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Bridge Refresher Part II

Posted on Fri Jun 30th, 2023 @ 12:54pm by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren & Major Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 @ 8:49pm

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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Bridge - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD011 1100 hrs

Last Time on Bridge Refresher Part I

"Ops, send all data we have on the bugs to Starfleet. Inform them of our situation." She had to keep other ships from falling prey to the same infestation that decimated the Klingon ship. She sent another ship-wide message, asking if anyone notices anything unusual or noteworthy about the bugs, to report it. She still hoped that someone would notice something about these things that would help get rid of them. She had to hope there would still be time, even while preparing to fight back.

"Ma'am," the science officer said. "We found something that stuns them for a minute or two."

"Why do I hear a but in there?" she asked.

And Now The Conclusion

"It will also stun anything that weighs less than 100 pounds."

Children. It would affect the spiders, and the children. And the pets. "Will it do damage to ship systems?"

"Not if sent in short bursts. But you only have a minute. We're still working on alternatives."

One minute might be all they needed. It was the first bit of good news in hours and she would take it. "Do it," she ordered.

She sent a message to Malbrooke and tremble, letting them know of her idea so they’d know of the time restriction.

"Seriously? You're in command. Command, Commander. I've up to my eyeballs in intruders. And they're trying to eat those...,Do SOMETHING, God da...." Neil's voice barked out over the comm, though it was garbled and broken up by static, the sound of metallic hissing and screeching and continuous weapons fire. Other shouts and cries could be heard over the Major's signal cut off abruptly.

Alyssa sighed. She should have used a different way to reach them.

A series of short bursts pulsed throughout the ship. It wasn't much, but it was something. She wondered if they could combine the hull polarization with the stun bursts? They were coming in too fast. Force fields were ineffective and space didn't seem to stop them, either.

She turned to the science officer. "How effective was it?"

"Bugs are slowed by half," science reported. "No animals or kids affected. Modifying the pulse."

Another idea struck her. Alyssa turned to ops. "Scan the Klingon ship. Is there anyone on board under 100 pounds?"

The ops officer widened his eyes, then ran a quick scan. "Negative."

"Good. Inform the Klingons that we're going to slow the bugs on their ship."

She turned again to the science officer, chewing on the inside of her cheek. Science, Try a full burst on the Klingon ship."

"Yes, ma'am. Let's hope there are no baby targs."4

"Ma'am, they're charging weapons."

The Klingon vessel came about and phased briefly as it tried to cloak. It seemed that the ship could cloak due to damage it has sustained. Nevertheless, it managed to come about fully and the weapons came to charge. If they were going to end, they would make such an end. However, before they could fire and pulse lanced out from the Pioneer to the Klingon vessel. The Klingon ship rocked and bucked as the pulse did what it was programed to do. The Captain opened a channel to the Pioneer. "How dare you..." he snarled. "You dare to try to cripple this ship with your technology." With a head nod the order was given to his weapons officer. The Klingon vessel unleashed all it had on the Pioneer; a full spread of torpedoes and the disruptors came to bear on the Pioneer. All hit their targets and the pulse that the Pioneer had issued fizzled out of existence as the emitters went offline.

"No. I'm trying to stop those bugs. Stand down."

"You do not stop what you start. You are trying to destroy us. However, we will make sure that the only thing left of your vessel is dust. Weapons Officer prepare a second volley." The Klingon Captain issued the order without attempting to conceal it. At this point it was all or nothing and he knew it. "You will surrender your vessel or we will destroy it."

The Klingon captain was an idiot. A cocky, arrogant, idiot. "Did you even look to see that the parasites you gave us are gone from your ship?" She was pretty sure he was too proud to even listen. But perhaps this would give security time to lock weapons.

"Alyssa," came a whisper from science. "I have an idea... I might be able to take out power."

Still looking at the viewscreen, Alyssa made a subtle signal with one hand that would not be seen by the Klingons. She hoped science and intel found a way to use the pulse to not only get rid of the ship parasites, but take out power. But they would only have one shot. If it failed, there wouldn't be time for anything else.

"We have no wish to attack you. We are only trying to stop the ship parasites that are destroying both our ships. All I ask is that you look for yourself."

Another pulse washed over the Klingon ship and Alyssa held her breath.

As the pulse passed over the Klingon vessel that ship's Captain issued an order that may destroy both ships, he fired. The Bird of Prey spat out a large number of torpedoes and disruptors fired on multiple vectors. All weapons hit their marks on the Pioneer and caused an immeasurable amount of damage. "As I said... Today is a good day to die..." The Klingon Captain's words spat out filled with hatred.

Just as the torpedoes hit, the program dissolved and she was back on the Pioneer. She'd never expected to win, but she wasn't sure if her choices were good enough, or if she'd failed because she didn't think like a captain. Either way, she was glad it was over. Now to find out how she did.

Neil stepped away from the wall where he'd been duck-blinded for the SIM. His HUD was scrolling data but he pushed that away and brought up the final tallies. He grinned as he stepped near Alyssa and asked, "So, what do you think Commander?"

She chuckled softly. "I don't like killing and it showed, but I appreciate that there was science involved." Then again, she already knew that. "The question is, how much did that hinder me?"

Tyler stepped out from the panel that he had been observing from. "Don't worry Commander simulations like this often cause damage to the simulators. But all in all, I would say that you did quite well." He smiled and then took a step back to allow the XO to perform the full evaluation.

Alyssa smiled her thanks to the captain, some of her tension easing. Still, it was up to Major Tremble, so she turned back to him for the final decision on how she did.

Neil chewed the side of his lip for a moment and said, "Passing in the mid ninety percentiles, so not a bad start. You reverted to science automatically which was expected but you can't depend on it to be the best tool in every situation. It's not wrong, but it pigeon holes you and can be used against you."

Smiling, he said. "Well done, Commander. It only gets harder from here."

He was right, on both counts. She did rely on science a lot. It was understandable, but she would work on thinking outside of her particular box. She smiled back. "Thank you."

"I will once again reiterate what the XO said here. Very well done Commander. The only other advice I would give you is to familiarize yourself with ship operations. If you learn how and why things work on a starship you will know exactly what your ship can do." Tyler spoke with a smile and an air of pride. He was beyond happy and excited to guide some of his crew through the trials of command.

She had, once, but that was several years ago, and she'd focused on other things since. Alyssa made a mental note to add that to her to do list. "Yes, sir, I will. Thank you."

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