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The Same Face On Another Officer

Posted on Fri Aug 9th, 2019 @ 7:19pm by Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson
Edited on on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 11:46pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: USS Pioneer Various
Timeline: MD003 1700 hrs

The Officer had come on board. She arrived 3 hours ago on a transport on Empok Nor. After she heard the Pioneer was docked here, she took a leave from the her posting to visit her sister. She was still in uniform, as she hoped to go shopping at Empok Nor with her sister, doing sister things. And as a bonus she brought Her daughter with her. Walking through the hallways of the pioneer she noticed people were looking at her.

The friendly person she was, she just smiled and nodded to them. She had already checked in to guest quarters on Empok Nor. And now she was walking on the Pioneer. The Intrepid class almost looked like the interceptor she served it, but of course she also noticed the differences.

She hadn't told her sister she was coming as she wanted to surprise her. But people were looking strange at her. after a while she started tugging the collar of her uniform a bit and moved Emily to her other arm. Maybe she should get a stroller when they would walk the Promenade.

She walked up to an officer. "Excuse me, sir, could you help me, I am looking for someone?" She tapped the officer on his back.

Quinn was waiting for Ameri and Enya to meet up with him, when he noticed a woman, that appeared to be in the wrong style of uniform, then he remembered, she had a sister. "Certainty, what can I do for you" Quinn asked, thinking to himself, the resemble to her sister, was very striking.

The Officer was happy to have met someone friendly. She noticed his rank and continued, "Commander, I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Linda Masters, Operations officer, I was looking for my sister, Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters. Do you know where I could find her? And I do apologize if I caused some confusion on the ship with my appearance. I am on leave and I hadn't had time to get out of my uniform. I had hope to go shopping with my sister and get some new clothes here on Empok nor with her."

"I know she came onto the station earlier, but I have not seen her in some time." Quinn said, as he paused for a moment, then continued on. "I can message her, if you like. I have a suspicion, you want to surprise her?" Quinn asked, hoping he was right.

"You are right, sir, I want to surprise her." She smiled. "Well, I guess I should head back to the station then. Unless you think there are other places she could be, sir?"

"Upto you, I am always happy to accommodate reunions." Quinn said, wondering what Linda wanted to do. He happened to notice Jayden approaching them. But waited for Linda to respond.

Jayden came to a stop several feet away. He needed to speak with the Commander. He glanced over and his eyes widened. Had Wakefield or Michael already been replaced.

"How can I help you Mister Robertson?" Quinn asked, as he looked to Linda, and then over at Jayden. He assumed it had to do with Dana, in some sort of fashion.

“It does But..” Jayden looked over at the unfamiliar Officer and back at him. “Did we lose someone?”

"No, we are gaining another officer. Ensign Robertson meet Lieutenant Linda Masters." Quinn said, as he pointed to Linda.

“Nice to meet you, Lieutenant,” Jayden held out his hand to shake hers. “Welcome aboard.”

Linda moved her daughter to the side and then took Jayden's hand. "Nice to meet you too, but I am not staying. I am just visiting. I think Captain Williams would like me back after this." She smiled. And then added jokingly, "She would have Captain Malbrooke's head if he held on to me." She laughed.

"Ha, ha. My bad Lieutenant. I thought you were transferring aboard. The Captain and I, are trying to make the Pioneer, a more family friendly place." Quinn said, with a smile on his face.

She smiled. "That is nice commander, I am already on a family friendly place. Do you have children, sir?" She inquired.

"A daughter, why do you ask?" He asked, a little curious, to know why she was asking. Maybe he just gave off the father vibe to her.

"Just curious," Linda explained, "You said you and the captain wanted to make the Pioneer a more family friendly place, so I figured either or both of you have children, sir."

"Do you have children?" Quinn, in his mind. It was only fair, she asked him. So he should be able to ask her.

Linda moved her daughter to the other side and said, "Emily," and she pointed to the baby. " The apple of my eye. 9 months old now." She smiled.

"How precious." Quinn said, feeling a little dumb for asking her. But he had been wrong in the past. It was better to feel dumb, that have a woman upset at you. "What about you Robertson, any kids yet? I heard you won the heart of a feisty engineer." Quinn said as he looked to Jayden.

“None,” Jayden shook his head. “And I am in no hurry.” He didn’t know quite what to do so he just said it. “Check your messages, Sir.”

"Sorry, I was trying to be funny." Quinn said, as he apologized to Jayden. "I did not mean to start anything." Quinn told him, wondering if he was a little sensitive.

Jayden relaxed a bit. “Sorry Commander, I would love kids some day but first I need to get my career on track.”

"I have learned, to expect the unexpected and things happen for a reason. But its a worthy goal, trying to get your life in order. But if I may, that will be hard to do. We constantly change things in our lives, as we grow as a person." Quinn said, with a big boyish smile on his face, he looked to Linda and then at Jayden.

Linda nodded to Jayden and Quinn. "Commander, Lieutenant, please excuse me, I think I will continue look for my sister. Thank you for the information, commander." She then walked along the hallway heading the direction Quinn said after 11 was.

"Not a problem, good hunting." Quinn said, with a big boyish smile on his face. He hoped Jennifer would be excited to see her twin sister.

Jayden looked over at the Commander. "You might want to read your message now, sir. Lieutenant Wakefield and Lieutenant JG O'Flannagain had an altercation and both are in the brig." He had been trying to tell him since he got here. "I was sent to inform you. I have to go meet with security for my briefing." He turned and headed off.

A Joint Post By:

Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Linda Masters
Operations officer/Sister Jennifer Master
NPC Jennifer Master

Ensign Jayden Robertson
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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