh and Ty dinner tonight on you on the station. You owe me..." She laughed at her big brother, it was a rare treat that she got to see him these days.
* * *

Ameri looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes held shadows that started the moment she had poured that pitcher of water over Dana’s head. It had begun a downward spiral for her that she was Finally coming out of. She heard Quinn getting ready, then he was in their living area talking in low tones to Enya. Finishing up, she headed out of the room and waited for Quinn.

"The JAG representative has just arrived," Quinn said, as he walked over towards his wife. They started to walk together. There was not a lot he could say to her. He could not believe things escalated as far as they did. Dana overstepped her boundary. He knew the evidence against his wife was a joke. They would have a hard proving she was a willing participant. At most, she should get office hours or an NJP. This was a fishing expedition. It was clear JAG was hear to make an example of someone.

“Whatever happens,” Ameri said quietly. “I did this. I will be fine Quinn.”

Quinn simply nodded, as he started to walk down the corridor. She was a witness, but he had a feeling that JAG might come down on her a little bit. This seemed to be a fishing expedition. He had no doubt, they may come down on him as well. "Keep your head up, and answer all there questions."

“And what you aren’t saying is stay calm,” Ameri said quietly. “I won’t react or raise my voice but I will be honest. In won’t Embarrass you again.”

"Don't worry about me. I am more concerned for you. This can not be easy for you. Testifying against one of our own. Knowing if she is found guilty, she could go to prison." Quinn said, knowing like her, he would have to testify as well.

“I don’t want to.” Ameri agreed. “But she needs help and it is the only way she may realize she needs it.”

"Well that will be the call of the magistrates office from JAG. I heard the magistrate, is tough." Quinn said, knowing her by reputation only. He was concerned for Dana, and her possible outcome.

“I understand,” Ameri said quietly. “I am partly to blame for this and I have to live with it.”
* * *

Dana was pacing within the limited space that she had, she was replying everything over in mind, the most recent events with her department, the fight with the Commander's wife, the assault on the marine. At least she had chosen the one person in the world that she knew she could trust and who would never abandon her...

Jen and Dana had hit it off the moment she had come aboard, they had had fun times together, especially the casino at the pleasure planet, yes Dana had not always been the friend she should be, but she knew Jen cared for her and watched out for her, that's why there was only one choice. Sighing she paced faster and faster, all she could do now was wait for her arrival and then see what options she had.

Jen walked into the brig. She looked to the security officer. He opened the cell for her and she stepped in. The officer closed the force field. She then turned around to the security officer. "I like a moment alone with her. You can wait outside in the hallway. You can return in 10 minutes. And don't make me quote the Starfleet by laws, I am an intelligence officer." She watched the man leave the room.

As soon as Jen was in the cell with her Dana wrapped her arms around Jen and she began to feel the tears well in her eyes. "I'm so sorry." she whimpered before she began to sob "I've done some terrible things."

Jen hugged her back and then said, "Now, please tell me what happened, I read your charges, but I want to hear your side now?" She helped her sit down. "And how come you are not sharing a cell with Lieutenant Ó Flannigain? I read in the accusation there were more people involved."

Dana took a deep breath before she had a lot to tell Jen, from what happened when she destroyed that ship, her lack of sleep, the dressing down of her crew, the insubordination and even the fight
* * *

Tyler sat at the prosecutor's table and looked over some notes that he had. He hated that they were making him prosecute one of his own officers. However, with the fleet officers being as young as they were these days JAG was taxed getting everything processed. He looked around the room and saw Masters, and Wakefield, Quinn, and Ameri. His wife had come to watch the proceedings as have many other officers. Some civilians from the station were invited to watch as well. He knew the time was getting close when two members of The Cure stepped into the courtroom to serve as bailiffs. They were wearing the Marine Class B uniform. A beige turtleneck, with a hunter green jacket, blue pants with red striping. They both had berets tucked into the epaulets of their uniform jackets. Around their waists was a duty belt that contained a phaser. Tyler sighed deeply and drew into himself as he awaited to trial to begin.

The holodeck had been programmed for a Starfleet courtroom. There was a centre desk elevated above the rest with a chair and the flags of the Federation and Starfleet behind it. Next to this desk was a smaller platform with a seat and computer scanner. This was to be used for witnesses. A few feet in front of the platforms and facing them were two tables one to the left side of the room and one to the right side of the room. This was for the prosecution and defence respectively. Finally, there was a series of rows of seats that was the gallery and to be used for guest to view the proceedings.

Staff Sergeant Flarn stepped to the centre and in front of the centre podium in a clear yet gruff voice, he spoke. "All rise! The General Courts-Martial of Starfleet, Second Circuit Division is now in session. The Honorable Lieutenant Rachel Malbrooke presiding."

Tyler's sister came striding in wearing a standard red command dress uniform. However, instead of rank pips on her collar, the seal of the Starfleet JAG office was present. Tyler knew that this was her first trial as a judge so he expected everything to be exactly as the book said, she did not let him down. She smiled to everyone who had gathered, Tyler hated that his sister's smile had a way of putting everyone at ease, she used this to her advantage in court situations. "Everyone except those involved in the matter before the court may be seated." She spoke in clear and precise diction as she sat at the centre desk. "Sergeant please swear in the parties."

Gaagii came forward and looked at the three remaining people. His soft melodic voice was a contrast to all that had been spoken thus far. "Please raise your right hand and repeat after me." He paused for a moment to allow everyone to do so. "Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Gaagii stood there and watched as in turn Tyler, Dana, and Jennifer took the oath.

"Alright, Sergeant Gaagii what matter do we have before this court?" Rachel asked as she reviewed something on a PADD. "Your honour today we have the matter of Starfleet versus Lieutenant Dana Wakefield. Captain Tyler Malbrooke to represent the fleet, and Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters to represent the accused." Gaagi turned to face her and spoke then took his place to the rear and right of Rachel. He moved with military precision and mimicked the positioning of Flarn.

"Very well prosecution, stand you ready to proceed?" She asked her brother. Tyler stood up "Yes your honour." Rachel turned toward the defence. "Defense, stand you ready to proceed?"

Jenn got up. "Yes, your honour!"

Rachel said and then leaned forward on the desk for emphasis. "Lieutenant Dana Wakefield you stand accused of conduct unbecoming an officer, striking a fellow officer, and insubordination. How do you plead?"

Dana felt every pair of eyes in the holodeck fall on her, waiting in anticipation to her response, her whole future would be decided here in this hearing, her career hanging in the balance. She turned and faced Jen looking for some reassurance, seeing a slight simple of her friends face Dana nodded her head, she recalled what she had said earlier.

"Your honour, after advice from council I plead..." she paused, drawing a breath "I plead, not guilty."

There were several gasps from the crowd and then lots of chatter began, the sound definitely went up a decibel as Dana stood shaking, her legs trembling from the sheer weight that she was under, she gently grasped Jen's arm to steady herself.

Quinn was not surprised. It was common practice to plead not guilty. He was curious, what defense Staff Warrant Officer Masters was going to conduct, to prove her client is not guilty.

Rachel half expected the plea however, she also expected the Lieutenant to throw herself on the mercy of the court. "Very well Captain Malbrooke your opening statement." Tyler rose and turned to face the gallery. "The prosecution plans to let the evidence speak for itself and therefore waives it's right to an opening statement." He sat back down and nervousness welled within him. Tyler knew that he could not throw this case. if he did someone would come after him for dereliction of duty. However, he did not want to win in any way, there was a way he could get both. The question is would he make that call.

"Very well..." Rachel began. "...Warrant Masters your opening statement please."

Jenn got up. "Thank you, your honor. Please allow me to start by saying that this is the first time doing anything like this. I have never defended any one in court so I intend to do it to the best of my abilities. Second of all, I am not only Lieutenant Dana's colleague, I am also her best friend. And I am the chief Intelligence officer on board the USS Pioneer. I was not only chosen for this position for my hacking skills. I also have an eidetic memory. And you probably wonder, how that is going to be of use in my case here."

She turned around and looked to Dana a moment and smiled warmly at her when she said, "I may have been blind, but my hearing was never better. And I listened. I heard the tone of your voice and heard every word you were saying. And when you visited my office the other day, I knew something was wrong." she looked back at the judge. "And I know that my memory is not enough to plead this case, but as a good intelligence officer, I now also have the evidence to back this."

Rachel cocked an eyebrow the legal edge that Masters was standing on was a fine one. But if she was a witness and had an eidetic memory this case might be over before it even began. "Thank you Ms Masters. Captain call your first witness."

Tyler stood up and motioned toward the gallery. "I would like to call Lieutenant Junior Grade Ameri O Flannagain to the stand." As Ameri walked to the stand Flarn came to meet her. "Place your right hand on the scanner and repeat after me. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

“I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” Ameri swore after she put her hand on the scanner. She hadn’t seen Wakefield since the altercation. She felt for the lieutenant and had she had a choice she wouldn’t be sitting there right now.

Flarn continued "Computer, verify witness." The computer scanned Ameri's palm and then spoke. "Identity verified. O Flannigain, Ameri Lieutenant Junior Grade. Assignment Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Pioneer. Serial number 66375/2." (OOC Howie: Ameri if you want to change the serial number go for it.) Flarn nodded satisfied with the computer results and returned to his post.

Tyler approached the witness stand. "Lieutenant would you please describe for us what happened on the day in question."

“I went to speak with Lieutenant Wakefield in regards to some rumors I had heard,” Ameri spoke calmly and clearly. “She...” Ameri didn’t want to do this l, her eyes met Quinn’s and he nodded. It was like she gained strength from him. “The moment I spoke to Lieutenant Wakefield she was sarcastic and insulting. I can’t remember word for word but she insulted me the crew, the ship, the command daughter.” She shook her head. “We both stood and I intended to go but she just kept at it. I was upset so I picked up a pitcher of water and dumped it over her head. Saying something about her cooking off.”

Ameri heard some of the crowd’s disapproval but she focused on what she had to say. “I turned to leave and Lieutenant Wakefield grabbed me by the hair, Her arm went around my neck and she continued to insult me.” Her eyes were on the captain as she paused. She continued after a moment. “I honestly thought she had lost reality, I was concerned for my safety and I fought back.”

"The comments that were made about the command staff etc... Were they provoked in any way?" Tyler pressed his questioning.

“Honestly,” Ameri replies. “I said some things I wish I hadn’t. It wasn’t a one sided diasagreement. Once the Lieutenant removed her rank, She made a comment about me being above my station I replied that she would fire herself. She complained about being on the Pioneer, pretty much that she was too good to be there.” She shook her head. “I don’t remember word for word what was said.”

Tyler sighed and motioned toward Masters. "Your witness Warrant."

Jenn went silent a moment as she let the information that was given to her by Ameri sink in. She looked a moment on one of the PaDDs she was having. Finally she walked over to the witness and then said, "Lieutenant "Ó Flannagáin, could you describe to me how you felt Lieutenant Wakefield came over to you? I am not seeking for the anger and aggressiveness, cause I think we all heard that pretty well in your story. I would like to hear from you, how Lieutenant Wakefield was, and I mean prior before her attack, prior to her even insulting everyone on the crew or the command team? Was she distracted? Talking to herself a lot?"

“I had only met the Lieutenant once before that,” Ameri replied. “On night shift while I was serving on the bridge. She wasn’t talking to herself however. She came on and saw me speaking to the on duty operations officer dressed him down in front of the bridge crew and made a few insulting comments to me as well.”

"And was this event in the past 7 days, or was this from before the past 7 days?" Jenn continued asking. Her tone was a bit monotone. This was because she liked to keep things straight.

“It was within the last seven days,” Ameri replied.

Jenn nodded to Ameri. "Thank you, Lieutenant." She then looked to the judge. "No further questions, your honor." She walked back to her seat.

Tyler called two more witnesses who attested to the sequence of events. He was careful to skirt the issue of the orders that Dana was under. Although he was sure that would come out in her defense. Within about two hours Tyler had unfortunately felt that he had proven his case. Thankfully without calling the XO to the stand. When he finally rested his case Rachel called a one hour recess for lunch.
* * *

Flarn called the court back to session in the usual pomp and circumstance and Rachel took her seat. "Now we have heard from the prosecution. However, all are innocent until proven guilty. Ms Masters the court is yours. Call your first witness."

Jenn got up from her chair. "I would like to call Captain Malbrooke to the stand." She could the whispers behind her, and she got that no one understood her strategy up till now. And calling the Captain was part of her strategy. She was reading a PaDD as she was waiting for the captain to take the seat.

Tyler immediately shot up to his feet. It was a bold strategy and he knew it but he could not admit that in open court. "Your honor I object. Counsel for the prosecution cannot be called as witness." Tyler said without a second thought, it was standard procedure and his sister the stickler for procedure should agree with him.

"Well Ms Masters care to rebut the objection?" Rachel turned toward Jennifer as she spoke.

Jenn got up. "Your honor, Captain." She nodded to each of them. "This may not be procedure, but so far I have only heard what has happened the last week. And the witnesses have confirmed my clients behavior. But our client wasn't like this before. I know, cause I have been close to the lieutenant. And of course I could call up the lieutenant to the witness stand, but I would like the show the court the other side of the lieutenant. And I think the only person that could help with this is the person that made this log. It describes the events happening on the bridge, on our last operations. This also because he was the one giving the orders that day. Am I right, Captain?"

She handed the PaDD she was holding to Tyler. "Feel free to show this to the judge. And you will notice it happened before the events described in this court so far. I am aware. But it does explain the mental state of Lieutenant Wakefield. And therefor I request the court to look at the whole picture of this situation, and not just the side of the witnesses." And then she added to that statement, "Or what is says in her personnel file. Cause I have read it."

Tyler scanned it, and after reading the first sentence he knew what Jen had done. Damn she is good. She is using my own logs against me. he thought. Gaagii took the PADD and brought it to the bench. Rachel took a moment to read it and when she looked up she had a fairly impressed look on her face. "Very well, due to this interesting piece of evidence. I will allow the Captain to be called as witness. However, Ms Masters I caution you tread lightly. Sergeant if you please." Her ruling came cold and calculated, it was the first time that Tyler had seen his sister in this light, without feeling that is.

Gaagii escorted Tyler to the witness stand and swore him in. The computer read off the list of Tyler's honors and commendations and when it had finished. He looked up at Masters with a cocked eyebrow.

Jenn walked up to the stand. "Captain, could you please confirm to the court this log is authentic and you were the one that made it? Also can you confirm you were on the bridge on that stardate, the same date Lieutenant was on the bridge?"

"Yes I can confirm that I had the command during the stardate in question. That is my voice and my Captain's log, filed with Starfleet Command. An after action log was filed at well." Tyler responded coldly, he was about to continue and tell them that this had nothing to do with Dana striking and officer. However, he knew better so his mouth simply opened as if he was going to continue and then closed just as quickly.

Jenn nodded after hearing the confirmation and crossed her arms as she continued, "And, Captain, Did you or did you not order Lieutenant Wakefield to use the transponder codes on, what was the ship called?" She looked a bit clueless at the captain. She knew the name of course, she just said she had an eidetic memory. And she knew the captain knew that too.

It seemed that Masters had a flare for the dramatic. However, Tyler was not going to bite, at least not fully. "It was the USS Fearless, and a shoot to kill order was issued by the Admiralty months before we got to her. It was stated that if she was ever spotted in enemy hands she was to be destroyed by any means necessary. Transponder codes was the easiest and quickest way. I would do it again if needed..." His voice trailed off, Tyler had no idea where Masters was going with this line of questioning but she better get there fast.

Quinn listened on, wondering what this had to do with the orders given to Wakefield, to test his wife. There appeared to be no connection. So why bring it up, he wondered. What was her end game with this?

Jenn nodded quietly, and then said, "And would you want to do this again?" She Moved her hands around the court, but then quickly pointed at him and said, "Never mind, I think I know the answer to that one, as no one wants to be here right now. Not even Lieutenant Wakefield. And yet here we are. This is my question, was the Lieutenant aware of the 'shoot to kill order' at the time? Was she briefed of this?"

He squinted at her Tyler knew that Masters above anyone knew better. She knew that information was only shared when it needed to be. "The order was a matter of public record. However, no the Lieutenant was not briefed as there was no time. No one suspected to find the Fearless there. Also my orders were to lower the shields so the ship could be disabled. If we did not do that the crew of the Fearless would have used the warhead and destroyed the Pioneer. It was not my fault nor was it Dana's fault that the crew of that ship overloaded their systems."

"Captain, you are not on trial, and Dana is not on trial for that matter either," She assured him. She turned to the judge. "Your honor, the reason I brought this up, is because what this event did to Lieutenant Wakefield after this. Her aftermath. The entire mission left scars on everyone here, I should know, I almost got my eyes poked out by one of our own."

She turned to Dana a moment and then back to both the captain and the Judge. "Six days ago, Lieutenant Wakefield came to visit me. I think she needed someone to talk to. She told me what had happened. Because of my medical condition I wasn't up to date on all that happened on the ship. I barely heard all the reports from my own department. Lieutenant Wakefield needed a friend. But at the time I couldn't have known what would happen. I could tell she was quite taken by the event. I tried to reassure her that what she did was the right decision. She came to visit me the day I got back on duty, I knew then something was up. I was given the reports and the complaints of her own department. I ordered the marine on duty to shoot her when she ran away. He had stunned her. And today she told me again all that had happened. She told me she is not sleeping, even the medication the doctor prescribed her to help her sleep hadn't helped her."

Jenn fell quiet a few seconds. "No further questions. Unless the captain would like to question me."

Quinn thought that was a far stretch. Jenn was not a medical professional. She is the intelligence officer. He wondered if Dana went to any of the medical staff, and even if this was legit defense. Why didn't she tell him, that she was emotionally compromised?

Rachel leaned back in her chair to think for a moment. All of the evidence being presented was valid and warranted careful consideration. "Captain you cannot cross examine yourself. However, I will allow you to enter a statement into the record to rebut the line of questioning proposed by Ms Masters." Tyler nodded in the affirmative that he would like to give such a statement.

"I have failed Lieutenant Wakefield. There I said it, and it was something that needed to be said. I should have paid more attention in the aftermath of that mission, should have seen the signs. Just like Dana should have come to me, Dr Ballston, Counselor Zano, or Counselor Ovaa. However that is all would have, should have talk. That is to say it is in the past and cannot be restored. If the Lieutenant was feeling the pressure of the job then she should have sought help. That is no excuse to remain on duty and to strike a fellow officer. It is this Captain's opinion that the accused be handled lightly, but that she pay the price for her actions. Thank you." Tyler resolutely finished speaking.

"Captain you are excused thank you..." Rachel began by addressing her brother and then turned to the crowd at large. "We have heard a number of testimonies here, the evidence has been presented. This court will stand in recess so I may deliberate." Rachel said as she rose to her feet and collected the data chips containing various points of evidence.

"All rise respectfully!" The Tellarite Marine shouted. He seemed to be enjoying his job a bit too much.

* * *

Roughly two hours later Gaagii and Flarn called everyone back into the courtroom. "All rise! The General Courts-Martial of Starfleet, Second Circuit Division is now in session. The Honorable Lieutenant Rachel Malbrooke presiding."

Rachel walked in and sat down, the look on her face was one that was weathered as she had just been through the ringer as it were. She motioned for everyone to sit. She sighed heavily as she sat and the Marines took their posts again. "Striking a fellow officer is a grievous offence. If for no other reason than it shows dissension and uncertainty in the fleet. This is something that no officer can abide. However, one cannot overlook another's mental state. It is our duty to help not penalize the people in this condition. Upon evaluation of the evidence namely the testimony of Lieutenant O Flannagain, it is the opinion of this court that Lieutenant Dana Wakefield was not entirely at fault in this situation. As such we are prepared to render a verdict at this time. Will the defendant please rise."

Dana swallowed hard, this was it, the end of her Starfleet Career as well as jail time, how would she cope, what would she do when she got out? She gently reached for Jennifer's hand and gave it a little squeeze.

Jenn gently tapped Dana's hand. She remained calm for her friend.

"It is the findings of this court that Lieutenant Dana Wakefield be reduced in rank to Ensign. That she be transferred from the USS Pioneer to serve in the Operations Department aboard the USS Underwood. We hope that she seek the assistance of Starfleet Medical to work out her demons. This court is adjourned." Rachel grabbed her PADDS and hurried out of the room.

Tyler took note in the change in the demeanour of his sister and planned to talk to her about it. For now, he smiled in the direction of Wakefield. It could have gone a lot worse. "Congratulations Dana! I am sorry it had to come to this."

Ameri stood next to Quinn. “I am certain there are some things you need to take care of here, with the captain. I am going to head home.” She was relieved this was over and that Dana had a chance to change things. She silently wished her well.

"I'll see you after a bit," Quinn said, as he looked over to Ameri, and then back at Tyler. She was right, there were a few things they needed to discuss.

Dana's jaw nearly hit the floor, a demotion to Ensign and a transfer to the USS Underwood, but that was her farther's vessel which meant...she slowly turned her head to the side and there he was, stood with his arms crossed at the back of the Holodeck, he did not look amused. Nearly jumping out of her skin, she turned back to Jennifer.

"Shit my father's here," she whispered

Jenn heard her whisper and turned around to the stern looking admiral. She turned back to Dana. "That is your father?" She whispered back.

When Ameri stepped away. Tyler looked toward Quinn and then to the Admiral. "Number One we have company, and this is not going to be good."

Quinn saw the arrival of the Admiral and nodded solemnly in agreement with the Captain. Things were definitely not going to be good.

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