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How The Mighty Have Fallen

Posted on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 @ 5:54am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Ensign Dana Wakefield
Edited on on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 1:16am

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Brig - Deck 9 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD007 0900 hrs

The Wakefield situation, well that was what Tyler was calling it in his head, had boiled over into a mess. What was about to happen was something that Tyler never thought would happen. Fighting among his crew this was insane. He stood outside the Brig and sighed heavily when he turned his head to his left Tyler saw his trusty XO approaching. "Well, Quinn this is knee-deep in the big muddy as they would say back in Oklahoma. I can't believe something like this could or would happen. Not here, not our crew."

"Well Lieutenant Wakefield, really expanded the scope of my directive to her, Captain. I take responsibility for that part." He said as he walked up to Tyler and Dana. He was very upset with Dana. The test did not go according to plan. Why did Dana go overboard?

Dana was unaccustomed to been confined, she was laid on the bunk on a thin mattress looking up at the ceiling, recent events were mulling over in her mind, how had she let things get so out of control. At least she had provided the crew with some gossip and entertainment, no doubt her recent antics in the mess hall would be the talk of the ship.

"Agreed... We are going to have to find out why she went overboard and see if she is capable to proceed. I am presuming that Lieutenant O Flannagain is going forward with official charges." Tyler spoke as he walked into the Brig. He was immediately taken by what he saw. Dana seemed withdrawn if he did not know better Tyler would have thought that she was a different person. She just laid there on the bunk. He glanced toward the Brig Officer. "Chief you are dismissed." "But sir..." the Chief began. "That is an order." Tyler cut the man short.

Quinn walked over to the cell. "On your feet Lieutenant Wakefield." He stated in a clear and yet monotone voice. He was not sure, there was anything he could do to help her out of this situation. She had dug her own hole, and now she was laying in it. The least he could do was stand by her side.

Dana slowly turned her head and narrowed her eyes to see who it was that was talking to her, it took a minute for her eyes to adjust before she realised it was the Commander and Captain. She took a deep breath and simply rolled her eyes before getting to her feet, standing to attention. She wasn't the only party involved in this ordeal yet she seemed to be the only one confined to the brig. She gently bit down on her tongue, she really wanted to say something, but she was already in enough trouble.

Tyler opened the cell, he could already tell that Dana was on the defensive and he wanted to put her at ease. "Relax at ease. We are here to find out exactly what the heck happened. We know that there are always three sides to every story. We already got one, now we want to hear yours so we can piece together the third. However, to begin do you have any questions for myself or the Commander." He spoke normally, that is to say without anger. In truth, Tyler wasn't angry or even disappointed. Fights happen in confined spaces like a starship, however, when it came to Dana there seemed to be something more going on.

Quinn waited to see what Dana was going to say. This was her chance, to make sense of what transpired. His only question was why? Dana abused the scope of her authority, and he wanted to know why.

"No questions, sir," she said relaxing her stance a little, what could she say, they already knew what had transpired and she didn't want to incriminate herself, so the best thing she could think of was to maintain her silence.

"Do you understand the charges being brought up against you?" Quinn said, wanting to make sure she knew she was facing. Quinn looked to Tyler and then back at Dana.

"Yes, Sir. I'm looking at the end of my career with possible jail time." she snapped back, at this point she no longer cared, what would they do, just add yet another charge.

Tyler sighed "Arguments come and arguments go. Why did you swing? I know you know better than this. I need to know why. Perhaps then we can try to get through this with as little damage as possible."

"I didn't start this one," she said glaring at the Commander "I was provoked, a full pitcher of water poured over me, I simply reacted..." she said cutting herself off, she had already said too much and it was the Commander's wife, he didn't deserve the disrespect.

Taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself, she really did respect both men, but things had been difficult for her recently, plagued by nightmares of what she had done and this was too much for her, clearing her throat she coughed "With all due respect, I will say nothing further without council present."

Tyler stood up and nodded agreeing with her. "I was hoping that we would be able to settle this without a court-martial. However, requesting council is your right. Have you selected someone who you would like to represent you?"

"Sir, Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters," she said confidently, knowing fine well that her friend would never let her down.

"Very well I will make the necessary arrangements and have Masters connected with someone at JAG to serve as an adviser. Lieutenant entirely off the record here... Why? Why are you self destructing? If it is help that you need we can arrange for a Counselor to come meet with you." Tyler spoke emphatically, less like a commanding officer and more like a friend.

Quinn stood behind Tyler, remaining silent. This was already hard on him. He felt a little bit responsible for what had happened. Setting up the scenario. But Dana's actions were hers alone. Nothing could change that fact.

Dana looked up at the Captain, her eyes briefly meeting his, was she self-destructing or was she just going crazy. "Sir...I.." she stopped, what could she possibly say, that she was going off the rails, that she couldn't cope, that she feared she was losing her mind, no one would look at her the same way ever again. "Sir, just know. I never wanted to be an embarrassment to this ship or to yourself, and for that, I apologize, I...I..." she stopped and glanced at the Commander "I have nothing else to say." and with that, she turned her back on them both.

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