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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Mr. Tumnus Visits The Injured

Posted on Wed Jun 26th, 2019 @ 4:49am by Bones EMH Mark V & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Mr Tumnus
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD001 0900 hrs
2245 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Of course all the tumult and the shaking of this world hasn't passed Mister Tumnus unnoticed. The two legs are in distress, and so was Mister Tumnus. After hiding in his little corner in the box room, the two legs called it 'a cargo bay', he came out of his hiding place. He looked at his feeding bowls. They were empty. The two legs in red and black fur coat, forgot to feed him. But mister Tumnus wasn't upset about this. He imagined that the two legs were in such distress, they were unable to come down here.

After a thorough bath, he walked to the magical doors. They opened as by magic, as expected. The two legs that walked through it didn't notice him ran out of the box room. Mister Tumnus was sure the two legs were in need of his services right now, and there for he couldn't stay where he was. And he knew the very place where he was needed to be.

It took him some time to get there as this place was very big and Mister Tumnus was lost a few times. But finally he found it. This place had magic doors too and he walked in and saw the spots the two legs were sleeping on. The two legs call it 'sickbay'. Mister Tumnus was here before. It wasn't that pleasant. He had fallen and broken his back leg. But the 'doctor' did something to fix it. And he also removed something too. That was a weird experience. But the doctor had said it had to be done.

But this was also the place where the two legs came who were hurt. Here was where he would have a lot of work to do. He slowly walked around, causing the two legs in the room jumping around as soon as he came too close. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice. Mister Tumnus followed the sound of 'her' voice. This was the female he met in one of his previous adventures. He hoped she could help him now. He looked for the female in the sea of people.

Due to the sheer amount of injured during the battle, and the fact that a good many of the injured were medical staff, Bones had been left active to assist in the care of the patients. At the moment he was tending to Jennifer Masters. "Well Ms Masters let's see how those eyes of yours are healing." He said as he unwrapped some bandages from her head. Bones examined the woman's injured eyes and he both liked and disliked what he saw. "Well the good news is you are able to have them off for about an hour or so. The bad news is I am going to have to re-bandage them. Over the course of the next two days you will come in here and have the bandages off briefly. That is until your eyes are fully healed." He began to put some eyedrops into her eyes. A solution of mainly saline but contained some anti-inflammatory medication as well.

"Right," Jenn said sighing and continued, "Why does it have to be 3 days? And why wasn't mister Calhoun called for when I requested that several times." She looked in front of her as she opened her eyes and slowly blinked. Her vision was a bit blurred. She looked around as it took some time for her vision to return. She blinked again a few times and looked in the direction of the EMH. His face became a bit more clear. "Why do you like my uncle Herbert?" Was all she could say.

As soon as she said that the cat that snuck in to sickbay jumped on the biobed and purred to Jennifer. "Mister Tumnus!" She exclaimed excited. She started to pet the cat. She was happy to see a familiar face. And she was happy he was still around. She heard the ship got quite a beating.

Bones looked at Masters quizzically. "Are you sure those eyes are working? I was given the visage and personality of Dr Leonard H McCoy. Chief Medical Officer of the original USS Enterprise and later Admiral and Head of Starfleet Medical. I assure you I do not resemble your uncle." Bones glanced at the cat as it jumped on the biobed. "What is that doing here? This is a medical facility not an animal shelter."

Jenn blinked again and she could see his face more clearly now. "Oh yes, I see it now. Doctor McCoy." She then looked down at Mr. Tumnus and kept petting him. "This is Mister Tumnus. He is the ships cat. He is always roaming about the ship if he is not in the cargo bay. That's where he is usually kept." She turned to the cat again. "Oh poor thing, were you all alone in the cargo bay. And you come to comfort the injured. That is so sweet."

As the female two legs spoke to him he purred even louder and head butted her hand, hoping she would get him some food. He opened his mouth to tell her that. "Meow!" The sound was kind of begging.

Jenn looked up and around the room. A nurse just walked by. "Nurse, could you bring Mr. Tumnus some food please."

The Nurse looked a moment to the cat and then nodded and walked to the replicator.

Tumnus saw the nurse walk to on to the magic window again. Food always came from there, so he walked to the edge of the biobed and followed the nurse closely at to what she was doing. As soon as the bowl of cat food appeared did he jump off the biobed to receive his food.

Bones sighed as he was exasperated. He could never figure out why humans had the need to grant sentience to non sentient beings. However, his was not to reason why. With the animal out of the way Bones continued with the eye exam. "Now please read the eye chart" The hologram knew that the exam he was administering was exceptionally out of date. However, it was what he preferred.

Jenn sighed and then looked at the chart. "E, F, P, T, O, Z, L, P, E, D, P, E, C, F, D, E, D, F, C, Z, F, E, L, O, P, Z, D, D, E, F, P, O, T, E, C....." She narrowed her eyes a bit to read the last bit, "L...E....F....O...D, P, C...T." She leaned back up. "There, I read it."

Richard stepped out of his office and glanced over at the furry creature on the biobed and chuckled, "well, do we have a new patient or do we have someone to cheer up our patients?"

"Warrant Officer Masters your sight has returned and I pronounce you fit for duty. Try not to get your eyes gouged out this time." The EMH spoke curtly and then placed his tools back on the cart. He moved onto his next patient.

After that nice meal, he washed himself a bit and then noticed the doctor in the office. Mr. Tumnus went up to him and put his tail up. Hey doctor, nice to see you again. He then moved around the two legs known as the doctor. He stopped a moment and looked around sickbay and then saw the doctor that was with the two legs female. He went up to him and began to rub up against the two legs. He was also a doctor he saw.

The hologram had been tending to his next patient when he felt a slight disturbance in his photons. He looked down and saw the cat rubbing against his legs. "Dammit I am Doctor not a scratching post. Can someone get this feline out of the way. We have patients here." Bones called out.

Jennifer walked over to Tumnus and picked up the cat. "Doctor, he wasn't using you as a scratching post, sir. He just likes you I think." It was quite a big cat she just realized and as she picked him up, he just hung his paws down. So he was just hanging there. She put Tumnus back down on his paws.

Tumnus wasn't fond of being picked up by the two legs, but it has happened so often now, he sorta have himself up to it. As he was back on his four paws again he went over to the next biobed.

Hermia was busy with a patient. The poor soul's body had been peppered with shrapnel after a plasma conduit exploded. Luckily the fire suppression system had worked, so he didn't have any plasma burns. She was slowly removing the former pieces of bulkhead and repairing the damage. She had to be slow and precise as some of the pieces were embedded in major arteries, and if they were removed too quickly, he could bleed to death. She was on the last piece when the cat appeared.

Tumnus had jumped on the bed next to where Hermia was working. He sat quietly, just observing what she was doing. The two legs female was doing something with the other two legs on the bed. Finally he put his right back leg up and started to wash it.

Hermia finished up her work, what her patient needed now was sleep. Noticing the cat, she approached him slowly and tickled him behind his ear. "You're a handsome boy aren't you?" She said.

Tumnus got up and his tail went straight up. He liked all these nice two legs giving him all this attention. Hen purred satisfied to the female two legs in blue. He didn't disagree with her when she called him handsome. He turned his head all around her hand.

Then he jumped off the biobed. He looked around the room and saw the two legs in blue standing in the smaller room of this big room. He was the leader of the two legs in blue he noticed. He ran to him. He was the one they called doctor he remembered. He started to rub against the 'doctor's' legs. Doctor, I am ok, just pet me He tried to say to the two legs. But all everyone could here was meowing and purring.

Richard looked down at the furry creature that was content to brush up against him. He chuckled and sat his PaDD down on his desk to pet the soft fur, "hay there, finished vinished visiting already?" His leg still hurt and although he wasn't using his crutches as much the leg wasn't quite up to its normal state. The Azzian bent over and ran his fingers through the feline's hair, "it was nice of you to stop by Mr., I hope you do it often."

Finished visiting? He thought. No, I am going to sleep on your chair later. He had decided. Besides there were still people he hadn't seen yet. And he would definitely come back. He had seen a lot of places he could nap here.

The azzian kept petting the furry creature and thought about the distinct differences between Betazoid Cats and those kept by pets by humans, "there's a moter running inside of you."

Tumnus agreed with the doctor. As he kept going around his feet and his hand to be petted. Then he stopped and looked to see if he missed anyone. He then noticed a two legs in the corner in bandages. He jumped next to him on his bed. He purred. It was hard but he could still recognize the scentl. This was the two legs they called COB. Weird name for a two legs. Slowly he graced his hand with his head. COB He purred.

When there was no reaction he sat down and looked a moment to COB. It was so sad how he sat there. Then he meowed a little before he got up and licked COB's hand softly.

Then he jumped off the bed to over to the other patient. It was a female two legs. He never seen her before yet. She didn't look happy. He jumped next to her on the bed. He graced softly at her arm. He took in her scent. This way he could find her again. He knew she needed some comforting.

Then he left her as a doctor had to attend to her. He hurried in to the office of the leader doctor. He found the chair and jumped on it and sniffled it first. Turned a few rounds on it before he curled up to sleep.

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