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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Posted on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 1:21pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Tobias Beckett & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:22pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: SCIF - Deck 9
Timeline: MD006 1000 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.1000
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Davies had boarded the Pioneer by beaming through the gaping hole in the shields. He proceeded up from deck 15 through the Jeffries Tubes to Deck 9, just as Ayala had ordered. The three other men that were with Davies, trailed behind him. The only indication of any resistance was the Intruder Alert klaxon. But that would probably be for the main team. Davies' team was a secondary team, with a secondary mission objective. Just as he was in thought about that objective, they arrived. "S'Vrock get the door open." The Vulcan male started to open the access panel.

"We got company..." came Jenkin's voice. The large man turned and fired. The crewman that was turning the corner managed a "Hey..." before he crumpled to the floor. "Someone is bound to have heard that, where do we stand S'Vrock?" Davies said. The team took up a guarding stance blocking the corridor. "I have it sir..." The even tones of the Vulcan came as the door opened. The security officer in the outer office of the SCIF rose and fired at the Vulcan. The shot missed as the Vulcan dove forward and came up next to the guard. "I am sorry..." S'Vrock said as he pinched the man's neck and put him to sleep.

Joran Thal was observing the New Maquis raiding situation from the main SCIF security displays as the ship rocked and sparked around his officers. He checked his phaser, making sure that it was on setting 3 (heavy stun) so as not to kill the intruders. They'd prove useful in any interrogations. In any event, they were outside the SCIF now and it was only a matter of time before they breached the security forcefield and the door lockouts. Nothing was impervious, after all.

Turning to look at the others he said, "I don't need to tell you to take defensive positions or to fire at anything that moves through that door. Just remember that if any of us go down, the last one detonates the self destruct switch. They cannot be allowed to gain access to any of this. If that means our deaths, then that's the price we will pay." A faint snarl of outrage and disdain crossed his lips. "No Maquis scum are going to win this day."

Jenn took her phaser from the usual place and set it. "What do you mean this day?" She asked. "I strive to never let them win." She wasn't eager going around firing a weapon. She was a hacker, but that didn't mean she hadn't had any training or practice. She turned to the others and Joran. "I swore to give my life for starfleet, but let's do our best to not die today, ok. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow." She made that last bit up, but she couldn't think of any other good reasons to be alive tomorrow.

Beckett grabbed his phaser out of the locker and very nonchalantly took up a post in the corner of the room aimed at the door. He planned on following Thal's order to the letter.

Calhoun sighed deeply and placed his Intel cap upon his head as he drew a phaser. He calmly rose from his desk and strode to the middle of the room a snarl crept across his grizzled features. He aimed the phaser at the door and started to shout at the door. "The only thing a spook could hope for is to die in front of his terminal decks below the bridge. Breach that door I dare you, breach the belly and see the beast. Dyin is a day worth livin for..." He was almost maniacal.

The group of Intel officers could hear the team outside as they began the breaching procedure. "S'vrock get it open, you two guard the main entrance. Jenkins with me we can't let them delete the data. There can be no trace... Do you get me?" The doors to the inner SCIF opened briefly and then shut again. "Dammit S'vrock..."

"Amateurs," she smirked and then turned to Calhoun. "Old guy, maybe you're eager to die today, having several lives behind you, but I still have a life ahead of me. So let's try and not to die, okay." She turned her attention at the door again aiming at it, while taking cover behind a console." Come in, make my day. She thought.

With a click and small burst of sparks and smoke the inner door opened. The very first thing anyone could see or hear was the tinks of flash bangs as they hit the deck. The flash bangs went off emitting a bright light and loud noise disorienting everyone in the room. The team quickly filed in behind the blasts.

"You cannot breach the belly..." Calhoun shouted as he opened fire. Three bursts came through two sailing wide and the third hitting one of the men in the shoulder, knocking him back into the corner on his rump.

Joran fired carefully aimed shots at the intruders. Though he didn't have any explosive ordinance due to the sensitive equipment in the SCIF, he did have a smoke grenade handy from one of his jaunts through the marine section. If the Maquis made any progress, it would slow them down and confuse them. He palmed it in his left hand as he ducked just in time as a beam shot right past him, hitting the bulkhead and showering sparks everywhere.

Jenn also opened fire. Lunged up and fired and then ducked. " Not how I imagined I would spend my day when I woke up this morning." As the phaser went around she grinched her teeth a little. She waited a few before getting up. " If we survive this..." She started, but having a conversation during a fire fight is pretty hard.

Two of the Maquis took up gaurd posts and started laying down cover fire, crossing their fire patterns. The team leader, Davies and the Vulcan advanced toward the nearest terminal. The Vulcan sitting down and beginning to hack the system. Davies Laid down cover fire from his vantage point. "You already have lost. In a matter of moments we will have what we came here for and you will be dead." He shouted above the Phaser blasts.

Calhoun ran around to his right and lounged at one of the men laying down the crossfire. Calhoun's shoulder hit the man square in the gut. Knocking the man down as well taking the wind out of him. Billy straddled the man as he lay prone and began to beat the Maquis' member's face into a bloody pulp.

Jenn saw Calhoun run out to one of the maquis. "You old fool!" She shouted as she lay down cover fire. She saw the Vulcan sitting behind the terminal. She shouted to Joran and Beckett, "Get that Vulcan!" As she kept shooting to keep the old fool out of harms way. She looked to him. Call her sentimental, but she wasn't ready to let him die just yet, no matter how old he was.

Beckett was not the most physical of men so he did what came natural to him, computers. He sat down at the nearest terminal and began to institute a counter hack. His finger danced on the console at lightning speed as he worked to counter every security point that the Vulcan attempted to pierce. The Vulcan glared at Beckett from the opposite side of the circular consoles. Becket for his part glared back, he was now engaged in a battle of wits and skill with a Vulcan and he better win.

Jenn looked over at Beckett. "How is it going, Beckett?" She was still shooting around. She didn't wait for his answer, she knew he had it covered."Ok good!" She said as she jumped and rolled to another console. She shot a couple rounds and moved around the other guy and jumped on him, he dropped his weapon in surprise.

The guy moved up and towered above her. Because she was smaller she moved around him quickly and started to punch him. She didn't feel scared at all. She just had it, she didn't woke up this morning to get shot by. She could feel the anger in and the adrenaline rush trough her body as she made some good and focused punches at him.

Joran charged the man towering over Jenn, sending them both into a bulkhead as he tried to pin him down with his legs, delivering fisted blows where he could get an opening. He took quite a few in return as red blood and swelling started to show on a few places on his face. He winced at each successful return but that just made him more determined to win the fight.

Beckett was typing furiously but he could not keep up. Vulcans were smarter and didn't doubt their actions. Sweat began to form on his brow as he tried to counter hack, he couldn't do it. "Masters, I actually could use the help if you can get here. Sir we need to pull the trigger" He shouted to Masters, and Joran respectively.

As Joran took on the big man, she turned around dropped herself behind the console next to Beckett. "Come on, Beckett, you can outwith this Vulcan." She said with a grin as she logged in on the system to see what kind of damage was done. "Damn it Beckett!" She muttered. She turned around and grabbed Beckett's phaser. She pointed at the Vulcan and shot him. Of course the Vulcan ducked, but she just kept shooting at him trying not to hit any vital systems.

"Is that good?" She asked continuing firing. When she didn't get an answer she looked at what Beckett was doing. "If you don't hurry up, I am going to shoot the terminal that Vulcan is using."

Beckett thought long and hard about his training and about counterintelligence and he remembered something one of his professors had said. He toggled through menus on his terminal and found the SCIF's power supply grid. He instituted an overload in the terminal that the Vulcan was using and quickly went back to closing all the doors that the Vulcan was opening.

The Vulcan's terminal began to whine as it built up power. "Masters on my mark get down..." Tobias shouted over the din of phaser fire. He looked at the Vulcan "Logic dictates you cease and desist or die. Tough decision even for a Vulcan." He smiled as he glanced at his screen. It read 3... 2... "MASTERS NOW" Tobias leaped out of the chair to the floor as the Vulcan was covered in fire and sparks.

Svrock heard the whine begin in his terminal and realized that his time was up. He didn't get much but he did manage to get a small piece of information from the SCIF. Something that Ayala and Leyton would be gratified to have. Realizing he was out time Svrock yanked a data chip from the terminal. "Davies, secure this." He shouted and tossed the chip to Davies. His eyebrow cocked up as he realized he was out of time. "Live long and prosper" He said to no one in particular as the terminal exploded.

As soon as Beckett gave the mark Jenn ducked to the floor close to Beckett. As the terminal exploded she pulled her head down. Then she turned to Beckett. "Took you long enough." She laughed and said, "I am not cleaning up that mess."

"First rule is secure the data..." Beckett responded as he rose from the computer terminal. "...the second rule is get the boarders out." He finished his statement as he ran into the fray.

Jenn crawled up and dusted off her uniform. She was still hold Beckett's phaser. She held it up as she saw him running away. "Eh..." She ran after. him "Wait up.." She immediately ducked as phaser shot came trough. "These guys..." she started. She fired again, still with Beckett's weapon. She kind of forgot where she put hers. "I am really getting annoyed now." She got up and fired again. "Get out of here now," her tone was more aggressively now and her fires shot as well.

Calhoun gave one mighty punch to the man he was on top of and the Maquis fell unconscious. The El Aurian stood up as blood poured from his brow and mouth. Billy looked toward the one they called Davies, and he pointed. "You know what happens to those who enter the belly uninvited...." He paused laughed maniacally and continued. "...They get violently expelled." Leslie glanced over at Joran and signaled him to attack Davies in conjunction with his own attack. Then Billy charged leaping over one of the consoles in the process. This was not the Calhoun that people knew this was the one he kept locked away, the one who had seen trench warfare and concentration camps.

Billy collided with Davies and tackled him. The two men rolled on the floor exchanging punches. When the scuffle paused for a moment there was Davies in a seated position and Calhoun behind him. Billy had his arms wrapped around the man's throat and temple in what in the old days was known as the sleeper hold. "Give me one good reason not to snap your neck like a twig. You come in here and think you can just get what you want, that we are just terminal pushers well I got news for you." The tension in his arms was building and with every word that Billy said spit flew onto Davies' head.

Through clenched teeth the man known as Davies began to speak. "Because if you do, then you prove everything that the Maquis stands for right. You prove that the Federation cares for nothing except it's own political agenda." Davies sat up a little straighter he had resigned to die.

Calhoun sighed deeply and punched the man square in the temple knocking him out cold. "We are not like you and never will be..." He spat as he rose from the floor. He quickly took stock of what was going on. Two enemies down, Thal and Beckett were on the floor as well. That left him and Masters and two human Maquis.

Jenn had watched Beckett go down. "Beckett, she screamed." Not that that would help. And then the chief also went. "A little help over here, if you're not that busy, old man?" She almost growled. She got up and hit a man in the arm. She fell back down. "Darn it." She looked to Calhoun. "Can you hurry up, or do we need to dance again?"

Calhoun smiled "Sorry I just got out of the shower." He picked up his phaser and charged over to Master's location. He keyed in the kill setting and stood between Jen and one of the Maquis. "You now have two options die or leave. Choose wisely, but choose now." He shouted...

The Maquis took a few steps toward Davies he wanted the data chip that the now unconscious man held. "Master's stop him and get the chip." I will take care of the other one." Billy said as swept the legs out from under the second Maquis.

He didn't have to say twice, she jumped up and lounged at the guy. They both drop on the floor. He tried to push her away. "Oh no you don't." She took the phaser and whacks it his face and he falls backwards. She made a front flip toward the unconscious maquis and grabbed the chip. She pulled her collar and slit the chip quickly down her uniform. She turned around hit the guy she was fighting in his stomach as he went back for another pass at her. And then she hooked up her elbow and hit him in his jaw. He fell on the floor. "Oh yea!" She yelled while throwing her hands in the air. "Take that!"

Calhoun aimed the phaser with one hand and pulled a fist back with the other. "Which is going to be? I will even give you the third option of cleaning this mess up. You have exactly three seconds... One... Two..." When Billy reached two the last man standing tapped a device on his wrist and the four person team disappeared into the transporter effect.

As the senior man present Calhoun tapped his comm badge. "Med team to the SCIF." Then he turned to Masters "Are you okay?" He spoke dispite the effort to catch his breath and the blood coming from his mouth, nose and forehead. The SCIF smelled of burned electronics and sweat.

Jenn looked around. "Well, I am fine, just beat. The nerve of these guys." She dropped on the floor. "When we're done I am going to take a long hot shower." She then dropped Beckett's phaser next to her. She looked up to him. "You should talk, old man."

Calhoun smiled at the comment because at the moment he didn't feel old, he felt alive.

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