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Finding a Place

Posted on Sat Oct 12th, 2019 @ 10:58am by Master Chief Petty Officer Stanislav Boothroyd
Edited on on Thu Oct 24th, 2019 @ 1:19am

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Mission: The Drumhead (Empok Nor Premier)
Location: Quartermaster's Office - Central Core Deck 2 - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD005 1100 hrs

Lie'halla stood outside the door she had been looking for, "here it is, quartermaster."

It wasn't hard to tell she was a bit perturbed from her talk with Richard over subspace. The physician had asked her if she could start negotiations with the Cardassians. There was little love between the two governments and she wasn't looking forward to the prospects of dialog with them. She was dressed in a blue Azzian gown with red and green flowered embroidered into the fabric. She looked good in it and if she was to do this she needed to.

Pressing the device that would ring the occupant she waited taking a deep breath and putting on a more pleasant demeanor.

Stacey bounded to the door and opened it with a broad smile "Hellooo, welcome. Please, Please Come in. Take a seat, make yourself at home" He enthused, motioning to the armchairs, He clicked his fingers "Igor. Bring some tea for our guest."

An exocomp floated off one of the chairs and headed off into shelves.

The Azzian looked puzzled at the odd floating contraption that had scurried off on command, "Igor?" Lie'halla had not been off her homeworld long enough to completely understand the reference or the propensity of some to name imaginary objects off of characters in books.

She walked in and looked for the seat mention and headed there waiting for the man to return. "Are you the Quartermaster?" "I need to speak to him regarding reserving a location on the station."

"Yes, I'm the Quartermaster. Everyone calls me Stacey." Stacey offered a handshake "And, yes, that is my assistant, Igor. Handy small fellow."

He sat down in one of the chairs, picking up his clipboard, "Any preferences on type and style of location, ma'am ?"

The woman nodded at the man and offered a smile, "yes, I am Lie'halla Ve’hassi and I serve as the lead ambassador of the Azzian Empire for this region and also an ambassador to the Federation."

She studied the man for a moment and then added, "I will be opening talks with the Cardassians prior to the arrival of Afli’okti Dov’jao Hoto’ Sako’tob Ve’hassi, the lead Azzian Ambassador to the Federation will be arriving shortly." She paused a moment and then continued, "She will need quarters for the extent of her stay."

Taking in a deep breath, "I also have a greater concern, I am to begin talks with the Cardassians in advance of Ambassador Afli'okti Ve'hassi's arrival and she will continue those talks once she arrives." "We will need a suitable neutral location for these talks that will not offend the Cardassians sensitivities or those of the Azzians."

Stacey pulled up a schematic of the station, "My apologies, haven't been on this station long, still having to use a map. There is an unoccupied Wardroom on the docking ring between pylons 2 and 3. It has a direct view of the Cardassia system from the windows, and given the architecture of the station is also Cardassian, should help with their sensitivities." He explained, pointing to it on his board.

"Perhaps, you could assist with suitable Azzian decoration, madame ambassador?"

Lie'halla nodded and offered a smile, "I will be pleased to assist in any way I can Mister Boothroyd." She tilted her head, the room sounds quite amicable," the translator seemed to sputter, hesitate and spit out the last word slightly as if not sure how to translate it accurately much Lie'halla's dismay, "I shall try this again with another word, "the wardroom is acceptable for a location but could we have a round table at which the sides could be seated?" The expression showed she was more comfortable with how her words sounded back to her and she nodded, "I am making an effort to ask that the Federation act as a mediating partner in these talks and I would like them to be seated in between both parties." "We, that is the Azzians, have only been freed to roam the galaxy and interact with other species for a relatively short time and I understand that our language has been difficult to translate adequately and we ourselves have had little time to become accustomed to the vernacular and phrases of others so having this mediation may smooth over some misunderstandings." The woman nodded and added, "we will need adequate computer systems as well to perhaps illustrate what is being discussed and further our understandings of what is intended to be communicated."

"I can understand you perfectly, madame ambassador, and if I may be so bold, your accent sounds wonderful. I see no problem in having things exceed your expectations in terms of decor and any aids in communication you may need. Of course, as I do this, will make sure I am following your wishes, and I should have it ready for you in three days at the latest" Stacey replied earnestly "Here is a catalogue of designs for you to choose from, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I'll go and find where Igor has gone with the tea."

Lie'halla took the offered PaDD to peruse the designs as she was invited to. She looked at the man and offered a friendly smile. The woman nodded at the man as she replied: "thank you for your assistance Master Chief, it is refreshing to see receive such service."

Her eyes fell back to the PaDD and she began looking through the designs. At first, she shook her head not finding those designs acceptable and then her smile returned, "this table is perfect."

The table was round but not solid through the middle with enough seats around it for everyone to be comfortable. Each seat had a com station available which would allow or translation and visual images if necessary.

"Just press the red button next to it, that'll start up the replicator downstairs. As for the seats, I have one here somewhere if you want to try it for comfort." Stacey returned holding a tray "He couldn't find the good tea leaves."

Lie'halla nodded and pressed the button and tilted his head, "good tea leave?" She smiled and stood to try out the suggested seat, "where do your leaves come from Stacy?"

"Oh, a friend sends them from a tea plantation on the Beta Tauri colony, I must remember to send back a thank you note for these. What do you think about an ochre colour for the furnishings ? To Cardassians, that shade of blue is the colour of mourning." Stacey answered, looking at the chair, stroking his beard.

Lei'halla tilted her head, "ochre, a reddish clay color will work just fine."

Stacey wheeled out the chair, and brushed some dust off it "Here we are, if you want to try it for comfort and ease of use, Madame Ambassador? I'll get a meeting with operations scheduled for any systems that need to be changed for the computer displays or environmental levels, I find the station a little on the cold side at times, which wouldn't be suitable of deliberations."

"Azzia, my homeword," Lei'halla said as she looked at the chair, has a warmer climate as well, tropical in some ways." She smiled at the man as she sat in the chair, "though the temperature isn't just my consideration, the Cardassians would have a say in it as well."

"Of course, do you have a person I may contact in that regard ?" Stacey asked, finally picking up a cup of tea, and taking a quiet sip "Given the current political rumors, would like these talks to go well in every regard, so I can retire in peace."

"You are near retirement sir," Lei'halla smiled broadly, "I am sure it is well deserved." He nodded then furrowed her brow, "as I am unsure who will be present from the Cardassians at this point, perhaps, the Executive Officer for the station, Glinn Kalim would be willing to suggest s suitable temperature for that would be agreeable for the Cardassians."

The woman nodded as she stood, "I better get back to my office, Master Chief." She bowed again towards the man, "it has been a pleasure to meet you."

"That it has been, Madam Ambassador. You are always welcome here anytime, for any matter." Stacey reciprocated the bow " I shall have things ready for you by tomorrow evening."

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