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Do we have time for this?

Posted on Fri May 17th, 2019 @ 1:38pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Petty Officer 1st Class Tobias Beckett & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
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Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: MD005 1000 hrs

Quinn started his debriefing with Starfleet Intelligence, with him sitting in the center chair. Around the table was Captain Tyler Malbrooke, Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters, Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun and Petty Officer First Class Tobias Beckett. He was held his head up high. He knew this was going to be intense on both sides. "I'm pretty sure Starfleet Intelligence has a lot of questions me and my away team, but I have a few questions as well." Quinn said, as he waited for the intelligence to lay into him.

Tyler sat at the head of the briefing table with his back to the windows. Those windows usually looked out at the grandeur of space. However, at the moment all that could be seen was a Cardassian park. The USS Pioneer was undergoing repairs before take off. His mind wandered to all that had transpired briefly, that is until the sound of his XO's voice brought him back to the presence. For the first time since meeting Tyler was in total agreement with his XO. It seemed that Starfleet Intelligence did not have the right information, and as such his ship and his crew took a beating. He knew that it was not the faulty of his Intel Department. However, he needed answers, for now he rested his head on his hand and awaited the team to speak.

Tobias Beckett sat with his arm in a sling. He had an abundance of things to say. However, he knew his place and awaited his superiors to speak first.

Billy Calhoun had not slept in a couple of days. With Masters out on the Away Mission he had worked around the clock in the SCIF. The wear and tear showed on the old El Aurian's face. His cap was slightly askew. He rubbed his hands on his face in an effort to become more awake. "Sir I think I can speak for the whole unit when I say, shoot." He smiled and leaned back in his chair.

"That's one way of putting it." Quinn said, from his chair. He leaned back in it for a moment, before continuing on. He sat forward, and pressed on with the meeting. "This is a briefing not a pointing fingers game. It appears that either our intelligence on this situation was wrong, or we have a mole either feeding us in accurate data, or relaying our strategy."

Jenn was in thought, and finally leaned forward. As department head she needed to speak up. "Captain," She nodded to him before she turned to the first officer. "Commander, I understand your concern in this matter. Whether or not we were operating on false intelligence I can't answer at this time. As you know, we officers, enlisted or not, follow orders. And if we are ordered to do something we will do that. For the moment I want to assure you I will devote all the resources of my department to get to the bottom of this."

Quinn expected the answer of Jennifer. This was not his first time trying to pull information from the intelligence community. They were all about stats, numbers, facts, probability factors. The one thing, they hated to do, was guess on anything. He admired her towing the red tape line response. She did not fall for his classic, we both have questions for each other response that he opened with. "While I appreciate your candor in this manner, I am curious, how long will it take the intelligence community to get to the bottom of this?" He asked, hoping to get her to settle on a date for an update. He wanted to find this mole, he had a feeling the mole was part of a larger problem. Something that went beyond this little cardassian uprising.

Tyler exhaled hard through his nose, something he found himself doing quite often lately. The stress was mounting, and once more he missed his wife. However, this was the situation that needed to be dealt with. "Jennifer I understand that and sympathize. However, my sympathy can only go so far. Both the weapons from the Maquis and the Cardassians were cutting through every defense we had like a hot knife through butter. If it wasn't for the quick thinking of Lieutenant O Flannagain and Corporal Kunadt's piloting we would not be sitting here today. For that I need answers, and damn the orders. I want to know what the hell is going on here. If it is hearsay fine tell us that, but give us something." Tyler addressed his comments to the whole group but they were mainly meant for Masters, he knew how tough it was being a young Department Head. However, in this matter he had to back up the XO, Quinn was right plain and simple.

After the Captain had finished speaking Tobias leaned over to Jennifer and whispered. "With all due respect Ma'am I think it best we tell them about what we have been working on." Calhoun heard what Tobias said and nodded grimly at his superior, at the woman he loved. He was in agreement with Beckett.

Jenn was seated leaning back in her chair. Somewhere she was weighing her options, maybe. She listened to the First officer and then the captain. And when both Beckett and Billy spoke out to her as well she simply sighed and leaned forward. "Very well, captain. I can tell you what we are working on. I can't go in to deep as some details haven't been confirmed yet." She folded her hands. "I debriefed Starfleet intell's asset, Miss Xoica. She has told us about a mole on Empok Nor." She paused a moment to see the reactions on their faces.

She didn't give them time to respond as she continued,"But as you know, we can't afford to take this information on face value. I got a name from Miss Xoica, but without proof or anything more, I can't give you the name of this individual. And also, Miss Xoica told me that this individual has been brainwashed by the Cardassians." She leaned back again to let that sink in with both the captain and the commander.

"You think this mole, is behind this ambush?" Quinn asked Jennifer directly. He was concerned this mole almost got them killed. Which was probably, the plan. A plan that backfired. He wanted to bring this mole to justice.

"Commander," Jenn said trying her best to hide her frustration, "I told you, all I know is that my asset gave a name and that the mole is serving on Empok Nor. He has been brainwashed by Cadassians. All I got is rumors that something on Empok is going on, that this individual does show odd behavior. And the word of a Jelna arms dealer. She said she heard it from a bragging Cardassian. I even got the name of this Cardassian." She crossed her arms. "Shoshanah." She closed her eyes. I am not giving you the name of the mole just yet. Cause if you start your crusade on Empok and my information was wrong, I get the blame. No whether or not he is responsible for the ambush, I don't know. Miss Xoica wasn't that forthcoming with that information."

Tyler leaned back in his chair he understood where Masters was coming from and the situation she was in. However, if there was a mole brainwashed or not they needed to get to the person and stop them. "Jennifer I understand the situation you are in. However, unless you have orders from above my head to keep this quiet I am going to need to know. Here is the thing, if I or Captain Winfield, or the CDF act on this information and it is wrong the repercussions will fall to us not you. I do not want to have to make this an order, I would much rather talk this out."

Beckett simply glanced around the room. He was a fish out of water here, this was the land of officers and he had no idea why he was even present. Although a small part of him did enjoy watching Masters get chewed out.

Calhoun sensed with the Captain's words that tensions may go high here and the listener in him kicked in. He held out his hands as if breaking up a fight as he spoke. "Captain, Commander, Ma'am listen I think I may have an answer where we can all win. In our line of work we typically do not to present information until we are sure of it's accuracy. However, I can understand how dire times, call for dire measures. In terms of the mole I am going to have to agree with the Warrant Officer. The time is simply not right to reveal that yet. However, let us look at what we do know." He began to tick these things off his fingers as he spoke. "First we know the weapons from both the Cardassians and the Maquis broke through all of our defenses. We know that they normally do not possess the technology to do that, so the only answer is that they were given our shield frequency. If we suppose that no one on the Pioneer gave that information, then it is available on Empok Nor. So perhaps we ask Captain Winfield to take a look at his people and who would have access to that information. Inform him that we have strong evidence that there is a mole in his roost. As for the Cardassian woman, I think a little operation may be in order. Perhaps we go undercover and meet with her I think with our friendly neighborhood Maquis that should work."

Billy sat back when he was done laying out his plan. Tyler was fairly impressed with what the Chief had planned. He looked toward the Commander and then toward Masters. "What do you think of the Chief's plan?"

"It's a risky plan, but I don't see any other alternatives. It's your call Captain." Quinn said, as he looked over to Tyler. The plan itself, would either make the mole feel more at ease, or push them over the top.

Tyler was inclined to agree with his XO on this one, but he wanted to see what his Intel Chief thought. "Which means either way we will find out who the mole is for sure." He added and he looked over at Jennifer the ball was in her court now.

Jenn smiled. "Well, have the captain of the Empok look in to it. As for the Cardassian. I would suggest to send in Xoica. She had dealings with this woman before. She is a weapons merchant after all. I am just not sure she would deal with the Maquis. But that is my two cents in the matter. It is as the commander said, your call."

"Very well Ms Masters I put it to you. However, I want someone going with Xoica. I put the planning of this into your capable hands. Number One does this alleviate some of the fears you had discussed?" Tyler spoke in an effort to end the high tension meeting.

"Some sir, I am not happy about being in the dark, but I have learned to trust Warrant Officer Masters, she is a capable officer. And if she believes this will work, that's all I need sir." Quinn said, as he hoped he did not send Jennifer on a suicide mission.

"I can go with miss Xoica, and in addition I would like a security officer or a marine to accompany us, " Jen suggested. "I prefer a marine, as our security detail." She was already planning out the thing in her head.

"Very well we will be putting into Empok Nor for repairs. Plan your op and submit it. You will need to be back before the repairs are complete. If there is nothing else you're dismissed." Tyler spoke very clipped. The truth was he hated being in the dark but there was nothing for it.
'Yes, sir," Jen said. "If they got a brainwashed snitch on Empok Nor, I would like to know if my informant was right."

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