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Semper Futile? Part II

Posted on Thu Oct 4th, 2018 @ 3:54am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Chief Petty Officer Sha’Zen D'Tem & Sergeant Azure Thompson
Edited on on Thu Oct 4th, 2018 @ 4:02am

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Federation Science Station Davy
Timeline: MD001 1430 hrs
Tags: Cardassia, time, chip

Last Time on Semper Futile Part I

"Okay, here's the plan, we have a rescue mission. In this system is a science station that has been captured pirates. We will take a shuttle to the station, neuralize the unfriendlies, rescue the scientists and their research." Hermia said. "Any questions?"

There was a chorus of. "No, Ma'am."

And Now The Continuation

May 28 2394 1430 hrs (relative time)

Chief Petty Officer Sha'Zen D'Tem was in the Pioneer's Biology lab when the energy wave hit.

Next thing she knew, she was on what appeared to be a mess deck, but not on the Pioneer. Around her were civilian scientists, and like her, they were under guard by a group of various armed species.

Those familiar with her species, would notice that she was both puzzled and angry.

Among the scientists she recognized a certain Andorian and signaled to her with military hand gestures.


Corporal Azure Thompson had been in Marine Country taking a nap in her bunk, only to wake up in a foreign mess hall surrounded by scientists.

Recognizing the hand gestures, and signaled her acknowledgement.

The next order was 'create a diversion'.

Azure held her side and moaned in pain. "One of you didn't exactly treat me with kid gloves, and I think you might have broken one of my ribs."

One of the four guards present moved in to check on her. When he was close enough, she punched him hard in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to drop his weapon, which she caught.

Seeing something wrong, the guards mate, reached for his disruptor.

But before his fingers could reach it, he collapsed to the ground, a smoking hole where his heart used to be.


Meanwhile Sha'Zen had dispatched the other two guards using two bread and butter knives.

One guard had a knife sticking out of his neck, his severed carotid artery, pumping his life's blood onto the deck.

Second guard, who had drawn his disruptor, had the second knife sticking out of his now motionless chest.


Hermia and her patrol had accounted very little resistance as they made there way through the station's corridors. Her techs had been able to easily by-pass the stations security hatches.

It wasn't until they neared the station's command deck, they came under fire.


Dr Tavik Zojal had done it. He cracked the method to take entire stations and even spacial bodies such as planets through time itself. This knowledge will restore Cardassia to it's glory. He had secured all of his data and went to present it to station command. When suddenly there was an outbreak of fighting aboard the station. If the reports were to be believed it was infighting among the station personnel. Rather than continue to the command center, Zojal decided to return to his lab. He would lock himself into his impenetrable fortress, and while he was there he would test a theory that had just come to him. He laughed maniacally as ran through the corridors. "Zojal you genius you may have killed two birds with one stone."


Azure and Sha'Zen made their way through the corridor shadowing one of the patrols. These invaders weren't exactly well trained.

Soon there was a call for all patrols to converge on the control center. The Federation officers followed.

Finally they reached the control center and found the pirates battling with a group of former Borg, led by the Pioneer's assistant CMO, all dressed in Marine garb. The pirates had them pinned down.

"Looks like the rescue party has arrived." Azure whispered to Sha'Zen.

"And they appear to need rescuing." Sha'Zen replied.

"Agreed." Azure said and shot one of the pirates before returning to the shadows.


Zojal had little time to enjoy his discovery as word got to him that the station had been boarded by Starfleet personnel. He screamed at the computer to hurry up as he downloaded his data onto a PADD. When it was complete he ran from the labs.

Tavik attempted to make it to a shuttle, an escape pod, anything that would get him off the station. He was one section away from the shuttle bay when he was intercepted by of all things Borg, and they were being led by a woman in a Starfleet uniform. He had to think fast. If anyone can talk his way out of this it is a Cardassian. he thought.

He rose himself up into as indignant a pose as he could muster, given the situation. "Who are you and why are you interfering with my work?" Zojal said in a tone that bilked no argument.

"Marine Captain Hermia O'Rourke, Starfleet Marine Corps, USS Pioneer, we are responding to this station's distress call." Hermia said. "Who are you, Sir?"

"Dr Tavik Zojal and there is no distress here. It must have been a mistake. On behalf of Cardassia I would like to thank you and your men for responding but you are not needed here we can handle it." Tavik spoke quickly as he attempted to shoo them away. He had to get off the station and get the information to Cardassia Prime.

Being part Betazoid, Hermia could tell the man was lying. Instead of letting on that she knew, she said. "Doctor, you appear to be heading for the Shuttle Bay, we'll accompany you."

Seeing the opportunity to get exactly what he wanted Tavik jumped at the idea. His plan was to get the shuttle bay and get off the station and to Cardassia Prime. "Thank you Captain that would be most helpful." His smile broadened and he motioned for her and her men to lead the way.

The Doctor's smile made her think of Rule of Acquisition 48 come to mind, she'd once memorized them during a long shuttle ride. "Good," Hermia said. "Rollins, Zel, take up the rear." She then turned back to Tavik. "We can't have you getting lost can we?" She said.

"No we cannot, especially with this party just getting started. A battle is no place for a scientist." He replied as he walked as quickly as he could, while he stayed in pace with the Marines.

"So, Doctor, what exactly are you doing on this station?" Hermia asked.

Zojal stealthily tapped his pocket that contained the data storage device. "I have been working on some scientific research on behalf of Caradassia. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to discuss exactly the nature of my research. Surely you of all people Captain can appreciate top secret information."

"I understand, Doctor." Hermia said. "But this is a Federation station and I'm afraid, I'm going to have to check your data for Federation security secrets."

Ah, she thought she had him didn't she. "It may be a federation station, but if you check your own memory banks you will find that the lab I was working in was leased to me. It was severed from the station's main computer and my work is my own. On top of all of that I have a diplomatic status. Now if you would like to verify all of that I understand. But I am going to continue on to the shuttle bay." Zojal responded in a tone that was as cold as ice.

"Fine, Doctor." Hermia said. Then tuning to her men, she said. "Lt. Gregson, go to the Command Center, lock down the shuttle bay, then contact the local Cardassian ambassador and patch the through to my comm."

"Aye, Sir." He said and made his way to the Command Center.

Tavik was amazed at what this woman was doing. He was not worried simply amazed. After all his story would check out and they would let him go anyway. That is if they did not blow up first. He just could not let her see his work. "Well then shall we wait here?"

"Okay." Hermia said.

Within minutes the Marine Captain's comm badge went off. "Hello, I am Ambassador Larjol of the Cardassian Union. To whom am I speaking?"

"Marine Captain Hermia O'Rourke of the Federation starship Pioneer. Ambassador, I am currently on Federation Science Station Davy and I have one of your citizens, one Doctor Tavik Zojal, who claims to have purchased space on this station, I am contacting you to confirm this." Hermia replied.

There was a brief pause on the comm channel, but within a moment the Ambassador spoke up again. "Yes of course Captain. Doctor Zojal is working on an experiment for the Union and he has been using a lab on your station. Has he done anything wrong?"

"No, it is just that the Station has come under attack, and as head of the rescue mission, I have to look into everyone, I trust you understand." Hermia replied.

"But of course Captain I am as always at your disposal." Came the reply over the comm system.

"Thank you, Ambassador, that will be all." Hermia said. She then contacted Gregson. "Lieutenant, unlock the shuttle bay."

"Aye, ma'am, unlocking shuttle bay." Gregson relied.

"Doctor Zojal, you are free to go." Hermia said.

"Thank you Captain, and may I say that you are an exceptional example of everything that the Federation has to offer." He smiled a more sinister smile than normal and surreptitiously touched the pocket that contained the data chip. This chip would change the course of history and the future for both the Federation and Cardassia. He was on cloud nine. Dr Zojal turned on his heel and entered the shuttle bay without any further hesitation. He did not want to push his luck any further.

"Okay, Marines, lets secure this station and go home." Hermia said.

"Oorah!" The Marine replied in unison.
To Be Continued?????

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