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Petty Officer 1st Class Tobias Beckett

Name Tobias Joseph Beckett

Position Data Systems Analyst

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

PNPC By (T Malbrooke)
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tobias seems very disinterested with his appearance. His uniform is never perfectly pressed but also never out of regulations. He stays in shape just enough to pass his physical fitness tests but works out just enough to that end. Tobias keeps his beard trimmed and hair is always neat.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tobias Beckett Sr.
Mother Kathy Susan Beckett
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Tobias Sr. grew up with 14 brothers and sisters. This means Tobias has many cousins and aunts and uncles. He jokingly calls it the "Beckett Clan"

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tobias is a charismatic individual that is in love with his job. It is rare to find him with out a smile on his face. His love for practical jokes and good nature has made him infamous with the crews he's served on, but while he seems to not take anything to seriously he's extremely serious in regards to his work. Most of his crew want to be friends with him and he is often the person that will make you drop your guard and tell something you've never shared with anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Charismatic - Tobias has a presence about him. When he walks in a room most people notice him.
+ Facial Deception Expert - Tobias has always had a natural talent at reading people through there gestures and facial expression.
+ Driven - Tobias likes the challenge of his job. He knows that there is very little he can't accomplish if he sets his mind to it.

- Mistrusting - As Tobias has always been able to read people easily. He's become jaded at knowing that even those closest to you lie.
- Unprofessional - Tobias considers himself an excellent Intelligence Officer, but a horrible crewman. He's always had an issue with military protocol.
Ambitions In truth, Tobias has no short or long term goals. He is living his dream and loves the job he does. He knows to many promotions will take him out of the Intel Shop environment and he is concern that his latest assignment to the Pioneer as Chief Intelligence Officer will have him playing logistics rather than getting his hands dirty.
Hobbies & Interests Tobias enjoys camping, fishing, and hunting. Something about being in the outdoors without technology to help you has always made him feel at home. He enjoys the challenge of survival and serenity and beauty of nature.

Tobias is also obsessed with old earth road vehicles, car and motorcycles. He is often found covered in grease after putting together an engine and enjoys the adrenaline of a race to the checkered flag.

Personal History Tobias Jr. was born to Tobias and Kathy Beckett the owners of a small country bar in Sumter, South Carolina, Earth. Even though he was their only child his father had 14 brothers and sisters so he grew up with many cousins his age. Tobias was known as the practical joker of the "Beckett Clan," a nickname Tobias Sr had given the family. At a very young age Tobias seemed to understand how people worked. He could tell when his parent's were lying to him and learned to read gestures to know when someone was upset or happy.

In school he could always spot the bullies and made sure they were never in a place to hurt him or anyone else for that matter. By using humor and practical jokes he was never without friends and was even more good nature when the practical jokes were aimed at him. As a student he was mediocre at best never doing more than he had to pass.

As he grew up it was clear that Tobias would work the bar his parents owned, but Tobias wanted more for himself. He wanted to see the galaxy and be on a Starship. His grades were no where near good enough to get him into the Academy so upon his 18th birthday he enlisted into Starfleet against his parents wishes. Tobias scores on the SEVAB (Starfleet Entry Vocational Aptitude Battery) gave him his choice of job and the recruiter talked him into choosing Intelligence.

When he arrived at Starfleet Basic Training, Tobias fell in love with the organization and protocol. He wanted to be the best crewman to ever graduate basic training and excelled in training. Upon completion he arrived at Military Intelligence School in Arizona. Through out his time there he found his natural ability to read people made him top of his class in interrogator school. He wanted to be the best interrogator Starfleet Intelligence had ever seen.

Arriving as a full Crewman aboard the Insignia Class, USS Regal, all his desires were crushed in the first few months. It seemed the Commander of the Regal had very little use for an Intel department and his Chief Petty Officers had gone away from military protocol in the department. Work on a day to day involved sitting around and watching vids from his console. Occasionally, he was tasked to help with the mess or run maintenance with engineering.

Tobias' next assignment was to Starbase 33 as part of the 4th Fleet's main Intelligence Asset. When he arrived he was a little shocked to see a real Intelligence Department work. In the Intel rank didn't seem to matter. The crewman's abilities were more important. It was common to see a Petty Officer running the shop while the Senior and Chief Petty Officers handled the administrative running of the teams. Tobias fell into his element and received plenty of notice from the Command staff of the 4th Fleet.

Upon Promotion to Senior Petty Officer, Tobias was transferred to the USS Tigerlily, a Norway Class Vessel, as Inteligence Specialist. In this role he was meant to gather all the different intelligence from the Intel department and compile them into reports that the command staff could understand. Tobias had a way to simplify these reports without losing any vital information and helped the Tigerlily meet many a mission prepared for almost any situation.

The command staff of the Tigerlily and the Chief Intelligence Officer noticed the hard work ethic of Tobias and recommended him for Warrant Officer Candidate School. Tobias passed WOC school with flying colors and was given the rank Warrant Officer and upon returning to the Tigerlily was promoted to Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer. In this role Mr. Becket, as Warrant Officers are referred to, ran a tight shop. Intel gathered was timely and relevant to the Tigerlily's mission. As it was nearing the end of his assignment Tobias was worried about his next assignment. His memories of the USS Regal made him think at any moment he could end up on a ship with no interest in a Intelligence Department.

Tobias recieved, his new orders, Chief Intelligence Officer a board the USS Pioneer, an Intrepid Class Vessel under the Command of a first time CO Lieutenant Commander Tyler Malbrooke. Tobias looks forward to this new step but is still apprehensive to a new assignment. The only thing he knows is he will dive into his work and make sure the ship has any Intelligence it needs for the task at hand.
Service Record May - Aug 2386 - Crewman Recruit -Enlisted in Starfleet, Basic Training Charlotte, South Carolina
Aug 2386 - Feb 2387 - Crewman Apprentice - Interrogator School, Tuscon, Arizona
Mar 2387 - Feb 2389 - Crewman - USS Regal, Interrogator
May 2389 - Jul 2391 - Petty Officer 3rd Class- 1st Class, Starbase 33, Interrogator
Jul 2391 - Jan 2392 - Senior Petty Officer, USS Tigerlily, Intelligence Specialist
Feb 2392 - May 2394 - Warrant Officer, USS Tigerlily, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
May 2394 - Warrant Officer, USS Pioneer, Chief Intelligence Officer
May 2394 - Demoted to Petty Officer First Class and Intelligence Specialist for Conduct Unbecoming