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Mr. Tumnus visits the Security chief

Posted on Fri Aug 9th, 2019 @ 7:57am by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Mr Tumnus
Edited on on Fri Aug 9th, 2019 @ 11:16am

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Security chief's office
Timeline: MD001 1000 hrs

Mr. Tumnus had left sickbay. After sleeping on the chair of the 'Doctor' he had to go back to work again. The two legs in 'sickbay' had to rest and he had to go back to work. There was a lot more of this world to explore. And a big world it was. It wasn't long before he found a new place. It didn't look like sickbay. And it certainly didn't look like the room with the female two legs. And the two legs here were wearing different fur coats. He knew the red and black, blue and black in sickbay and the two legs female was wearing grey. This was yellow. He has seen them before. When he first came in to this world. Not as a kitten, because as a kitten he was somewhere else. But not so long ago he came here, where here is. A new world. he saw them.

Mr. Tumnus has been afraid of them. They always seem to run and yell a lot. So this is where they lived. One of them even pulled him out of the tunnels once when he got stuck there and they took him to sickbay. But he was mostly scared, and was not in pain.

This place had magical doors as well. He walked in a room that was kind of like the room with the doctor and the two legs female. It had a table with things on them and a chair. He saw one of the two legs in yellow walking around the room. This must be the leader of the two legs in yellow, he thought. Cause he figured that the leaders always had a room like this. With a table and a chair. He jumped on the table and accidentally hit some of the stuff on it and they fell on the floor. Startled Tumnus jumped on the chair and hoped the two leg yellow leader didn't notice.

Larim was filling a padd when he heard the things fall from his desk. He made a confused noise as he walked over, finding a picture of his wife. He sighed in relief as he saw that it was alright.

As he put time back he heard a squesk from his chair. Investigation revealed that he had a guest. "Oh. Hello there." He smiled, He picked the cat up so that he could sit. "Where'd you come from?" He asked as he scratched behind his ear.

Tumnus closed his eyes and pulled his head backwards as the yellow leader scratched him behind his ears. He made purring noises. The yellow leader was a friendly. And he could get used to this. He nestled himself in to the yellow leaders lap, still purring satisfied.

"You hungry?" he asked, knowing the cat couldn't tell him. But that's all he could really thing of as he continued to pet.

The two legs just asked Tumnus if he was hungry. His ears moved up. He then moved his head up slowly and looked to Larim. He then tilted his head. "Meow..." Was what came out of his mouth softly. As his mouth closed he licked his lips. He had not other way to communicate with these humans. But he did learn certain things of their way of communication to understand what they meant. And asking if he was hungry, meant he would get food or a treat.
Patiently he waiting for the Two legs to get him food.

Larim walked to the replicator, Tumnus in tow. One problem, he knew next to nothing about cats. "Uh... computer. One cat treat please."

"Specify flavor"

"Uh..the most popular." The treat materialized, and he promptly gave it to the cat.

The cat looked to the treat the yellow two legs had put in front of him. He went closer to it and smelled it. That was his favorite. Chicken and cheese. He move closer and started to chew the crispy treats that lay lay before him. As he chewed it he allowed the two legs to pet him.

Larim smiled as they walked along. Larim headed out to the outer office. He had to check readouts after all.

Tumnus licked his lips clean as he followed the two legs. He then started to wash himself. He then looked at the two legs at what he was doing. He softly purred.

Larim simply smiled.

After that delightful treat he looked around and found the chair behind the desk. He jumped on to the desk and then jumped on the chair. Softly purring he curled himself on the chair and fell asleep.

A joint post by

Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Mr Tumnus
Ship's Cat, USS Pioneer


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